What causes Cancer -a brief account

Note: I have started a video series on cancer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsBiTwhvbqM

I will only discuss the basics here, enough for what I need to say for the sake of this section. If you are interested in cancer and other diseases that plague modern societies, you can visit my blog at kyrani99.wordpress.com and my books at kyrani99book1.wordpress.com and at kyrani99book2.wordpress.com, all of which have further details. I will update the work here to give more specific references when I have finished posting the relevant sections. Knowing a bit about cancer and how it can be very simply remised is of immense importance in formulating a precise and thus successful prayer. Certainly it is true that if a person is able to find rest they will get well and while that can be achieved though “blind faith” in God, it is not an easy street for most people. If, however, the patient has some knowledge about the disease and what is going on within the body-mind, then they can formulate a prayer more precisely and more confidently.

The medical paradigm considers the body as a machine that acts in some sort of automatic mode and which can “just malfunction”. Thus the research concentrates on biochemical pathways. Ideas and even consciousness are taken to be brain activity of some sort so researchers look to find the biochemical pathways that originate in the brain and that may then link to or initiate bodily activity. There are huge and significant differences between the medical model and the discoveries I have made with respect to cancer and disease in general.

The first thing to appreciate in understanding any disease is that ideas animate the body and they do so because ideas cause us, as personal self, to react in some way, most image007particularly emotionally. Not all ideas lead to movements in or by the body. It is only those ideas that are upheld with confidence as being true, convincing or applicable or they may be seen as relevant either in the present of the future or significant for some reason.

All of the emotions are good examples of how ideas cause movement either by the body or in the body. The easiest examples are fear and anger.
1. When danger is perceived the body is mobilized and maintained in a mobilized state, ready for sudden, rapid or strenuous action. These changes in body function allow a person to either run away or fight, hence the medical name of fear as “the fight or flight response”. When the issue of danger is gone the idea safety arises so the body returns to rest and a feeling of relief.
2. In a healthy (i.e., a humane) person anger arises with violations or conditions of injustice. There may be a need to fight, either to defend oneself somehow or to stand against the injustice and fight for ones rights. It may be as simple as raising ones voice a little. The body moves into higher gear, though not necessarily as high as for fear but in a more active fashion than fear.

I make a special note here that this has nothing to do with psychology and the notion that “it’s all just in your head”. Emotions are significant bodily changes. The ideas that move the body with emotional reactivity are in mind and the subsequent recognition of the bodily reactivity as emotion are in mind. Certainly there is activity in the brain that sends signals to the body to effect the changes in body function but to speak about emotions as “all in image028your head” is false. It only allows doctors to side step the real causes of disease thus making disease “good business”. There is nothing here that we can call psychological, not even the actions of personal self when the truth is known. And there most certainly is no aspect that can be called “all in your head”. Ideas are simply some content and that content may be information or misinformation and the brain is involved in the awareness of them. Furthermore an idea may be either a mental or a sensory perception and not simply arising from a person’s thinking and reasoning. All of these issues are important because in formulating a prayer or mental prescription we need to consider the idea we hold in mind and understand them in the light of the bigger picture, which means taking account of the bodily reactivity.


The medical industry story is about cells make mistakes in copying genes and how those mistakes create rogue cells. The rogue cells then grow out of control and reek havoc, They create cancer masses and they if you “don’t catch them in time” they will migrate to other parts of the body and form many more cancer masses. Stage four and you’re in the trash can. What a scary story! But they neglect to mention the many thousands of spontaneous remissions and they are only those recorded. How many more are there? I found something very different from my experiences with cancer. Through my observations and the application of those observations and other discoveries as well, I was able to return my body to health. I had developed cancer once in 1993 and then many times over in a five year period from 2004 to 2009 because I was targeted many times. And the culprits were quite cheeky. In some cases some of the culprits had said enough to convey a message of triumph. Something along the lines of “oh aren’t we wonderful! Look at what we have done!” On other occasions there were those who stop me in the street or in shops facetiously asking after my health. Many of these people were strangers. How did they know me? Another bastard came to my house and suggested that “I needed some friend at a ‘time like this’. Of course I told him to get lost. Two others having come outside my house, laughed haughtily in my face but none of them counted on what happened next. I have been able to remiss the cancer that formed every time and return my body to full health, without medical help of any sort. AND that is not all. I have reached a level where I am able to prevent my body from developing cancer in the first place. I have not only taken away their laughter but finally laughed in their faces exuberantly. Now they are spitting chips. Some of them are moaning that they can’t live with the anxiety of knowing that I am alive in this world! The truth is that the BIG C.. cancer is a paper tiger.. a joke! I found that a prayer not only treats cancer but is by far the best possible treatment and it’s free.

