Problems and dangers of prayer formulation.

Problems and dangers of prayer formulation.

What a prayer is and is not.


A prayer is NOT a vow, NOT an offering and NOT a blessing. A blessing is defined as “God’s favour and protection” but the word can also be used to mean “a prayer offered for such favour and protection”. This is however a specific type of prayer which is not for regaining health. A problem with using a blessing is that it can also mean other things such as “a person’s sanction or support”. The word sanction has two opposite meanings so toxic people attempt to distort the meaning in a person’s mind. A sanction may be an official approval for an action but it can also mean the imposition of a penalty. I will discuss the issue of meaning further down because it is a critical issue.

Prayer is best described as a request of God or as a directive to the Universe or the Mind of God. A directive is an authoritative instruction and the only person that has that authority is the patient themselves. A prayer cannot be given by another person unless the patient gives that other person permission. It can be done if you are sure the other person is humane and will act in your best interests. However if you need to give such authority to someone else then it should be limited and conditional upon being beneficial and if not then a serious penalty applies. This helps to make it safe. But it is best to act for yourself.

I prefer to use the words “mental prescription” because it is in the mind and it is a prescription. This means that the word “prescription” can only mean one thing. The only meaning of “prescription” that applies when we talk about mental prescriptions is “an authoritative ruling and the only one with authority is the patient themselves. The reason is that all humane people have absolute authority over their own lives and can exercise free will. This does not apply to inhumane people.

Evil / toxic person have no free will and no autonomy, although many evil people fool themselves into believing they are free individuals. The serious limitation to freedom is by virtue of who they are. Essentially evil people are bound in a single mindset, or what has been loosely named the “evil spirit” or the devil. They have no freedom or independence outside of mob rule. They are not free to do as they like as an individual. All of them live in bondage. None have a free, independent voice. Furthermore they are dispensable as far as the mob is concerned.  All of them are essentially powerless pawns when it comes down to the wire. If the mob wants an evil member dead then they are doomed. And they don’t need to have done anything wrong that would “bring down the wrath of the devil” so to speak. If the game being played suits one of the evil people dead then they are eliminated mercilessly by those that were their toxic friends and fellow members.

The next thing to understand is that they are in essence powerless. My husband was evil and he revealed many, many things about the evil subculture to me in the end in exchange for me not leaving him. It might sound strange that I would stay for such an exchange but my work would not have been possible without what I learnt from him about how evil people operate, who they are and how the foul games are played. One of the things he said that he hated about being evil was that, and to quote his words “without the others doing their bit, one has no power”. He so resented this situation that he admitted he set up every evil person who ever helped him and gained an opportunity to hurt them to make up for his resentment of having to use them to have power.

For all the hate and capacity to be cruel, evil people are very vulnerable by virtue of their actions. They transgress the Laws of the Universe and this has serious consequences. Even in desiring to do evil to others, the evil person has made selections that can be used by the person they target to counter attack the evil people involved. So while they think they are smart and take great pride in being able to band together to play dirty games, take great pleasure in seeing others suffering and see their hate as booty, in reality they are pawns on a board, powerless shit and with nothing to look forward to but eternal damnation because by their actions they become spiritually dead. Some deceive themselves that if they take Christ as their saviour in their last breath then they will be saved. This really highlights one of the fallacies of the “apostle” Paul’s teaching because Jesu’s message was completely different. The “apostle” Paul claimed it didn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done and you don’t have to be good. All you got to do is believe Jesus is God and your home free! If it were true then it opens the door to evil to do evil all their lives and go to heaven just the same.

Danger and difficulties to be aware of in formulating a prayer

and how to overcome such difficulties.

