Part 2 of a prayer or mental prescription: needs explaining

The Directive to the Universe to change cancer cells back to normal.
To fully appreciate this section of the prayer it is very important to have an idea in mind about what this section means otherwise the words to instruct the body to revert the cancer cells back to normal cells might seem hard or impossible to believe. So it is important to understand that there is a “medical story” being sold to the public. The story is aimed at making people feel out of control of the situation and afraid enough to seek medical help from doctors and at any cost; thus the ideas of damaged genes, genetic copying errors and viruses etc. These ideas make people feel helpless where their body and health are concerned. Added to this are the suggestions made by doctors that it’s so easy, just eat right, exercise every day and sleep well and you are healthy! I have known a number of healthy people who got cancer and died in a few months to a year.

The cancer story.
The story sold to the public is that cancer is about “out of control cells” which naturally appear in the body, which “grow uncontrollably” to form masses, if they are not killed by the immune system. These out-of-control “rogue cells” may migrate through the blood stream to “colonize” other parts of the body.. what is called then metastatic cancer.

My findings.
I have found that cancer is about modified cells made deliberately from stem cells by the body where there is a (manufactured) belief of danger to some part of the body. The body’s response is to form a barrier for defense. And if this defense is believed to be needed elsewhere in the body, then some of the modified cells, which are nothing more than extraordinary immune products, go to those new areas and form barriers there too. Cancer is not just a mass of “out of control cells” and one phenomenon shows this well, -spontaneous remission. People in their thousands have become well without taking any particular course of action. The argument is that suddenly their immune system has kicked in and killed all those cell masses. This too is a false argument, not to call it a downright outright lie. Doctors see that the cancer mass is made up of only 40% of cancer cells and the rest are regular immune system cells that act to assist the cancer cells. In reality the whole mass is made of immune system cells, only some are the regular sort and some are created for the purpose.

When I tried to tell one doctor about ideas being behind cancer he reacted with “we’re talking about a physical mass!” And his voice was a screeching pitch. His reaction is the norm because that is all that they are taught in medical school. Of course we are talking about a physical mass but the body made that mass for some reason. If you do not consider the ideas and treat only the physical aspects then you have to account for the changes in genetic expression. Thus doctors make assumptions about miscopied genes and damage because they are locked into the “linked causes” view AND evolutionary biology.

On one of my blogs I discussed an analogous situation, one that many people may relate to. If there is an infection on the skin or damage to the skin we see an inflammatory response. The inflammatory response is something different. It is not normal, when we use the word “normal” to mean “usual”. Doctors use the word normal to mean healthy. Is an inflammatory response normal, i.e., healthy? The answer is “it depends”! If they find some microbes such as bacteria or if they find the skin is damaged then they say the inflammatory response is healthy. If however they do not find microbes or damaged skin they turn to talking about “an immune system malfunction” and hence they would say either “an allergy” or “an autoimmune disease”. This is the outcome of evolutionary biology. All life on Earth evolved from dead matter. Thus all life is robotic.. life is nothing other than a huge variety of different machines. Even the mind and consciousness is being described as machine programming, software and brain circuitry etc. If something is wrong and cannot be explained using “linked causes” then it is explained as a machine malfunction. The truth however is very different. Ideas are at the heart of the issues of disease and also biology. Human beings are not machines and are affected by the underlying reality, which is the mind. Ideas play a crucial role in how a person will respond somatically.

