Reaction to Ideas

The unsuspecting person’s reaction to Ideas and suggestions

These ideas, which were associated with fear in the first place, are suggested again when the person is again threatened with danger and danger that is obscure. In many cases the bodily reactivity is not recognized as fear as they see no external danger. In some cases the person only knows that they feel hot. The ideas cause the person to believe that fear is due to some internal danger. The perceiver of the thoughts and the experiencer of the bodily reactivity is personal self. The person thinks and talks about the ideas perceived in the mind as “their perceptions” and “their experience” and not as “ideas in the mind” and “reactivity in the body”. Thus ideas in mind are coloured by bodily reactivity. Their fear or “feeling hot” experience appears to be evidence for the ideas. The ideas are mere suggestions. If we take the examples above we have the following.


The woman in the example believes the ideas/ suggestions of “ramming it down her throat” and can’t swallow what’s being dished up” because of her experience in the workplace. She has taken the suggestions as being meaningful and significant. And she has considered her bodily reactivity is the evidence for her belief. It is important to note that the idea of “ramming it down her throat” would be accompanied by an image also presented to her mentally, which depicted some crime or surgery that affects the oesophagus, and which for most people is subliminal. So there is reactivity in the body and specifically in her oesophagus due to action of mirror neurons. If the imagery is perceived it can cause the person to experience some mild spatial disorientation.


This also contributes to her bodily experience and seems to be also evidence for the ideas. The person only needs to appreciate that all of the ideas are general suggestions. If the woman was to dismiss the ideas she would find the bodily reactivity doesn’t go away so it has to be due to something else. It is due to something else and that is the “shit in the background”.


These people are human or at least in human form but they are garbage. They get their kicks from harassing and troubling other people as lifestyle. And this is not about a one or two occasions. This is ongoing harassment, so it can extend over months and even years and they utilize many different deceptive means to cheat and disadvantage the person victimized.

They also use an unassociated event or events, which take place at the times they assemble to view hate video and say hateful things about the person target /victim. The reason for the unassociated events is to lend reality to their hate video and hate talk. However this can only be done when the victim is relationally entangled to at least one person in the event that is taking place. So they make a suggestion of a link by way of the entanglement. They will mention that person to make mental reference to the victim about them. The person needs to become aware of what is going on and realize it is really all suggestion and is of no significance and no relevance to them. I have seen foul play with toxic vets and toxic doctors involved. Given the technology of today with the internet, smart phones and iPads etc, it is very easy to display images in real time to many other parties. In this case toxic doctors may take part during surgery. They make available to other toxic members of the mob the surgical procedure. It can then be edited, again in real time, with images of the person targeted. This and other subsequent surgery can then be used in the episodic harassment of the targeted person. So “cutting across the front of it” might not be a recorded hate crime but hateful , toxic doctor conducting a surgical procedures in the particular area that is being suggested by the hate talk and the ideas about the person’s bad experience.


All cancer patients talk about “bad days”. These are the times that they are being troubled by the thoughts and seemingly associated bodily reactivity. It is not simple thoughts and bodily reactivity. It is presented ideas/ suggestions and issues that cause fear and anger etc. And it always relates to events in the person’s life because the toxic people that are in the person’s life. So in the example here the woman seems to be “troubled by the memory of what happened in the office”. If she complains, this would be the medical opinion. But the woman is really troubled by real people who pose danger because they have access such as a key to her house. Often they live in her house. The toxic chief offender may be a spouse or sibling, even a parent. And there will be others involved. These are people who are closely related to her, such as other relatives, people at her workplace, trusted friends, girlfriend or boyfriend and so on. The type of people who attack others around them are always evil people, But they are also people the victim trusts and believes are friends and loved ones. All toxic people are two faced deceivers and deceive people as part of their lifestyle. To trouble the person targeted these people continually present the ideas /suggestions so that they are brought into mind over and over again. No bad memory has a power of its own. Ideas are not in business for themselves. They are powerless. It is how they are used that makes them tools to do good or to indicate bad. It is important to realize that the evil people have no power over the victim. It is through the cunning use of ideas that they cause the victim to react. The reactivity in the body is brought about by the person targeted or being victimized and not the evil people. This is most important to understand because it plays the critical role both in the targeted person themselves and in the way they might adversely affect their children or others in their care. Knowledge is the difference between disease and health.