A cure is brought about by addressing the source of the problem and returning the body to health. The problem and the solution involve both ideas and emotions. Firstly you need to identify the negative ideas, especially those you uphold with confidence because it is these ideas that move the body to give rise to emotions AND to develop cell masses. Appreciate that the emotions that appear associated are really only coincidental. As I explained earlier it is just a part of the cheat. So for instance a person will perceive the danger posed by a criminal who sits in his car down the street, if they have been relationally entangled with the criminal previously, AND if they have been given a copy of the key to that person’s front door. And perceiving the danger they will feel fear. The idea that “the food they just ate has additives and they are toxins that cause cancer” is only a coincident idea. Not knowing the cheats it appears reasonable to believe the idea because there is what appears to be associated fear!

I have seen some “new age doctors” call the emotional reactivity as “emotional toxicity” but this too is wrong thinking. They know that the patient needs to get rid of the emotions to help clear away the cancer but they don’t want to say just that because it contradicts evolutionary biology and the claim that we are just machines, i.e., robots. If we were not machines we might be able to make ourselves well! “Perish the thought”, they privately say, “it’s bad for business!” The problem with calling the emotions emotional toxicity doesn’t give the emotions legitimacy and without understanding how they justifiably arise you can’t make them go away. You can’t clean away emotions as you might do toxins.image006

What we could call the emotional reactivity is “emotional bleeding”. The victim is essentially emotionally bled because issues are continually presented to the person in mind. Some of those issues may be real, as for example someone may act unjustly towards you to anger you. Other issues may only be threats, as for example a criminal with a key thinking about using it. Issues give rise to a need to do something and that need causes the person to react somatically. The emotion is a somatic reaction. For example fear is the mobilization of the body for possible action. Anger is the energizing of the body for more emphatic expression. And it is no use saying the person’s a fool because the emotions are natural processes in the body. The only way to overcome the problem is to deal with the issues. You may need to confront people who are offending against you to resolve some issues. But in the main it is to realize that most of the issues are threatened. Some of the emotional reactivity is aimed at creating activity in various organs in the body and some to try and sell suggestions as beliefs. The only emotion you can’t easily clear is fear but fear on its own is only a mobilization of the body and nothing more. So your metabolism is running a bit higher than normal, so what! Knowing the fear is caused from a threat that is not aimed to be carried out will lessen the fear considerably and it is possible for you to even eliminate it completely.

The other critical aspect is recognition that the ideas are mere suggestions. This is where medical misinformation plays a big role to disadvantage people. When they are not dreaming up chemical imbalances psychiatrists conjecture problematic ideas are the culprits. Conjecture is about drawing conclusions from incomplete information. Of course it is incomplete when they refuse to consider the big picture.

image004The conjecture is that the problematic ideas arise “out of the depth of your subconscious” as there is some “inner conflict” because “different parts of your personality at war with one another”. And even worse that all this “shit” was “downloaded” before you were five years old! What more disempowering could they say? They look to put themselves in the driver’s seat where your health is concerned. All of this reasoning is baseless garbage. There is NO scientific basis for it. And the science that is done is skewed towards getting the result that suits the sale of drugs and medical procedures.

Psychiatric opinions disempower people and render them vulnerable to attack. If a person believes that the ideas are their own and can’t see how or why they have such ideas or believe the medical opinions, then they are stuck in a maze. If they uphold the ideas with confidence the problem is worse. The way out is to discharge the ideas or at least recognize that while they may repeatedly arise they are rubbish. The evil people’s ideas are nonsense, garbage. Doctors publicly reject the reality that ideas affect the body. Even where the idea of danger is concerned they still looked for linked series of causes that go from the brain to the body; Hence the reason for describing thinking as a part of “brain circuitry”. You need to realize that many ideas are mere perceptions. If you look out of your window and see the road you can’t say that you’re personally responsible for creating the idea of the road in mind. The idea of the road is a perception that arises naturally because your eyes send the information they have received to your brain to help bring that perception into being in the mind. In cancer, as in many other diseases, the ideas are perceptions. The only difference is that while the idea of the road outside the window is perceived in the mind after information is gathered through sensory mean, the ideas that are presented or addressed to a person by closely related people are perceived directly in the mind. We have the capacity of direct mental perception or what science calls extrasensory perception (ESP). BUT all ESP research is done WITHOUT relationship so only the weakest possible amount is seen. ESP is the means by which ideas can be craftily presented and used as weapons but the person targeted must be ignorant of the truth. When a person realizes that the ideas are just a bunch of garbage then they remain unmoved by them, which means their body remains at rest. Just knowing the foul play enables the person to distrust and hence discredit the ideas. They may feel the fear but they know the fear has nothing to do with the ideas, so the ideas lose their power.