Ideas can trigger an inflammatory response.
On my main blog at
I give two examples the first one is “a fall in love at first sight cheat” and the second one -look half way down the page under the heading of allergic reactions- has to do with the “inflammatory responses cheat”. It is about how a person can be affected by the idea of a ring being toxic and thus harmful to their skin. Ideas are mentally presented to deceive another person. It is done either to gain power over the other person or to get pleasure from their suffering or both. And don’t expect that they are going to look like villains. On the contrary they are going to appear as your allies, falling over themselves to try and help you. Toxic others are used to pose danger so that the person targeted reacts with fear. The person detects the danger, if they have been relationally entangled with those posing danger. A person’s body normally reacts with fear if they detect danger. However with a weak or trivial relationship to the criminals they do not have enough information about the danger. They don’t know if the danger is external or internal. If at the same time there is an idea that depicts the ring as the source of danger, then the person wrongly assumes that the fear they feel is associated with the idea. In this case the idea is that the ring on the woman’s finger is toxic to her skin. The fear is seen as the evidence that the idea must be real. Thus the idea is upheld with confidence, which makes it a belief. The body will launch an inflammatory response in the area under the ring. I have seen cases where such an inflammatory response arises very rapidly and become so bad that the person can’t wear the ring anymore. It is a way of toxic people depriving the woman of some enjoyment. However with the realization that the idea is only suggestion and the danger is external and not related to the suggestion about the ring, then the inflammatory response subsides because a new belief take the place of the old one. The new idea is that the ring is safe to wear. If the person is fast enough in that realization then no inflammatory response is ignited. One belief ignites and another belief stops the body’s inflammatory response! And where there was damage to the skin owing to an inflammatory response then an anti-inflammatory response is ignited to clean up the damage to the skin under the ring. If we can detect brain activity associated with the belief, then maybe we can talk about linked causes to some extent but the true cause is not the brain activity. A belief is an idea strongly held in mind and the mind is not the brain and/or the brain’s activity, it is non-physical. If it was all only physical then such foul games could not be played.. not only there would be no inflammatory response, without foul play there would be no cancer in the world. The medical bonanza gone.

What are we to call the inflammatory response in this cases? It is not normal in sense of it not being a usual event. It is not normal in the sense of it being unhealthy because there was no real need for it. It was initiated because there was a belief that it was needed and that belief depended on ideas presented with coincident but unrelated danger.. a cheat! I don’t think the words “immune system malfunction” are appropriate or even correct because the immune system did not malfunction. It functioned normally but the person erroneously set it forth. Cancer is exactly the same thing and just as an inflammatory response can be arrested so can cancer. Indeed when you are alert to the cheat from the start you do not develop cancer in the body because there are no beliefs that would set the body in that direction.

Certainly genetics is involved and we have been told for decades now that the genes are passed down to us from our parents and that they dictate what happens to our bodies and even how we behave. It was the “central dogma” but in more recent times the central dogma has been replaced by a whole new area called epigenetics. Epigenetics points to the reason for the appearance of cancer cells. It is hard to appreciate how body chemistry and cellular activity can influence our genetic code and more particularly as a result of beliefs. So I will point first to evidence that shows that the accepted theory has problems and give an alternative view.

Mutations are caused by?
The mediators that doctors claim cause a mutation or change to a gene are either from outside the body, i.e., come from the environment and are:
1. UV light, from the sun
2. Carcinogens – high on the list are substances found in tobacco smoke.
3. Radioactivity
4. Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.
or from inside the body and they are:
1. Some immune system cells such as macrophages and neutrophils
2. Bile acids that they find in the colon

Let’s examine these.
External factors supposedly causing cancer.
UV radiation.
UV light is blamed for some skin cancers and there is plenty of talk about holes in the ozone layer in the Earth’s atmosphere and more UV light getting in. And there is a tendency to see this as reasonable evidence BUT we can see a dramatic increase in just 15 years since the mid 1990’s. UV light from the sun has not increased so dramatically in this time as to justify these increases in cancer, if the UV light is to blame. What about people spending more time in the sun and particularly with light colored skins? We find dark skinned people, who for thousands of years practically lived under the sun all day long, now getting skin cancer! I’m not convinced that the sun has anything to do with it at all.

Carcinogens are substances that supposedly cause cancer by damage to genes. The carcinogens highest on the list are found in cigarette smoke and said to be the cause of lung cancer, which has sky-rocketed in recent years. It is by no means limited to people who smoke. Why are more non-smokers getting lung cancer than ever before? Smoking has been bans in public places in the last ten to fifteen years so most people who don’t smoke do not encounter smoke in the air very often. Then there are cultures where there has been heavy smoking for many centuries and they only have developed lung cancer in the last fifty year!