In a nutshell I would describe cancer as stem cell mediated immunity mistakenly ignited in the body owing to false ideas that seem true. Yes, genetics are involved but not by any accident or mistakes in copying. The genetic changes are deliberate so as to purposefully produce cells of a unique character. The tumour is actually an extraordinary immune organ, of which roughly half is made up of cancer cells or what I call barrier and resistance cells and the other half of normal immune system cells. And I add here that this is not something unknown to doctors. There is plenty in the medical literature that says just that. The new organ that the body creates has two aims. One is to create a barrier or resistance shield for whatever location in the body is perceived to be under threat. The other is to generate superior combat cells to fight against different perceived threats. It is also pertinent to say that there is an upside to cancer once we understand it better because it means cells can be generated to repair organs and tissues in the body by the application of ideas. Organs can be repaired to as good as new and damage due to accidents can also be mended, without the need of doctors and surgery. The superior combat cells, which our bodies can create at will, also means that we can fight against not only microbes with unbelievable high power and rapidity but we also attack and destroy parasites too, without the need of drugs and again by the use of ideas. All of this is bad news for doctors but good news for ordinary, humane people.

The question that needs to be answered is how can a perceived threat be created in the body? The short answer is with mischief and the human and animal capacities that doctors at present deny, namely ESP. The perceived threat is created by people close to the victim/ patient, one of their toxic “loved ones” because relationship is a critical for ESP to be strong enough for ideas to be conveyed. Toxic people misuse relationship to mentally address the other person and present hateful ideas. The way it is done together with the medical misinformation causes the other person to believe that the ideas that they become aware of are their own thinking, when in fact those ideas are nothing more than mental perceptions. Ideas alone however are not enough to create belief. The ideas need to be presented under emotional conditions, most commonly fear, in order to manufacture a belief and only in an unsuspecting person. The person becomes aware of the idea and at the same time feels fear and mistakenly believes that the idea must be significant or relevant because it is causing them to fear. They don’t realize that the idea and the fear are merely coincident.


And there is not only the emotion that fools them into belief but also the action of mirror neurons in the brain. The perception of a mental address is easy, but the perception of an image or video images is not so easily perceived consciously. They are perceived subliminally BUT mirror neurons are still activated, which means there may be sensations in the body that the person perceives and considers are added evidence, when once again they are only coincidental. Thus there are three different occurrences, that are really unrelated but which seem to the person all part and parcel of one problem. The problem that the person believes they face causes them to react somatically and build a shield. And in their fight to shield some tissue or organ they only generate a bigger and bigger mass of cells. And the corresponding cytotoxic attacks that may also take place, only give rise to ulcerations in healthy tissue. All of these problems in the body result from apparent threats that have no reality. They are created through mischief. Realizing what is going on leads the person to an “ah ha” experience that frees them from the game of deception. This brings a halt to the fight and hence the growth of the tumour and the cytotoxic attacks. Without any further action the body restore health but it does so at its own pace, which may take months. A prayer can significantly accelerate this healing and ward off the offenders. This second part is not the only option but it is best used anyway. Once the person becomes proficient at recognizing the very early stages of this treachery, it is possible to simply stand against the offenders without the bodily reactivity that creates cell masses and thus frustrate them by rendering all their efforts useless.


There are several cards dealt out and they are dealt out by a toxic mob and not simply one or two toxic “loved ones” or toxic “best friends”. One or two people can not play this sort of game of treachery. The chief offender is always someone close to the victim/ patient and who has their own motives for their involvement. For instance they may be interested in holding power and influence over the other person, and that being the power of life and death over the other person. This would allow them to manipulate and control the other person in a relationship, be it a personal or professional relationship. It may be aimed to take revenge or punish them or to “make them go away permanently”, i.e., kill them for some reason. As for the rest of the mob, their primary purpose is the thrill that they get when they sense the pain and suffering of the person they hurt, which of course is insightful but may also be sensory if they know the victim/ patient well enough to be near them. Getting a thrill from another person’s suffering is the nature of evil or toxic people.

