Distortions of Meaning

Distortions of Meaning.

If you are a humane person you do have free will and the ability to consciously make selections about their reality, even in the absence of external coercion, because there is no external coercion that has authority. I am not talking here about the usual social structures. For instance a police officer has authority to investigate a crime but if a person has not transgressed then there is no authority to interfere with that person. I am talking here about a person’s rights as an existence in the universe. There are rights that stand absolute and no social structure has authority over them. Such rights do extend to the natural world and the social environment. The selections are the causal processes of thoughts and are directives to the Universe but only if they are consistent with Truth. Evil has no ability to make such selections. Harm is done in one of two ways, either by evil or by good. Evil cannot harm directly. Thus they look to present ideas or distort meanings as to cause another person to uphold ideas that become their selections. These selections then may give rise to harmful bodily reactions. The other way is “lawful harm” and it can only be done by humane (good) people. This applies in cases where there are selections made by evil people with the intent to adversely influence another person and/or their children or property. So a humane person can use the consequences set up in the universe of such selections for the purpose of self-defence or the defence of another. These consequences become selections that override the evil mindset. An evil person can be hunted down and destroyed at the level of Mind. Mind is both Void and Clarity together. And within it selections have a ripple effect. The Universes together (this and other universes) exist in The Mind of God. (Most Christians think in terms of a Holy Spirit but the true translation from the original Greek is Mind and not Spirit or worse still Ghost.). Humane people are essentially free because they are not locked into a mindset and thus have the ability to note the ideas and knowing they are mere suggestion can then discharge them and replace them with beneficial ones. To try and overcome the freedom of humane people, evil people try to distort meaning. To try and distort meaning they commonly use what they call hash or what they try to justify as “nuances of meaning”. So they may try to use a person’s prayer or give their positive ideas a negative meaning.

Hash is words and phrases, sometimes sentences.. “chopped and recooked”

and of course these are nothing more than suggestions and just garbage but you need to be aware of that.

There are many ways in which hash is created. A few common ways that I have seen are:

  1. To chop a word into parts as for instance the word “toxicology” was used at one point against me and I suspect these were toxic doctors. The hash garbage might have be “toxic c/o (care of) logi” which is an attempt to say “toxic care of word” or “the words taken care of by toxics” because they were suggesting “toxicology reports”. Of course they have no authority. It is mere suggestion. The word reports might have been meant as a verb as well as a noun. The last part logi has origin from Greek meaning either “word” or “idea”. So the hash garbage was an attempt to say “it’s the toxic doctor’s say since toxic doctors get to make the report at autopsy. They got to kill me first and it’s now more than 15 years of trying! A word is sometimes hashed in two languages if the person is bilingual. So toxicology hash garbage could have also been attempted as “toxic: co (for company, so children, pets, friends) low gh” (gh means earth, so idea of dead). This is a way of threatening a person’s children, pets or friends etc. BUT “toxic co(mpany)” is the evil subculture! So “toxic: co low gh”  backfires! Note that the words or phrases used are all general and the meaning, which needs to be affected, is mental. So it is generally not a good idea to use hash in any counter attacks, unless you can confidently fix the meaning.
  2. Another way in which they try to use words is by using synonyms. So for example they might suggest the word “pregnant” and that word is commonly used synonymously with “expecting”. The word “expecting” is general and for meaning there needs to be specificity! The words “I’m expecting it to happen” has no meaning. But “I’m expecting the fall of evil people because it is written, i.e., there are directives set in the universe” has meaning! Words with similar sounds are also used, as for example the word “morning” has the similar sound as the word “mourning”. So if a person uses the word morning in their prayer for instance they have to be careful their meaning is consistent with what they want. A good way to overcome some of this is to use pictures, so it is best to create a prayer in writing and illustrated. It’s not necessary to be an artist, stick figures and simple shapes is enough but a more fancy presentation can be made by creating a collage of pictures cut out of a magazine. Basically seeing pictures enables a person to uphold the meaning they intend in mind. I strongly suspect evil people use pictures to try and create the distortions. So pictures are a way of overcoming any such attempted distortions of meaning through mental suggestion.
  3. The distortion of grammar so that a phrase or sentence has a different meaning is a way of trying to create a so-called nuance of meaning. If a person is bi-lingual then the sound of a word in one language is used for a word with the same sound in the other language, which can change the meaning if they are not aware of it. So for instance a person’s counter of something that might have been suggested might be “it has nothing to do with me”. One attempt was to change this to “It has nothing; to do with me” to try and say that I have nothing and that this nothing had to do with me. A good way to overcome this is to change the wording so to say “the evil people’s suggestions have nothing to do with me as they have no relevance to me and my property”. If the person is bi-lingual then the enemy might translate the words and then hash.  The word in Greek for “does not” is “den” which has an almost identical pronunciation with the word “then” and of course this changes the meaning. So the Greek with the English word becomes “then has to do with me”. A way around it is to use positives rather than a negative. “Suggestions are null and void” or “I reject all suggestions”
  4. Another way to attempt to distort meaning is by the use of grammatical stops. So for instance the sentence “I reject the evil suggestions” had been presented back to me as “I reject. The evil suggestions.” At the source, this is most likely spoken by one person and listened to by another person, who is more closely related to the targeted person. If spoken they can more easily leave a barely noticeable pause after the word “reject” to indicate a full stop. So as an idea at the “perceiving end” by the targeted person, it is not immediately recognizable. But once you realize it you perceive the attempted distortion every time. Again reword it and use a picture. I reject the suggestion of the evil people. And put it up on your wall. I further stated that this is “a sentence and they tried to suggest that a sentence was a punishment assigned for being guilty.. of opposing the evil people!  So one needs to go further to say that it is a set of words that is complete in itself”. It is not to convince the other party but to make the meaning clear in your own mind because it is this meaning that they attempt to distort. Another way they use gramma changes is to use signatures. So for example to try and distort the meaning of the phrase “the evil people perish” gramma stops were used. With a colon the phrase becomes “the evil people: perish!”. Thus “perish” becomes a suggestion made by the evil people. And when that didn’t work they turned to “perish the thought”! A picture of evil people in a pool of their blood in a mass grave being ploughed under, brings to mind the meaning. 

To someone unaware of the hash it can be a serious matter because how you react to ideas depends on meaning. Sometimes not understanding the hash and attributing a different meaning from what was attempted can be a saving grace but at other times not realizing the hash can be hazardous. There is a tendency to think that meaning is just some mental construct that humans have devised but that is not so. It is a fundamental aspect of the Universe because it is tied to truth. I have seen many cases where even animals were affected and affected because they had to have, incredible as it seems, perception and understanding of meaning. Animals don’t understand language. However to be affected by hash distortions of meaning in the mind of someone interacting with them means that meaning can’t be something humans thought up and created. We construct words and we talk about giving those words meaning but in reality this is round the wrong way. We perceive meaning and construct words to depict those meanings. So meaning is something fundamental. For instance there was hash of the Greek word for “egg”. The sound was hashed because it sounded like the English “ ‘ave go ”. The meaning of “have go” was aimed at meaning if you eat it (then) you die. This was enough for the animal, which previously ate the egg with relish, not to want to even be near it, let alone eat it. When I recognized and addressed the hash and took the meaning back to “egg” the animal once again would eat the egg. In another case blue berries was hashed to blue.. buries and it again affected certain animals that previously ate them. And these are just two examples. I could cite many, many more. If meaning was not fundamental and outside of language, and if the mind were not a non-physical reality, then it would be impossible for such things to happen. The above is not an exhaustive list. There are many different ways in which evil people look to deceive humane people in order to cause them to react in a way that would hurt them. The important thing to appreciate is that all hash and indeed all of evil suggestions are general so it is just a matter of recognizing that and making the prayer wording specific and supported with pictures AND keep them private.