To prove the “link” between smoking and lung cancer some researchers took a bunch of monkeys and subjected them to a brutal regime of smoking. They found the monkey got lung cancer and claimed they had proved a link between smoking and lung cancer but I smell a rat! I suspect that there was more to the story than was published.


I had thought originally that maybe the ideas were inadvertent and problematic but I now doubt this. I now strongly believe that there are medical experiments done, particularly in the field of cancer research, to look for more efficient ways of causing cancer and passing that information on through the toxic /evil subculture, which would explain the explosion of cancer incidence in the last thirty-five years. In reporting their experiments and findings in medical journals however they don’t mention anything about ideas and ill intent.

 Cultures of living tissues have also been used to supposedly “test” substances for being carcinogens. And they found everything but the kitchen sink could “potentially” cause cancer. And note the word “potentially” because it is very relevant. It is really a way of doctors covering themselves. Back in the 1990’s there were experiments done with common substances that had been handled and eaten by humans for thousands of years, such as tomatoes and broccoli. And they found these to be carcinogens! How?


These results of course are published without mention of the associated thoughts. They just record the physical details of the experiments. And this is of course “good science” and “supported by scientific community”. If the ideas are reported then it becomes “woo woo science”! I have been targeted many, many times and I had, on a dozen or more occasions, developed cancer. I have been able to treat every single case without medical help. The first time I followed my instinct but I began to realize that when I resolved issues and dismissed the suggestions made, recognizing they were false ideas, I recovered from the cancer; In some latter cases even in a matter of a day! I resolved a bone cancer the size of a large grain of rice in 24 hours! And the proof is there alright because I would have the “immune products” or what doctors call cancer cells in the lymphatic system in my body. I am now able to prevent the cancer from forming in the first place. So I find the monkey story sus, the cell cultures getting cancer by carcinogens sus and I have seen other experiments as well that are equally sus.

Even radioactivity can be challenged since after Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed in the Second World War, it was found that the number of people who got cancer was not significantly different from the average of the population! And knowing that why scare people that the very treatments they administer to supposedly cure the cancer will give them more cancer?


The next category, and one that is very fashionable these days, is microorganisms and particularly viruses cause cancer. Millions of young women as they enter adolescence are vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV) because doctors claim it will prevent them from getting cervical cancer! There is no real evidence that this is so. If you look into scientific reports you will find that most doctors are cautious about what they say. Many only say that viruses etc., are “linked with”, “associated with”, “implicated in” or “somehow involved with” the appearance of cancer. The truth is that they know that viruses do not cause cancer. As some suggest, “cancer is a multi-step thing”.

It is true that probably about 80% or more of people with a variety of cancers blamed on the human papillomavirus will be found to have the virus but so what? The HPV and the many strands of the virus, at one stage or another of a person’s life, infect almost the entire global population. And the virus has left copies of itself in people’s genomes. It is part of the viral replication process. To account for this they say that in the vast majority of cases people’s immune system clears away the infection without the need of medical help. So they go on to say that in a small number of cases (about 5-10%) this doesn’t happen and the person has the virus over many years. How do they know this? They don’t know! Indeed they go so far as to suggest that the process takes 10–15 years and that they see pre-cancerous lesion during that time. On what evidence? They would need to screen the vast majority of the population over many years and to allow lesions they might see to develop and see if in how many years the lesion might become cancer, to be able to say such a thing. It is mere suggestion.

