The big C cancer explained!

In the next few posts I will show you how cancer develops and following that I will explain how prayer can be used to facilitate a cure even from stage 4 cancer and with certain and spectacular results.

Cancer arises or develops when an unsuspecting person reacts to beliefs, which they don’t realize are just the perceptions of hateful suggestions. These suggestions are made through a toxic relationship by a person or persons that are well known to the person targeted. They are mental attacks because an unsuspecting person will react somatically and in cancer there are serious physical consequences. This is not just my say so, this is something that every humane person can investigate and discover for themselves. The medical industry through their mouthpiece of psychiatry denies the reality of mental attacks. Darwinian Evolutionary Theory effectively states that animals and plants evolved over millions of years in such a way as to give the appearance of being alive. Evolutionary biology only allows for all life to be mechanistic, i.e., humans are robots and nothing more. BUT they have a serious problem. There is a gap that is unbridgeable in their argument. That gap is consciousness. A machine is not conscious. And there is more, which if considered, does provide a drug-free, surgery-free path to recovery.

The phenomena, i.e., the bodily reactivity can be explained if we consider that it is purposefully brought into being. For biologists and biomedical scientists purpose never explains bodily reactivity; “teleology” is a dirty word. Evolutionary biology does not allow for purpose being at the heart of animal and human bodily reactivity. So the accepted medical view looks to explain everything by linked causes. For this reason there is a lot of work being done to try and explain away the gap. They need the robot to be complete but none of the research work done has any value. Consciousness cannot be defined, classified, measured, nor explained in scientific terms. Science is incapable of explaining consciousness because mental experiences are the experiences of non-material spiritual being or souls. This means that the mechanisms that scientists use in physics, chemistry, and biology are useless to explain what happens.

Neuroscientists and those in the psychological field claim that there is too little evidence that the mind is anything apart from the brain but this “too little evidence” claim comes in denying the evidence that there is. This evidence is found in ESP (extrasensory perception) something that is researched on the one hand but badly and claimed as a symptom of mental illness on the other. More evidence is found in NDEs (near death experiences) and in the reports that patients give having regaining consciousness after anaesthesia. There have been a reasonably large number of people who have been able to tell the surgeons exactly what was said and done while they were under an anaesthetic. This last piece of evidence is striking because though doctors talk about “putting the patient to sleep” in order to undergo surgery. It is nothing of the kind! Anaesthesia is not even remotely like sleep. In anaesthesia the brain is shut down. Anaesthetists talk about “degrees of unconsciousness” but here too it’s not the truth. The number system they use does not measure unconsciousness at all but the degree of brain shut down. There are many people, who having regaining consciousness after deep anaesthesia, are able to describe in great detail the procedure of their surgery and what was being said by the medical staff. It means that they had a high level of awareness when most of their brain function was shut down. How come if the brain produces consciousness?

Medical researchers do admit that stress can cause disease but the way they are going about researching the matter means they will never find a connection. And I doubt that it is accidental because the truth offers no financial rewards for the medical industry. Biomedical scientists are looking for a linked causes biochemical pathway leading from brain to other parts of the body. All the research is done with this aim in mind because they do not want to use purpose to explain the phenomena. Stress however is not some malfunction or overload of the system. Stress is due to issues and issues mean two things. Firstly, in most cases other people are involved. Secondly the person is moved to do something either in the body or by the body. If we accept this then it is not only reasonable to explain the bodily reactivity but also finds a drug-free path back to health. In cancer I have also seen evidence that gene expression is deliberately and significantly changed so that a new type of cell emerges in the body, these are the cells that doctors call cancer cells. This is significant because while the normal workings of the body can appear to be mechanistic and “on automatic”, it is a whole different matter where disease is concerned.

Why do cancer cells form? To answer this question we need to understanding the role played by purpose. And to answer the question adequately we need to understand the hows and whys of mental attacks and their somatic consequences. In a mental attack an unsuspecting person is betrayed to accept suggestions as beliefs. So we need to answer another question first and one that is at the heart of the matter of “purpose explains the phenomena”. That question is what is “the person” or personal self?