Hash shows that toxic people are “the enemy” in every sense of the word. They are hell bent on seeing another person harmed. Think of an two year old with cancer and what shit it takes to repeatedly present ideas to harass that child and drive it to the grave. They must be treated as enemies. This brings me to ideas conveyed in Christianity, in the main but also in other religions that has to do with enemies and which I strongly believe are corruptions of the holy texts. One can well understand people like Dawkins screaming about religion when we see what corruptions there are. However this is politics, the politics of the evil subculture. Evil people have at times gained positions within the church from which to yield power and doing harm by using corruptions as a stick. It is not the religion that is at fault but corrupt people. Religion is only the belief in and worship of God.

Religion never denies you the right to self defence. One key and dangerous idea in the Christian faith is to “love enemies” and to “forgive enemies”. I heard one Greek Orthodox priest claim that “if you don’t forgive the person who transgresses against you then you go to hell while the offenders go to heaven”. What! I later found that he was a paedophile, which explains his self-serving rubbish. I want to make it clear here that I am NOT saying “never forgive”. Forgiving another person, who has wronged you, whether you know them or not, may be appropriate and in many cases forgiveness is a good thing. However one needs to discriminate who they may forgive and who not to forgive. Not all enemies fall into the same category. An enemy is someone who is either actively opposed or hostile towards you but there may be many reasons for their stance. Not all enemies are evil. It may be appropriate in some cases to forgive an enemy. My caution is that the statement in the Bible is general. It does not discriminate. Evil people should never be forgiven.

Most people consider to forgive means to stop being angry or resentful towards an offender. However that definition is far short of what it means. A person who faces an injustice issue needs to find some resolution to stop being angry. The Greek word for forgiveness has the meaning of “accommodating (the offender) on common ground”.. This can only happen when the offender has confessed the offence, admitted guilt and shown genuine remorse and the willingness to make up for the wrong somehow and by their future actions show that they have changed. Far from any of this an evil people looks to use the offence that they have committed to continually harass the person mentally. They may profess that they are sorry but at the same time repeatedly present ideas of the offence so as to trouble the victim. Forgiveness is most certainly NOT “something one does for themselves”. This explains why some people get past the anger they feel and others can’t even though they have made an earnest effort to forgive.

To forgive someone of an offence and accommodate them on a common ground the crime and the consequences of the crime need to be addressed. In the language of the Bible the consequences are called debts, which is not a good way of thinking about them. Evil deeds are in a different class to other crimes because they create three consequences. Evil people’s crimes may appear to be against individuals but when we look at the big picture we find that there are mobs of evil people who stand against freedom, truth and justice. They are certainly about cruelty and destruction but they are also about subjugation of the entire community of the humane and dictatorship by underhanded means. And anyone’s actions that collude with evil people and their actions are themselves equally offending. Evil actions are also against God. The main reason is that evil people blaspheme. Blasphemy is not about being irreverent about God and sacred things, which is the usual definition. It is about misrepresenting Truth. All foul play of evil people is dependent on distorting meanings, using hash and various ways of trying to misrepresent truth. Thus the offence is an offence against the Mind of God or the Universe. Blasphemy is not forgiven. Forgiving an evil offender for their hateful actions only disadvantages the victim because it negates the consequence that applies to them directly and which can be used against the evil people. The consequence can be used to counter attack the offenders. So evil is in a different category to what we normally call sin.

Christians quoting the “Lord’s Prayer” need to be aware that there is a lot of ambiguity when it comes to what is meant. If you read the original Greek then the words are “release from or let go of the debt” but it is not clear as to whether this means a debt of money, the interest on money loaned or something else. If you read the Modern Greek then the words are “forgiveness of sin”. This is interpretive and not mere translation; but even here the words have many meanings. The word “sin” in Greek can mean “missing the mark”, a failure, especially in doing something, or it can mean a bad action but it is unclear as to what constitutes a bad action because there is no word for evil action in Greek. 