Next they look at how viruses behave and try to connect the activities of the virus with the properties of cancer cells. HPV is a DNA virus, which means it has to enter into the cell nucleus and use the protein machines that are there for its own purposes, i.e., to replicate itself. The protein machines only exist in the nucleus when a cell is dividing because they are produced when a cell is preparing for cell division. So the virus has to enter a cell that is dividing. Otherwise the virus has to stimulate the cell into dividing in order for cell make the necessary machinery. However even with such stimulus from the virus, cells do not start to divide endlessly and the virus cannot continue to make copies of itself inside the cell endlessly. It has to leave the cell to mature in order to be ready to reproduce again by entering into another cell. There are changes to the cell because the viral DNA is inserted into the DNA of the cell but that still does not mean the cell will start dividing endlessly. The viral stimulus to cause the cell to divide is a single incident. HPV is present in cancer patients but it is also present in people who have no cancer! And in the end one has to ask for how many millions of years has the virus existed? I would say it has existed at least for centuries, so how come it’s only supposedly affecting people now and not for all of that time? One “out” here for the doctors is to say “new stands of the virus”. To say that they have to have known that those strands were not there before and they only have “data” for a few decades and limited as well because they can’t test every corner of the world to be certain those strands don’t already exist somewhere. They have only their suggestions and no evidence and their suggestions serve to sell vaccines on mass to governments. The virus story is just a money making machine.  

Another argument that is used is that HPV is implicated in many other cancers which are considered “associated cancers” because of human sexual activities. So for instance they cite that HPV is responsible for

  • 90% of anal cancers
  • 65% of vaginal cancers
  • 50% of vulva cancers
  • 35% of penile cancers
  • 60% of oropharyngeal (throat, tongue and tonsils) cancers.

These figures give credibility where there is no real evidence. The assumption made is that people engage in oral sex so it is reasonable that there is a viral infection in the mouth. So there is, but that does not translate to “the cause of cancer”. Another statistic is that anal cancer is 17 to 31 times higher among gay and bisexual men than among heterosexual men. But according to some homosexual men, a majority of homosexual men do not engage in anal sex. Furthermore there are possibly more heterosexual men that engage in anal sex than there are homosexuals. A person engaging in anal sex, who gets anal cancer, is not evidence that the cancer is caused by a viral infection. There are plenty of people who have never had anal sex and who have no HPV infection in their anus who get anal cancer.

Some doctors claim that some cancers such as cervical cancer is a “silent killer” because there are no symptoms. One only needs to look at the symptoms that they recognize to appreciate that they do not regard the person stress as a factor, nor do they consider any unusual emotional reactivity as a symptom. And the symptoms they do recognize are “late symptoms”, which means the cancer has developed!

  1. Vaginal bleeding after having had sex
  2. Pain during sex
  3. Pain in the pelvic area
  4. Unusual discharge from the vagina
  5. bleeding between menstrual periods which is abnormal
  6. unusually heavy bleeding during the menstrual period
  7. urinating more often than normal.

By the time these symptoms arise the doctor is guaranteed work! But if the early symptoms are notice and addressed by the patient themselves, they need never pay the doctor a visit.

 Internal factors supposedly causing cancer.

The immune system.

The immune system is designed to defend the body. The defense is against foreign and dangerous substances that might find their way into the body. These foreign substances include living matter such as microorganisms, parasites and transplanted organs or tissues and inanimate matter including such things as asbestos. The foreign substances that are living invaders are attacked and killed and the debris cleared away. The non-living matter, which cannot be removed, is in a sense quarantined because the body may build a cell case to surround and contain it.

Doctors claim that cancer cells normally appear in the body and are normally killed by the immune system. There is no evidence for such a claim! Cancer cells, as all other cells, may undergo apoptosis, called programmed death but that happens for the same reason as for any other cell, which is if the cell is damaged. In opposition to the doctor’s claim there is plenty of evidence that the immune system helps the cancer. Typical immune system cells are sometimes found with and around precancerous and cancer cell masses. Indeed cancer masses are largely made up of normal immune system cells. In fact the cancer cells are also immune system products, only that they are not the usual types.