Psychology and psychiatry trivially theorize about the personal self and without having done experimental work. Psychiatry is NOT “evidence based”. Indeed if you look at their explanations of what they call mental disorders, you will find that they treat beliefs and the somatic reactivity as two coincidental, unrelated matters. The robot has a software bug in the brain and a hardware malfunction in the body! They avoid the connection between beliefs and somatic reactivity, even though they cannot help the patient find some comfort without addressing both the mental and the physical aspects. It is a unashamed denial of the evidence. And this is driven home most profoundly when you consider that instead of research they hold conferences and create labels to apply to various lists of mental symptom, while treating the physical symptoms as a “by the way the patient also has…” some physical symptoms, if they happen to mention them, which mostly they don’t. Then they go on to take votes on what they reckon is the causes of the mental illnesses they invented with their lists and labels. Thus in the terminal stages of cancer, where the dying person voices their concerns about the mental attacks and those they had trusted, they are called delusional and silenced with the use of strong psychiatric sledgehammer drugs.

What is the personal self and how can it explain the development of cancer? The answer is that the personal self is a body-mind phenomenon. It involves both belief and corresponding bodily reactivity. And by “bodily” I mean all of the body, which includes the brain. The two are linked because issues need to be addressed and that requires some action to be taken in or by the body. In the development of the cell mass called cancer the aim in many cases is to shield or provide a barrier to protect some area of the body from a perceived attack or danger. For example the mental attacks maybe beliefs that some part of the lining of the oesophagus is in danger due to some toxic substance in the food that was eaten. This issue creates a need for an internal defence strategy to protect the tissues involved. This can be done in the body by an extraordinary immune response. Stem cells are transform into cells with the necessary properties to become a protective cell barrier or cell mass.. cancer. For this to happen the personal self must be involved at all levels. And indeed it is.

manufacturing belief in cancer

The personal self is perceiver of the thoughts and the mistaken believer of those thoughts. The personal self is the experiencer of sensations in the area perceived to be under attack. The sensations are due to action of mirror neurons that had been activated due to the mistaken perception. And the personal self is the doer of the reactivity in the body and specifically of the immune response involving the stem cells. It is important to appreciate that mental attacks are not about attacking the mind. The mind is non-material and not subject to corruption, damage and decay like the body. Mind cannot be attacked. In all instances, both of physical diseases and hypothetical mental illnesses, it is the personal self that is under attack. The toxic mob targets the personal self by creating issues.

When the personal self stops reacting, either by stopping the mental attacks or seeing that the issues are fiction or both, all of which are a necessary part of the healing strategy, then the body returns to rest. The problem in the body of the cell mass or masses is resolved. This does not require medicines or medical procedures. It only requires addressing the problem at the source, which means discharging the false beliefs. The body returns to health because the cell mass are no longer needed. They are disassembled and removed by doer in the body, mostly through the immune system that created them. This is what doctors call spontaneous remission. So to best understand how the cancer forms and how it can be cleared away naturally and effortlessly, it is most important to really understand personal self or ego self.

To understand the problem more thoroughly we need to understand how the personal self comes into being and how consciousness is involved. The personal self or ego self does not just arise and develop as some sort of natural part of life as psychologists and psychiatrists surmise. The medical supposition only suits evolutionary biology. The psychological story is that by the time we are born we got the hardware and then in the first five years of life we get most of the software uploaded from other people. And what is worse they claim it is all subconscious and that is why we have no access to it. How conveniently it puts the doctors in the driver’s seat where our health is concerned! Happily this is not the truth.

There is a spiritual being, call it true self or a soul. The true self is more evident at birth and in very early childhood but over time as the personal self develops this true self becomes hidden. As we interact with our environment we begin to mistakenly identify more and more with the activities of the mind, which is the thoughts that arise. If the thoughts and ideas are convincing or point to pressing issues, then there appears a need to respond or react in some way. Our reactions are none other than bodily reactivity, especially emotional reactivity. The phenomenon of ideas giving rise to a bodily response generates a seeming someone existing in the body-mind; a person who thinks the thoughts, moves the body and experiences the experiences. This effect is stronger where there is inequality of relationship. This does not necessarily mean childhood abuse. An over zealous parent or a parent that has issues of their own will unwittingly and even owing to their efforts to be a good parent, may create issues for the child. However if there is abuse then very distressing issues arise and the child feels they must struggle for survival. I will discuss all this in greater depth in another section.

There is another reason too that creates a mistaken identity in the body. The mental experience feels as if it is inner and that means inside the body. Here again there is a feeling that there is some doer in the body, a person or personal self. To explain all of these effects I want to give a simple analogy. This analogy may also help people understand the mental attacks or attacks on the personal self and hence how to overcome them.