The cards that are dealt out have specific purposes. They are as follows.
1. An issue of danger to generate fear. The danger has also to be made to appear internal. Internal danger is used for three possible reasons, two of which are essential and present in all cancers. One is the manufacture of belief and the other is to causes the body’s immunity to be put into high gear. However it is a different immune response from that that the body makes for infections. The third, like the use of other emotions, targets specific organs. Two organs that are typically targeted using fear are the kidneys and the urinary bladder, and one body structure that is targeted using fear is the bones.
2. The manufacture of belief. Mere suggestion can on some occasion be taken up by another person and treated as real. However toxic people do not rely on chance. They look to cause the other person to believe the idea AND be plagued by the idea. Of course it can only be done to an unsuspecting person because once you know the game you can laugh at it. To make the idea a belief it is presented at the same time as the emotion of fear, so that the person mistakes the fear as evidence for the idea’s significance or relevance. The idea may be used in a number of ways. An idea, such as “toxic food”, targets the body and causes the person to believe that the danger is internal. They can only target areas, which are pointed at by beliefs and affected by emotional reactivity and reactivity owing to the action of mirror neurons. Belief is key to causing another person to react somatically as to generate a cell mass.
3. Anger to make the targeted person antagonistic. Anger is used, either consciously or subconsciously (patient is only aware of feeling hot) as it generates “our little fighter”. Here again anger itself can be used to target specific areas of the body, two for example are the oesophagus and the liver.
4. Other types of emotional reactivity depending on the type of cancer that is aimed at, eg sadness and despair are used in lung cancer and bowel cancer respectively.

Creating issues of danger.
Danger is “the possibility of harm”. It is not the actual act of causing of harm. To create an issue of danger the offenders need to have:-.
1. been given the means of gaining access to the victim, for example a copy of the key to the victim’s house may be given by the chief offender, who is commonly a toxic spouse or close relative or trusted friend of the victim/patient. But though the criminals have a key they do not use it to enter the house. They do not or need to approach the victim/ patient directly. It is the potential that is used.
2. come into the victim/patient’s vicinity on certain days or certain times, which may mean in their street or at a toxic neighbour’s house or they may move in nearby and use the time they are not at their regular job to pose danger.
3. be armed. They most commonly either own or are furnished with an illegal or registered weapon. Guns are readily available, they are held by a huge percentage of the population, in Western countries in particular.
4. been able to hold criminal intent otherwise they cannot pose a threat that is felt as a real potential Intent is a mental condition and extremely difficult to prove. And the doctors will not give the patient support if the patient speaks up about their fears. A doctor would call the patient delusional if they admitted to a fear based on their gut feeling that someone is holding criminal intent against them. And indeed in late stages of cancer when this danger becomes painfully obvious to the patient, and enough of them speak up about it, they are drugged with psychiatric drugs. The claim is that in last stages patients with cancer may become mentally ill.

A criminal merely coming into the vicinity of the victim/ patient is not enough in most cases to make danger felt but as not apparent. To get a subliminal reaction of fear in the victim/patient, which means they feel the bodily reactivity and in some cases identify it as fear but are unaware of its causes, the criminals have had to have been relationally entangled with the victim beforehand. This means they have been brought into the victim’s presence and the victim caused to notice them but only in passing and without the knowledge of their significance. The victim/ patient sees the criminals as strangers causing some sort of commotion as to attract attention. However their actions are insignificant so that they are not consciously memorable. However the victim/ patient will become unconsciously aware of them, if the four above conditions are also standing. How much the victim/ patient identifies their bodily reactivity as fear depends on ideas presented to them by someone strongly related to them. If such ideas are not presented then the victim may just feel hot because of the charged up metabolism, but it is not recognized as fear.

Having established a danger issue it then needs to be made conscious but in an illusory fashion, as an internal danger, inside the person’s body. The way this is done is through the use of belief.

Manufacturing the Belief of an Internal Danger from an External Danger.
To make the external danger appear internal, the victim /patient is presented with (or “supplied with” is the toxic jargon) an idea that indicates some internal problem. So that the victim/ patient feels the fear and becomes aware of an idea depicting harm to a part of their body at the same time, hence mistakenly associating the two. The idea also has to be upheld by the victim for a long enough time to cause the person to ignite a reaction in their body. And it needs to be accompanied by other subliminal hostile images. To achieve all this three conditions are required:-
1. The idea has to indicate some possible issue of danger. In the illustration above the woman had an idea about toxic food. As the food is eaten, if we believe it to be toxic and thus harmful, it will indicate harm to some part of the digestive system. Typically the oesophagus or stomach are likely places since these are immediately associated with swallowing and digesting the food, which take place in the oesophagus and the stomach respectively.
2. The idea has to be anchored on something that has a time consideration. For example, the idea of toxins in the food being eaten or something that has been eaten was toxic means the idea is anchored on the food. If the person has eaten something they will need to digest it, which takes a few hours. Thus the idea can be repeatedly presented for that amount of time and make the person continue to react over time.
3. The idea is also supplemented with and enhanced by subliminal images, which for most people are not conscious. So for instance images of something or someone attacking the area in the body that is being targeted, as for example in the oesophagus. Such ideas have to be insightfully perceived and as that requires strong relationship then someone very close to the victim/patient is needed. This is the role of the chief offender(s). And they will uphold ideas in a very cunning manner as to make them convincingly appear to be the targeted person’s own thinking.

Next Post: How does all this cause a person to react somatically?


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