Two types of immune system cells that are found are macrophages and neutrophils, which are white blood cells that ingest and kill microorganisms and other foreign cells. With the presence of these cells there are sometime ulcerations of healthy tissue associated with cancer. Healthy tissue is being attacked by immune cells while the cancer is not attacked. To explain this doctors say that these white blood cells have malfunctioned. These immune cells are also involved in apoptosis, so it explains their presence if healthy tissue is being attack. There will be damaged cells in the area that need to be cleared away. When they see these immune system cells present and they don’t kill the cancer cells. The unharmed cancer cells are engaged in rapid cell growth. So doctors say that the immune cells have become dormant. And where they see ulceration of the tissues they start to talk about autoimmune malfunctions /disorder as being coincident with cancer; they say that the immune cells have lost their ability to tell the difference between the “self cells” and the “non-self cells” so the body attacks itself. And even more dramatically they are claiming that radiation and chemotherapy treatments may damage normal cells and immune system cells but the cancer cells are able to prevent themselves from being damaged and killed or that more cells become cancers so the treatment makes things worse.

Look at the way genes and mediators of apoptosis (cell death) are named. The very naming suggests a medical story is being pushed. One of the major mediators of apoptosis is a protein which carries signals locally between cells. It is produced by active macrophages, which ingest and kill cells. This protein has been named tumor necrosis factor or TNF. There are two receptors on the cell to which this protein can bind. Depending on where it binds the cell can be signaled to begin cell death processes, inflammatory response or cell survival. Why call it a tumor necrosis factor? It has nothing to do with tumors? They claim that there is an abnormal production of this mediator. And having made that assumption they go on to talk about a “link” to cancer and autoimmune malfunctions or diseases. Calling the mediator TNF only helps them describe biology in a way that justifies their theories of physical causes for cancer and other diseases. If the mediators that they claim should kill cancer cells are dormant then what else? Why they are malfunctioning! The ideas and beliefs that may cause a person’s body to react in a particular way is not considered and even treated as abhorrence and why not, it threatens their jobs. A cancer patient feeds many health professionals and it is not over when the cancer is gone. They are “monitored” over years and years with tests of every variety. Heaven forbid that the patient can heal themselves or not get sick in the first place!

 Bile acids that they find in the colon

Doctors assume that if they find high levels of bile in the colon then it must be due to a high fat diet. Presumably they expect that there would be a whole lot of bile left over from digestion processes if you eat a lot of fat. It is only suggestion. Eskimos, for centuries, have eaten extremely high fat diets, but only in recent years have they manifest cancer. If it was left over bile from digestion then it would have been there all along, for thousands of years and never cause those people to get colon cancer.

You will find that colon cancer is associated with grief or despair. Both of these are states in which skeletal muscle metabolism is significantly lowered and the digestive system activated. This happens by a high PNS tone. A high PNS tone is also associated with many processes in the body, including the release of bile for digestion of fats. So you will find bile acids in the colon of a person who has had no fat to eat, if they are grieving and that grief is being exploited by toxic people related to the person grieving. In a cheat it is accompanied by fear as well, so the body is in conflict to some extent. Grief, owing to a high PNS tone, stimulates the digestive system and the bowel in particular. It is used in a cheat to fool the person that the vague images that are mentally presented, often of “being gutted” or “having a gutful” etc., will be convincing. The images cause mirror neurons in the brain to become activated but not enough to cause significant activity in the bowel. However if the person is grieving or feels despair then there will already by activity in the bowel. The activity due to the mirror neuron will be wrongly attributed to all the activity in the bowel. So the personal self, which includes the body, reacts as if the imagery is causing all the high activity in the bowel. An idea in mind is upheld with confidence so the idea becomes a belief. Unwittingly their body may build a cell barrier for protection from a seeming aggression or aggressor, which of course is unnecessary because it is all only a cheat and the imagery rubbish.