It is very dangerous for a person to forgive an evil person of their evil action for two reasons. One is, as I mentioned above, that the debt can be used to ward off or counter attack the enemy. So letting off the offender means that the person has lost their defence. The other however is even more serious. Forgiveness gives the enemy the opportunity they are looking for. Evil people are liars. To give you some idea let me quote one evil person, who say to me “I’m sorry I won’t do that again.” I found that he had almost immediately offended again. When I pointed out what he had said he told me that the “that” in the sentence (I won’t do that again) only referred to the previous type of offence and that this was now a different offence altogether. So he was not saying he wouldn’t offend again but that he would, only with different offences.

To understand the huge disadvantage appreciate that anger is a large part of cancer. It may be obvious but it may also be hidden behind irritability, moodiness or frustration. A lot of people think in terms of “I’m taking it out on him or her (commonly about their spouse) and don’t appreciate that they are angry for a reason but that that reason is not obvious. An evil person will use what ever they can to cause the person to react but the weapon is ideas. Ideas depict issues. So even if they have said they are sorry and are ot genuine then there is an issue of betrayal that can and is used by evil people to cause anger in the victim. If the offender has asked for forgiveness and are not genuine then it makes it very hard for the victim to appreciate the source of their anger and how to overcome it because the offender if they are evil is not the only one involved but a whole mob as well. If you add to that the medical misinformation about ideas created in the brain and ESP as magical thinking then the victim is in a quagmire. Only with the truth can they emerge to understand what they are up against and how to deal with the issues behind the anger.

Some people argue that “forgiveness breaks the bond with the aggressors”. If you think about it you find there is no bond between an aggressor and a cancer victim but there is relationship. This is because the aggressor is either a relative or other associate of the victim. The claim of a bond is commonly made by people who are themselves evil and who often hide behind a fake public face of benevolence. A bond infers agreement and there is no such thing in a crime. Indeed the opposite is true. The victim resents and rejects the offender. If you forgive the aggressor then you have brought them to some extent into an improved relationship that the evil person will seek to use; so forgiveness becomes to some extent a bond. The offender may seem willing to say that they are sorry and if they are next of kin, they are going to quote “family” in a way that tries to make the victim guilty or bad if they won’t accept their fake apology. But whether the victim forgives them or not, the evil people will try to bring the matter to mind repeatedly to trouble the victim. If they forgive then ideas of “fool” and the injustice that had been done might be brought to mind or if they don’t forgive then ideas of “you’re bad” might be presented in mind and the attempt to manufacture guilt. This causes the victim to feel the injustice over and over again. A person can be made even angrier than what they would have been without the added betrayal. Your aim, which is to get rid of the anger, won’t be served by letting the evil person off. You are best to see the theatre of war and as a warrior would, use the situation to your best advantage. All you need to do is realize that ideas are the issue and those ideas are only hateful desires which have no foundation. Evil people’s suggestions are null and void. And the rules of evil people are bullshit. Evil people have no authority, no permission no rights and no power. Make them feel their powerlessness each time and at the same time realize your rights and power.

Evil people use a cheat to try and overcome a person’s rejections of them and their suggestions. In this cheat they make their suggestions and at the same time increase slightly the level of danger. So for instance if they have a line of sight through a window, they may then grab a gun momentarily in their hands and threaten to use it. They don’t need to go out in full view and threaten because relationship is used.


Danger is only the potential for harm. Line of sight, a gun and criminal intent all add up to a potential. This will cause a sudden increase in the targeted person’s metabolism (i.e., fear). This effect is then used. The sudden experience is too rapid to be fully conscious. The person will only be aware of is a sudden increase in their heart rate. This gives a similar effect and thus the illusion of the same reaction in the body as is normally experienced with an acceptance of something. When this illusory effect is made coincident with the ideas /suggestions presented, then it seems as if the person has accepted the ideas in the immediate term, and before they’ve had a chance to think about it. The aim is to deceive the person into believing that they have endorsed the ideas, which means they will treat the ideas as valid and react to the idea. A person who is unaware of this cheat may suffer with increases in cell masses or cancer depending on the suggestions. It is important to read your prayer slowly and consciously to detect such cheats and if it is also illustrated then you can overcome this problem. And again keep the prayer private.

