Some allied matters first

Before I begin the discussion on how a person reacts to form cancer in their body, it is very important to address some allied matters. The first is the idea of vitalism. From the earliest times people have believed that there is some extra-physical vital force or life force in the body. And they further believe that diseases arise from imbalances in this extra-physical force or energy, which if corrected heals the body from the disease. I disagree with this generally. I have seen some evidence for a vital energy, as for example in the use of acupuncture, which involves a vital energy or Qi as the Chinese call it. However the matter is not simple. From what I have observed through the use of acupuncture on myself, the adjustments one makes, using acupuncture needles, certainly affects the flow of Qi along the meridians correcting irregularities in the flow. However these changes in the flow of Qi in turn affect the function of an organ system inside the body and that in turn can affect other organs systems. All of this can be insightfully observed and I can testify to that. So it is not a simple matter of adjusting the vital energy in various points in the musculature here and there and you get healing. The adjustments made, which affect the organ systems of the body ultimately affect consciousness and the awareness of problematic ideas. The method is subtle but it helps the person let go of problematic ideas. I have gained good results from acupuncture but my discoveries have led me to far better results with a far simple method… that of prayer or what I call mental prescriptions. I found that I can have a more potent effect at the very source of the problem, by addressing the ideas. It is ideas that lead a person to make changes in body function, which involves both the function of organ systems and the allied physiochemical processes in the body. I want to stress that this has nothing to do with psychology and psychiatry. Both psychology and psychiatry try to evade the fact that ideas point to needs and that owing to those needs a whole cascade of changes takes place in the body. They treat what happens in the body as a side issue at best. Psychology and psychiatry are nothing more than an attempt to safeguard evolutionary biology and medical profits, by drawing rabbits out of the medical hat and mumbo jumbo. The truth is that ideas and the reasoning one engages, and which may not always be conscious, point to purpose and it is this that affects how the body reacts and explains the phenomena where disease is concerned. Ideas, thoughts and consciousness, which may well be the vital force or energy, are critically important to understanding the biological phenomena and hence how prayer can be more effective than drugs and/or surgery and specifically in the case of cancer.

The observations that I have made about ideas at the root cause of disease has two important implications, one of which of course has to do with the nature of disease but the other is essentially about healing and specifically healing by means of prayer. Both of these aspects are an anathema, both to the medical profession and the medical industry. Biology today is evolutionary biology, which means that it considers that the body is wholly mechanistic. Biologists are saying that all bodily phenomena, whether they are simple or complex, can be described and explained only in terms of physical and chemical laws. This is not simply about denying a vital force to explain life, but more importantly to deny the mind. The mind is ignored as a non-issue, as if it has nothing to do with the function of the body. Biologists and biomedical scientists believe that we don’t need to consider thought and consciousness in the scheme of things because, they claim, in time thought and consciousness will also be explained by physiochemical analysis. Thus what the biologists are saying is that all life forms are just machines, robots of various kinds and humans specifically are just automatons. Thus they claim there is also no issue of teleology, which means that purpose is never a consideration in explaining the biology. All physiochemical processes are explained as having been favored because they help an organism survive, which is a fundamental premise of Darwinian Evolutionary Theory. They do not explain any body process owing to a need or as coming about for some purpose. So for instance let’s take a runner whose body gets hot after some time running and begins to sweat. Biologists do not see sweating as the body’s need to get rid of the extra heat that is generated because this would be saying that a purpose is responsible for the body sweating. Rather they say the cause of the sweating is a sequence of events that take place automatically. So as the runner’s body heats up there is an increase in his or her blood temperature. This then leads to increases in the activity of specific nerve cells in the brain and they in turn increase the activity of other nerve cells that we can trace through the body ending up at and stimulating the sweat glands in the skin, thus sweat is produced. Yes, I agree that we certainly can trace the physiochemical changes that take place in all of the cells that are involved. But by reducing phenomena to causes that are linked we can explain many of them, but not all of them.