The analogy I will use is that of the player in a virtual reality game. The player is a human being. He or she chooses a character or avatar that will be their agent in the game. That character becomes the player so already there is some identification between the human being and the avatar. The human being enters the virtual world by using visual and audio sensory means such as a computer screen or virtual reality glasses and a speaker or ear phones. The player also uses some means to generate movement so they can get around in the virtual world and to do things in the game. For this purpose a mouse or a glove that translates movements are used. The sensory means and the means by which movements are made are analogous to the brain and the musculature. Through these means the avatar /player experiences the virtual world.

The avatar can be moved about and played as a puppet but if the human being becomes engrossed with the game he or she may identify so strongly with their avatar that they react spontaneously as they sit in their chair in the real world. For instance if the avatar is threatened the human becomes afraid and may move to focus more on the screen. If the avatar is confronted by enemies the human may say something loudly and angrily as they move their avatar in a hostile way and attacks other enemy characters or monsters in the game. If the avatar arrives at some place that could have served as a more easy escape the human may be humoured and laugh and so on. The human player forgets they are a human being and behave as if they are their avatar in the virtual world. They may forget themselves for hours playing the game and they may play the game as if their life depended on it.

Avatar and human

In a similar way the physical environment is experienced by the true self. The true self has unbroken awareness but it becomes identified with the activity of mind (i.e., thoughts and beliefs) and the corresponding bodily reactivity, mainly emotional reactivity through having taken up human form. So seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and touching become mistakenly attributed to a seer, hearer, feeler, taster and toucher. In other words an agent or someone who is experiencing seems to exist. This is more pronounced in unbalanced, especially toxic relationships because issues are created that affect the life of the mortal body and those issues become a matter of concern. There is a large investment of awareness in focusing the attention on the issues. Paying a lot of attention to one area means paying less attention to other areas, so the awareness is broken.

the fallen from Grace state

The personal self appears to acquire awareness or what we call consciousness and the part that is not personal self and not a part of the personal self experience becomes the unconscious or subconscious because it is outside the spotlight of attention. From the true self or soul level there is still awareness of everything, including the personal self. So while the true self is focused on and identifies with a seeming doer or personal self, it still has full awareness. So the effect on the one hand is that the person or personal self is seemingly aware and knowledgeable of subconscious conditions but in reality it is the true self, which has assumed the identity of a personal self that knows and is aware. On the other hand it appears that the unbroken state of awareness is in some sense lost when in fact it is the attention that is captured. We talk about subconsciousness and even unconsciousness as being somewhere below consciousness but really it is a matter of changes in attention. There is no real existence of an unconscious or subconscious except with respect to personal self. Hence in a near death experience rather than loss of consciousness leading to a kind of “lights out” and total darkness, the opposite happens.

Lastly there is the problem of the continuous knowingness of self that is essentially the same throughout life. There is nothing in the brain nor in the rest of the body, which can be pointed to, that can provide an answer. Brain function changes with each and every experience. And the body too, while it does maintain an equilibrium of its internal milieu with respect to the external physical environment, it is still in constant state of change. Every experience gives rise to some emotional reactivity. Emotions significantly change body function and chemistry. No controller can be found in the body-mind because they are in a constant state of flux! There is no centre in the brain, no controller or controlling unit to be found. Some scientists consider that the link of memories throughout life creates this self experience but memories never stay the same. Even in remembering we alter the content of memory each time we recall something. For instance some event in childhood, which we later recall as an adolescent and then as an adult is not the same memory. Each time we recollect it, we change it. So memories cannot provide the link that gives a sense of me that is constant and always recognizable.

What about dementia? Brain function deteriorates. The demented person is no longer able to communicate or respond but is the sense of self still there? I suspect it is because it does not arise from the personal self but rather from the true self. Only the true self is a constant and the source of consciousness. This knowing self is beyond the physical and will forever remain outside of the realm of science and reason. We can see that a computer game can be designed to enable the avatar to investigate the virtual world but they can never know the player, not even a hint of who they are. So too in real life, the personal self can never know the true self or Self. If we look back at the computer game again and consider that suddenly the phone rings and the player loses interest in the game and the virtual world and the avatar. They know again that they are a human who was engrossed in a game and not the avatar on the screen. In the same way only the Self knows Itself. This is the mystical experience.. forever outside the realm of science because it is outside of the physical and non-physical (mental) realities.

In the next post I will explain how knowing the role that the personal self plays and thus the events in the body-mind helps us understand cancer. And this knowledge then is crucial in formulating a prayer that is precise and targets all the areas that lead to healing and health.


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