Once you understand this cheat you can use it to detect ideas at an even more subtle mental area. Meditation can be used to watch the ideas arising in mind. If you rest your attention on your breathing you will easily become aware of your heart rate as you notice any ideas that arise in mind. Always remember that the ideas of evil people are baseless, try to remain unmoved by them. Evil people have no rights and no say. Just observe your breathing and heart rate as ideas are presented, and you will see the cheat at a deeper and deeper level. This will help you see that an idea has appeared and there is only a coincident rise in heart rate. The two are separate. It is just ideas and ideas are just like bubbles in soft drink. They pop into existence and rise up to the surface and pop out of existence when you do nothing. If you remain observant then you will detect that the heart rate is fear and not acceptance. It is hard sometimes not to feel angry because the ideas are aimed to be violations but just realize they are null and void and it is an opportunity to treat the evil people as the petty nothings that they are.

The other dangerous idea in the Christian faith as it is proclaimed generally is to “love your enemies”. This is a crippling idea if taken generally. It is vitally important to stand against the enemy if the enemy is evil, even when that enemy is a next of kin! There is no nobility in loving the devil. Indeed with regard to next of kin Jesus had said “I did not come to bring peace but a sword!” A next of kin who is not humane is the enemy of Justice and Truth, the enemy of God. One of the justifications that is used to justify the “love your enemies” saying is that Jesus forgave the Romans, who crucified him. However look more carefully at the text and you will find it was not the Romans that were hell bent on crucifying him, nor the Jewish people but the Jewish High Priests. Pontius Pilate, from what is recorded, couldn’t find any crime and wanted to let him go. I have doubts that the Romans crucified Jesus. We are asked to believe that the Romans crucified Jesus to satisfy the desires of some of their subjects. Romans did not act to please their subjects. They cared nothing about what their subjects wanted. Even if you want to say that Jesus forgave the Romans and the Romans were his enemies, it still does not make the Romans, who crucified him, evil.

I strongly suspect that the statements about loving and forgiving enemies was made general and for political reasons by the Romans themselves to save their Eastern Roman Empire. The “Early Christians”, as church officials insist on calling them, even today, were mainly Greeks with just a sprinkling of Jews among them. And the idea of Jesus being crucified by the Romans was wide spread. The Jewish revolt was crushed but not without the Romans using their elite forces and with a lot of effort. The rest of the Eastern Roman Empire, which was immense, was Greece and predominately what were Greek states that stretched all the way round the Mediterranean to North Africa. If the Greeks revolted then the Romans lose their Eastern Empire. So it is reasonable to consider that Saul, who changed his name to Paul, and who was a Jew born under conditions that gave him Roman citizenship, was selected and used for the job. Saul-Paul was a Roman henchman. It seems reasonable to me that he would be employed by the Roman to convert the Greeks to a tamer form of Christianity.. a corrupted form of Christianity that suited the Romans. The idea that God chose the Roman henchman to convert to a saint to show his power is hypocrisy. God doesn’t need to nor would ever want to “show his power” but the Romans certainly did. The Romans needed to get their man accepted by the Greeks. “Love thy enemies” was none other than “love the Romans” who were tyrannical rulers. By loving the Romans the Greeks were unable to fight them. To love enemies who are toxic and evil is not in the interests of a humane person and Jesus warned people against associating with evil people. Jesus Christ was figuratively described as the “Good Shepard”, not the “Good Husbandry of sheep and wolves”! It is natural and healthy to feel an aversion for toxic/ evil people and wards them off. This is not sin.