One group of phenomena that we cannot explain is the emotions but it is not immediately obvious. On my main blog at I have discussed the emotions in simple terms for the people I want to address, that is humane lay people. My findings suggest purpose is the reason for emotion, which is reactivity in the body. I have observed that in all cases there is at first an idea, which depicts an issue. This idea may be the result of sensory information or it may be gained through direct mental perception (ESP). We do engage reasoning, but we may not do so each and every time if we have reasoned a particular set of circumstances already in the past, especially in early times in life, in early childhood. We don’t think through each time what we have found to be true, that is that certain actions are needed in the body. Reason led us to set forth the right bodily conditions in order to address the problem. Thus purpose explains the bodily reactivity. So for example the two emotions that are most obvious are fear and anger. If the idea is of danger we had found reason to mobilize the body, that is to ready the body for fight or flight or freeze as is needed for the task at hand. I want to also say here that I saw a television documentary about fear and they tried to put across the idea that some people react as to fight, others to flee and still other to freeze. I see this as a contemptible effort to betray the public. These actions do not define people. What the characterization is trying to do is justify psychopaths but they don’t tell the full story. These people are not acting alone. There are always others in the background as well. And they are not sick but trained to be criminal, just as an Olympic athlete is trained. For all people who are humane, and who are untrained but react normally, we can observe that the same person flees where they can, fights where they can’t do otherwise and freezes if the situation is thus best handled. And I have seen occasion where an animal will do likewise. I was confronted by a meter length, very dark, almost black snake in my en suite, that stood between me and the door to my bedroom and it rose up ready to strike. I had no where to go, I was cornered however the snake changed its mind. Why? Because beside me was one of my cats, who had followed me into the en suite and she did not stand still wondering what to do next like me. She aggressively hissed at the snake. The snake looked at the cat and then at me again and turned round and slithered away and hid itself under the TV stand in my bedroom. We do not consider that animals might reason but this certainly did appear to be the case. The snake originally thought to fight and it seemed an automatic response but then seeing my cat it decided that taking flight was a better course of action for its survival so it left in a hurry with me and my cat looking on. Maybe all of the research on the reptilian brain and the lack of thinking that is seen are only done on human subjects, i.e., psychopaths.

It is a different set of circumstances in the body for anger. If the idea alert us to an injustice or if the idea arises out of a violation that we may be about to suffer or are suffering, then it might appear that the body is animated or in other words we get angry and hostile. However here too we can observe that reason plays the deciding path and again I am not talking about people who look for the slightest opportunity to display hostility in the name of anger. Humane people get angry but it follows reason and the need to take action. The action may be verbal or it may be in the form of aggression if there is a need to overcome physical violence. The type of activity that we engage is not arbitrary but serves a purpose. The emotions are not just a linked succession of physiological reactivity in the body beginning in the brain as the studies of psychoendoneuroimmunology (PENI) are suggesting. When we look more closely it appears that researchers have an agenda. They conduct research and name processes and substances in such a way as to suggest linked causes and thus affirm evolutionary biology but the evidence says something different. If there was not a purpose and it was a linked succession of events or causes, then emotional combinations would not violate the body’s homeostatic balance. This is glaringly evident in anxiety.

If we consider anxiety we find that the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis is adversely affected and even the welfare of vital organs such as the heart is seriously affected. What is anxiety? The medical definition is unclear. They claim “in either presence or absence of ‘psychological stresses’, which they never properly define, anxiety can create feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness, and dread.” This is hardly a definition. They are trying side step the real issues by saying that something nebulous, which they call anxiety, creates feelings of fear, worry etc. It is the usual psychological /psychiatric gibberish about ‘something experienced in the brain’ or ‘all in your head’.. ha, ha, ha! Thus they can conveniently leave the biology of the rest of the body out of the picture. The definition of anxiety is simple. Anxiety is the combination of two or three forms of emotional reactivity in the body that are conflicting and therein lays the problem of stress. Anxiety is one form of stress. You can find a more complete discussion at


The two most common emotions that together form anxiety are fear and worry or anger and worry. Worry is certainly circular thinking and of course this involves the brain. However in order for the brain to do its part it needs an amply supply of fuels and it needs not to have to compete with the musculature for fuel materials. Thus actions of the parasympathetic system attempt to bring the body to rest and maintain it at rest, until such thinking is done. Worry then is the exact opposite to both fear and anger which move the body to high energy production and seek to maintain such conditions. Thus the co-existence of fear and worry or anger and worry put the body into conflict and most specifically the heart because the heart get signals to go fast and slow at the same time. It is also pertinent to mention the difference between anxiety that arises owing to a known problem compared to the anxiety that arises with a problem which is due to or largely due to subliminal ideas and perceptions.