The medical explanations take what is seen in the body, at the organ, tissue and cellular level but without taking the person and their beliefs into account; So all of the above supposed “causes of cancer” cannot account for the reality. Cancer is a huge “growth industry”. Cancer has existed since ancient times. The Egyptian record incidence of breast cancer as far back as 1600 BC and the Greeks recorded several types of cancer from around 400 BC. However the incidence of cancer was tiny until the industrial revolution. Since about 1900, when the industrial revolution was well underway and people lived in cities in close proximity to one another, this incidence began to rise. In the last 20 years it has absolutely exploded and rapidly increasing. There are no physical factors to account for these statistics. Everything that is being blamed for causing cancer has been around for thousands of years.


Doctors and medical researchers misrepresent the true nature of disease. In reality there is no disease. It is damage taken owing to the way a person reacts somatically to ideas that are presented mentally and which are nothing more than suggestion! You are NOT a machine and you do have the power to make changes in your body, even at the cellular level, affecting genes and all you need do is recognize that some of the belief you hold are bogus. Once you discard the old beliefs and replace them with directives to the Universe, you can get your body to heal itself.. easy!

Epigenetics changes the picture.

You can consider the new science of epigenetics as a guiding light but treat it too with caution. The old science said that genes controlled life. It was considered that the human being was a product of their genes. Genes were thought of as dictating everything about a person, what they say and how they act because it was argued genes determine a person’s traits, which meant everything about the person physically and emotionally was determined by their genes. Your are your DNA.

Then it was discovered that the environment in which identical cells are placed causes them to change into different sorts of cells. So it turns out that “the contractor” or “the one who reads” the DNA controls what happens and not the DNA itself. This came at the time of the new physics, which says that everything might appears solid but in reality it is made of energy. So the argument is made that if thoughts are energy vibrations (they gotta be ahh?? If the brain is all energy and thoughts are in the brain then they got to be energy too!) then thoughts will influence atoms, which are the building blocks of the body and also made of energy. Under this schema the mind and the beliefs are considered to create a ripple effect in the energy that “turns on” cancer cells. I reject these conclusion not only because they are ridiculous but because they try to marry up the old concepts of cancer and disease with the new discoveries in a way that suits doctors. If it was true then all thoughts would cause ripples on the body, even so it could still be suggested that different thoughts cause different ripples and some ripples switch on cancer cells. And of course the thoughts are energy / cause ripple effects means the person is responsible for the ripple wrecking thoughts, while the toxic people get a New Age medical cover! It’s bullshit in my opinion.

You will find that thoughts are the perceptions of other people’s hateful suggestions. This needs to be clearly realized because a person cannot be held responsible for the content of thoughts that are being thought by and mentally addressed to the person they target. You need to appreciate that toxic people are criminals and as such are rubbish.

 It might sound harsh to call criminals rubbish but consider, the criminal is either put in jail and “throw away the key”, i.e., for life, or they are executed. Either way the society treats them as rubbish. In particular toxic people who gang up and prey on other people and thus on society have NO worth. Innocent people are victimized both by the toxic subculture while the medical industry cover the criminals and profit from the damage. The medical propaganda is that all thoughts are created in the brain and hence the person thinking/ perceiving those thoughts is responsible for creating them. In understanding that this is false you are halfway to arresting the disease!

It is vitally important to realize how thoughts are presented and what effects can be created, especially in making thoughts seemingly subliminal for the person targeted.

 A bit about thoughts and ESP.

Thoughts are not energy. And while there may be electrochemical activity in the brain in the process of thinking or making thoughts conscious, the real place of thoughts is at the level of the mind. And here too language, whether intended that way or not, is deceptive. The perception of ideas, particularly between people who are relationally entangled, is called telepathy or extrasensory perception ESP. The first term in particular gives the idea that a thought is transmitted from one brain to another over distance. It is easy enough to do an experiment that disproves this concept. Thoughts are not physical. Energy is still a phenomenon of the physical reality. I prefer to call the phenomenon “direct mental perception” because it does not pertain to the physical reality. There is a collective mind and a personal mind. Each person’s personal mind is private but all people also interact on a common platform, the collective mind.