“Love your enemies and forgive them” taken generally are corrupt text in the Bible and in any other holy texts as they might appear. You have to weight them against other and more credible verses in the Bible that stands against these ideas. For instance when Jesus went into the temple in Jerusalem and saw the corruption he hardly showed an attitude of “turn the other cheek” or “love your enemies” and “forgive them”. Rather Jesus shouted at them, upturned their tables and whipped some of them as well. If we look at the problem on a large scale we can see the error. Could we have loved the Nazis and forgiven their sins, turned the other cheek and if they were killing Jewish people then handed them over more Jewish people from our own nations and expect to be good doing that? Expect to survived oppression ourselves doing that? Certainly not! The same applies to an individual. A person with cancer is said to have “a battle with cancer”. In fact the battle is with ideas in the mind but their enemies are physical people. The cancer patient is facing enemies who mean to do him or her harm. The cancer “battler” have a right to stand up to his or her enemy and ward them off. Some evil people tried to make a case that if they were counter attacked then the evil people had the right to self defence or that it would make them be able to attack the person even stronger. This is garbage. Evil people are only looking to justify the violence that they want to commit against other people. It needs to be appreciated that evil people are not supported by the Universe and this is where the humane person has the advantage. It is useless to try and find support in social structures because this is ineffective. There are too many toxic people in government departments. Furthermore we have a medical establishment that stand for the aggressors because they see the aggressors as “those people who help create the conditions that bring them lots of profits”. They label the evil people as having a personality disorder and how conveniently they claim there are no treatments for personality disorders. I have heard the aggressors being called “booty” and in some cases from toxic/ evil doctors. Setting up conditions in the Universe, in the Mind (of God) is the powerful means, by which you do win and overcome the problem of cancer, and disease more generally. I can vouch for that. I have reached the stage that even under fierce attack my body continues to be healthy. 

There are similar misleading ideas in Buddhism as well. I have seen plenty of cases where people are encouraged to “sit with the feelings or ideas” or in other words to make the ideas and/or feelings the subject of their meditation. This too is garbage. This is not the same thing as making the mind the object of observation and then watch and noting what ideas arise. And when ideas are noted then dismissed. It is only to recognize what is going on. I’ve known a number of very skilled meditators who have been swiftly and efficiently killed using the method of making the ideas and feeling the subject of meditation. And the offenders are others around them who present themselves as fellow meditators and even seniors and in some cases even teachers.. the “perfected men or women themselves”! I have seen several cases of Buddhist teachers preaching the dharma and professing spiritual enlightenment when from their actions one can see that they have never had an enlightenment experience. Not all the people you meet in religious circles are benevolent. There are many toxic people who join religious communities both in the East and in the West and they parade themselves as good and saintly in order to gain access to easy victims. Your own religious and spiritual experiences, even if very weak, are the best test. Trying to find evidence or considering historical facts can never be the basis of belief. For example you cannot base your faith on whether Noah’s ark existed or not. It should not be a condition of faith if Jesus rose from the dead or not. I do believe resurrection is possible but this is still not enough. It should not matter if Jesus was a historical figure or not. Religious text is often written in parables and historical event are commonly used resourcefully to convey a spiritual message; so religious texts are not reliable historical records. Belief is based on your spiritual experience. The spiritual realm is not dependent on what happens on earth. Rather it is the other way around.

Question everything, every idea, every belief because sometimes even what appears to be reasonable you may later find was not valid. This is critically important because what you uphold to be true is most important as it governs how you act and what happens in your body. Call a spade a spade! There is no other way to think about evil people but as rotting garbage. They are the enemy and they are not sick. They are criminals. They hold evil intent, which is deliberate and deceitful. I will discuss the matter of toxic enemies again because it is critically important for a person to understand what they are up against and how to stand up for themselves and stand against the enemy. The battle is fought and won in the Mind.

In the next post I will discuss the next part of the prayer, which has to do with returning the body to normal function and clearing away the abnormal cell mass.


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I am a human rights activist and I live each day with the warrior spirit. I enjoy painting and writing and exercising together with my two wonderful dogs. I am a theist but of no particular religion.You are welcomed to my blog at http://kyrani99.wordpress.com/
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