Where the problem is known the person can take measures to alleviate it and that is done by giving up some of the needs. We can modify the need to mobilize the body but not wholly because where there is danger we move to fear (mobilize the body). However the person can accept the danger exists and stop worrying about it. This enables the person to relieve the conflict in the body due to fear and worry by getting rid of the worry. Fear alone does no harm unless it is excessive and prolonged but even that can be managed. However if the problem is the result of a cheat then the matter is not resolvable without knowledge of the cheat. You can read more about the basic cheat used to create anxiety on my first book blog at, if you are interesting in reading more. Basically the person detects a danger issue that feels pressing but does not know the nature of the danger they face. In such a case the person is unable to stop worrying. Danger is not an issue that we can simply not address or leave to think about later. It is always treated as urgent so while the body is moved to high energy production, there are also efforts to move the body to rest as well for thinking and problem resolution. If the danger issue that is detected is largely subconscious then it is not a matter of “just accept the danger” because the nature of the danger is part of the problem. In such a case the person is unable to stop worrying. Hence the purpose of discovering what they are up against as well as the need to find a solution drive the body processes. This can bring about excesses or deficiencies in various body functions that cannot be addressed. This situation violates homeostasis or the body’s ability to retain stable equilibrium through physiological processes and leads to disease. We find anxiety due to a trio, fear, anger and worry, in some cancers and these three emotions create what are described as flu-like symptoms.

Another important group of phenomena, which arise because of a need or purpose, are some immune system responses or what doctors call “over-reactions or deficiencies of the immune system”. The former are seen as the causes of hypersensitivities or allergies and autoimmune diseases, while the latter that of immune deficiency is seen as an insufficient or even total absence of an immune response. The commitment to evolutionary biology and thus the explanation of phenomena along the lines of linked causes moves biologists to treat both allergies and autoimmune diseases as “a malfunction in the machine”. Biomedical researchers explain the phenomena as an immune system malfunction and doctors talk about disorders of the neuro-immune system. The research is conducted along the lines of physical, chemical and physiological characteristics of the components of the neuro-immune system and looking to explain the differences between normality and disease as malfunction. Ideas and a purpose explaining the neuro-immune system’s behaviour is never considered and are considered with contempt.

All of this can be challenged because when we realize that an idea, which we have taken to be real or relevant, leads to purposeful changes in the body then we can remedy the situation without drugs or surgery. I have described an instance of an idea that some item on their body, as for instance a ring, seems to be irritating the skin. Close scrutiny will show that it is an unnecessary immune system response causing inflammation of the skin under the ring and not an “over-reaction” or malfunction. I have discussed this in detail on my main blog at about halfway down the post and the second of two examples. The cheat requires the person to be caused to react with fear to an unclear danger issue. Through the presentation of other ideas by someone who is strongly relationally entangled with the person so as to cause that person to mistakenly consider that their fear is evidence for the nasty but false idea presented about the ring or the spot of skin under the ring. This much can be perceived sufficiently by the individual involved if they know what is going on. However the fact that with the knowledge of the cheat and how it is done, the person targeted in this way can prevent an unnecessary immune reaction and begin a healing process so that the inflammatory response and any damage done to the skin is cleared up or can stop an immune reaction from happening in the first place, is clear evidence of purpose being the explanation of the phenomena. It discredits the biologists’ mechanical model of the human being and disproves the theory that linked physiochemical processes are the causes of all phenomena. Thoughts and consciousness are not only relevant but all important in explaining many such phenomena. We are not robots.

In the next post I will explain cancer through an appreciation of why the body reacts purposefully with deliberate genetic changes as to produce cell masses. The confidence that we “got the right explanation” is found in the fact that we can effect our own healing by the application of ideas in a method called prayer or mental prescription and without the need of doctors and their medicines.


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