It is easy enough to prove direct mental perception for yourself. Just look calmly at the person in front of you so that you don’t give any hint away as to what you are thinking. Then mentally address them, speak to them in your mind and mentally say something offensive such as “you’re a stupid rotten idiot”. You will see their reaction as they perceive the offensive thoughts. You can then tell them it was an experiment and ask them to write down what they perceived in mind and you write down what you had mentally said and then compare notes. You will find that they perceived your mental address accurately.

Medical scientists discredit ESP either by:

  1. The way they do experiments. All experiments on ESP are double blinded and thereby they never examine ESP within relationship. And with the ridiculous claim the researcher scientists make is that they need to keep themselves honest! If physicists had the same attitude then the phenomena that led to the development of quantum mechanics would not have been observed.
  2. The way they interpret experiments. Medical researchers believe in “independent observers”. They believe that it is possible to put a conscious living being under the microscope and not affect them in conducting an experiment. I guess they think that double blinding takes care of this too. Physicists know there is no such thing as an independent observer. They need to tie the results back to the observer to make them meaningful!
  3. The way that others aim to repeat the experiments. Even in the few occasions where ESP experiments and their results are published they can still be discredited. All they need is some willing researchers to claim they can’t repeat the experiments. That in other words they do the experiments and can’t get the same results. And how easy to do.. using ESP and giving the subjects “a bum steer”.

ESP is hated by doctors because it destroys Evolutionary Biology and at the same time exposes the real causes of disease. I do not believe the misinformation to the public is some accident. I have seen plenty of occasions where toxic doctors privately use ESP in foul play. So they are well aware of its reality. Denying ESP covers the criminal activity of the toxic chief offender, who is extremely likely to be a next of kin and the toxic mobs, who together play foul games that leads to disease. ESP is of critical importance because without it there is no foul game play and without foul play and people’s ignorance, there is no disease. I discuss ESP or direct mental perception on my Google blog at if you are interested to read more about it.

There is no “mental software” being “downloaded into your brain”, whether in early life or at any time. It is toxic rubbish in a person’s life that is current and problematic but only while the person is ignorant of the cheats. By knowing about the cheats so as to remain unmoved by the ideas knowing the ideas are only perceptions, disease can be avoided. I have begun to document the cheats that I have seen on this blog at:

Maybe we could call thoughts information but even the word “information” is still problematic. Information means facts and knowledge and thoughts are not necessarily facts or knowledge. What to call thoughts? Thoughts can be perceptions or they can be selections or knowledge, reasoning or opinion or suggestions. Maybe we could call thoughts probable selections made from the universal pool of possibilities. And probable because they are likely to manifest some reality but only if they are accepted.  

How the medical scientists involve epigenetics.

It is now accepted by some scientists that a person’s thinking can cause disease and it can cause healing, but how they believe these come about can vary enormously AND none of what they have to say is feasible. Some scientists believe that while you have control over your body.. potentially, BUT… you are not really in control!


They claim that 95% of the mind’s “programming” or software was “downloaded” in the first 5 or 6 years of life. And worse still it was given to you by others! What a bummer! To me it smacks of doctors wanting to keep themselves in the driver’s seat where a person’s health is concerned. I don’t subscribe to this way of thinking at all and indeed I have found something very different.

How epigenetic effects can be explained.

People don’t “live in the past” and they don’t “live in the future”. The reality is that everyone lives in the present. Even if a person upholds ideas about the past or future, they uphold those ideas in the present. There is however another problem and that does affect the level of consciousness and that is that most people use some sort of coping habit to try and avoid ideas that are troubling. I have written about coping habits on my main blog at:

Basically the changes in consciousness involve physical changes in the body, either to raise or lower metabolism. So really it is the personal self that is diminished. I suspect this has something to do with heightened or lowered activity in the brain respectively, which changes the environment of neurons and there would be epigenetic effects that may affect brain chemistry. But those effects are not lasting because if you get rid of the coping habit you recover full consciousness.