image016A cancer patient who rejects the presented ideas, realizing that even thought they are cunningly made and may even appear as the own ideas or reasoning never the less they are rubbish. Such presentations are episodic because evil people gather to use criminals and make the suggestions. And they look to anchor the ideas with real events but of course once again the person only needs to realize that those events are unrelated. Toxic people may create events to suit but mostly they use events that are happening as part of every day life. So for instance if they need to do some building or renovations they may have some worker arrive to do the work in a motor vehicle with a company logo or the words builder or carpenter etc., or with ladders and other obvious equipment on the back of a truck into visibility of the cancer patient. Just recognize that an army of builder or carpenters or whatever they are have absolutely nothing to do with building cell masses! So recognize that the ideas of “it’s getting built” or “it’s getting fixed” etc., are general. Make them specific. Some toxic neighbour’s house or kitchen or their “crap in” hole is getting fixed. So even where the attacks are repeatedly made using nasty ideas as weapons and toxic rubbish parade events as a showcase, there are no “bad days”.

It is most important to appreciate that the enemy has attempted to set up a theatre of war in the mind. But once you appreciate that the waring parties are toxic people related to you and that their just rubbish suggestions you can laugh in their faces. Just realize that ideas are not in business for themselves. They cannot repeatedly come to mind of their own accord. No ideas arise spontaneously and persistently out of the person’s subconscious or unconscious, much less from the past. Issues form the past can only trouble a person in the present if the toxic people who created those issues or other toxic people who have gained knowledge of the issues, are presenting ideas in mind in the present. This is the only way that issues of the past can trouble a person in the present. There has to be toxic people and foul game play involved but the whole thing can be wiped away as easily as a spider’s web can be wiped away with a stick.  

Address the ideas that are used, which are drawn out of the media. There is also a worldwide medical and media campaign that I believe is maliciously aimed to deceive people and help evil people use negative ideas. There is a lot of talk about toxins in the environment and toxins in our food and toxins in the products we use etc., and that these toxins cause cancer. All of it is false but such ideas help evil people present negative ideas that seem reasonable if the person has heard them on the news or seen some article in a magazine or on the internet. We see lawsuits where parties fight it out in court but are they real or is it just theatre? Well you might say a few million dollars in damages sometimes change hands. Yes but a few million dollars are as a drop in the Pacific Ocean when there are trillions of dollars made from disease. Toxins, if they are ingested may cause damage but they cannot modify the genetic expression of a cell as to give them new properties. Only your body’s defence system can do that but it can only be done when you perceive a particular type of threat. The damage that toxins create is cleaned up by the body. But if a person can be led to believe that there are toxins in their food or in the things they handle or in their environment and that they cause cancer, then it is an easy next step for the toxic rubbish to lead that person to believe that some part of their body might be under threat, by adding fear.


A simple affirmation that the ideas are garbage and of zero significance and that the emotions that seem to be associated with them are unrelated and only coincidental is the first part of prayer. Evil people will fight to try and push the ideas in more devious ways so you need to be aware of the menacing ways in which ideas may be presented as to distort meaning. So in the next post I will briefly discuss the ways, by which meaning can be affected but again you only need to be aware in order to overcome the problem and formulate a prayer for healing.

 January, 15th 2014.

Kyrani Eade BSc.



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