When an unsuspecting person reacts to the troubling ideas and mistakes reactivity in the body believing them to be real and significant, it causes them to take action; Most commonly an immediate inflammatory response. An inflammatory response can be extremely rapid, even within a minute or so. This adds to the unsuspecting person’s confusion. The woman in the example may feel a burning in their throat or further down the oesophagus. This is her immediate response. However as the mental attacks are episodic there will also be days when there are no mental attacks. During this time the body there is no inflammatory response and no sensations in the areas as the body will have undergone an anti-inflammatory response and cleared away any dead or damaged cells due to the erroneous inflammatory response. The area is restored to health.

Now because the person is targeted and troubled episodically, their perception leads them to realize that an inflammatory response is inappropriate. There is nothing in the body damaged and needing to be cleaned away and there is no satisfactory handling of the problem using this method. Furthermore the person will feel and believe that they are struggling against something nebulous. This of course is false. It is a continual presentation of ideas in mind and often with issues of injustice that cause anger. Anger is also high metabolic activity in the body. It is different from fear but both are high energy states.  Even the mental attack themselves, to an unsuspecting person are violations because they are ongoing and cause the person to become aggravated. image046The ideas and bodily reactivity makes them feel that they are struggling against something that is hard to perceive. Only when they see that those ideas are general and are suggestions do they realize that they are null and void, just a load of garbage that exists only in the evil people’s brains. There is no real struggle. There is no real theatre of war. It is all just suggestion and unrelated danger posed, fear and anger, worry and often coping habit activity (see

When this truth is not realized the ideas and bodily reactivity become a part of a modified personal self. This leads the person to take further defensive action in the body. The person seeks to set up a barrier or shield to try and protect the area. This comes about again by an immune response but this time it involves stem cells.


Some stem cells in the area are modified. The expression of particular genes is changed to give the cells new characteristics so that they would become a protective barrier. Thus the harder they struggle and fight the worse the situation in the body because the more and more barrier cells and cell masses are created. If the episodes are close enough then the old cell masses have not yet been removed so new cells are added to the mass. As more and more attacks are made so the cell mass grows. If new issues can be created then other areas of the body may be targeted. This causes the person to try to cover those areas as well. This is all that metastasis is about. There are no new cells created in the area but some cells that have already been modified are used. They are carried through the lymph system to the new area and used as a shield, which means they create a new mass.

image024The unsuspecting person is also medically misinformed. There are many ideas about “environmental factors” causing cancer conveyed in the media. The idea of toxins in food and in the environment supposedly causes cancer is false and I strongly suspect the medical establishment know that toxins do not cause cancer. But a great deal of publicity is created, some of it in a roundabout way. I’ve looked into cases where legal battles have been fought between food companies or other chemical companies by “concerned people” some of them in the media. I have found that both parties, who appear in public to be bitterly opposed, are actually on the same side. It is all theatre. It drives a public perception that cancer could be caused by toxins. This feeds the medical story of genetic miscopying and rogue cells. There is not a shred of evidence to support the medical story. It is the medical industry that benefits by the medical misinformation. Toxins can cause damage but cancer is NOT about damage. The body will remove damage. That is done by an inflammatory response. And the damaged area is repaired by an anti-inflammatory response. Furthermore no genetic hiccup can cause a sophisticated new immune organ system to form, because that is precisely what is found and is well documented in the medical literature. The immune organ that is formed is made up of about forty to fifty percent modified cells or what they call cancer cells and fifty to sixty percent normal immune cells. And far from being attacked by the immune system, the modified cells are aided by the other immune cells. This immune organ generates its own blood supply and modified cells are archived in the lymph nodes to be used elsewhere should the same problem arise again. And there’s more. A part of the cancer is the formation of highly efficient and deadly combat cells that may target some nearby part of the body with a cytotoxic attack. All of this is a tall order for some genetic miscopying and the appearance of a “rogue cell”!

Next I will discuss how to formulate a prayer for a cancer cure.



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