The important thing to say here is that there is no “software” running in your brain at any level let alone at a low level. You are always in control. There is no evidence “low level software running in the subconscious”! You can see, by the way the different cheats work that personal self has to be moved to react otherwise there’s no dice! Toxic people cannot act directly on your body. An idea that is not conscious, even momentarily, cannot be used in a cheat because the personal self has to be moved to react to the idea. The personal self is the conscious part. There is no unconscious or subconscious part of a personal self. There is the level of spiritual being but that is a whole different state of affairs and not what we need to discuss here. There is an issue though that needs discussion and that is an illusion of diminished consciousness.

The illusion of diminished consciousness.

Our insight is part of consciousness. We are conscious of information gained through the senses but we are also conscious of ideas gained through direct mental perception, i.e., insightfully. There are methods used to change the intensity of perception. The victim is still insightful but too little and too fleeting for the victim to be sufficiently aware of the images presented in mind or the suggestions made. There are things you can do to improve your perception and learning to meditate is very useful because a key factor is to become more aware of what you’re doing as your doing it. The more aware you remain during everyday life the better you become at spotting problematic perceptions.

The two basic methods involve:

  1. attenuating ESP or
  2. amplifying otherwise low level ESP.  

A strongly related person, such as a next of kin, may seek to “attenuate” the level of ESP in order to be able to present ideas more subtly. This is done with the help of another toxic person who is only trivially related to the victim. The effect has to do with mental addressing. So for instance the toxic next of kin can engage in a conversation with another person, who is trivially related to the victim or targeted person, so as to indirectly talk to the victim. In fact they are talking about the victim. In that way the targeted person will be less perceptive of what is being said. For most people this is not enough to know what is being said. However it may be enough for the person to react (somatically) but the effect is weak. I found that “the management of the body”, is far easier and changes in the body far less than if the ideas were normally perceived. So you can irritate a person but you can’t really make them sick. Thus a combination is used. So suggestion about images is made more conscious but the images less conscious. You can however abolish all effects in the body, just by knowing the cheats. You can also uphold ideas to counteract what you only barely perceive by affirming that ideas of low intensity are only suggestions.


So being mentally addressed directly or not gives a different effect. This can be overcome but it requires me to explain other matters first and it is not essential to explain on this blog so I will be doing that elsewhere.   

Alternatively a person trivially related to the victim can use a next of kin, who is strongly related to the targeted person, to “amplify” perception. So that where they could not get the victim to perceive their mental addresses, e.g., thoughts or words, with the use of a toxic next of kin their thoughts can be perceived. The toxic next of kin thinks of the victim while listening to the spoken words, thus in a sense creating a direct line to the victim. Thus the victim will be perceptive of the weakly related person’s mental address via the next of kin’s mental connection. This method allows the trivially related person to gain the amplification they need. This method is commonly used when the chief offender is not a next of kin.


Different cheats are utilized to gain a perception of the victim’s thoughts. Briefly a strongly related person can, under certain conditions, think of the other person and gain a mental connection enough to perceive some of their thinking. And again a weakly related person can use a strongly related person, such as toxic next of kin, to help them gain the same advantage.


Commonly a person is threatened in many different ways to enable the offenders to gain more perception of their thought world. The threats are made indirectly and aim to cause the victim to become agreeable. This is not the place to discuss these methods further either. I will be doing that on other blogs. But it is important to mention them here to appreciate that far from double blinding, which is used in medical experiments to supposedly test ESP, in real life closely related people such as toxic next of kin and threats are used to amplify ESP.

All of the above methods show that the notion of unconscious or subconscious is erroneous in real terms. All of these problems compound the effects of cheats. A person who is ignorant of the cheats is caught in a snare, particularly if they are mislead by medical misinformation as well about ideas created in the brain. So a cunning combination of moderate, weak and briefly presented ideas could cause that person to react somatically as to build a cell mass in their body, i.e., cancer. And when the causes of cancer are being presented as physical, then the patient (victim) is not going to investigate the ideas and find their own solution.

To fully appreciate the epigenetic effects it is also important to see the power politics that take place. So I will describe a worst case scenario where let’s say a toxic cop is involved and the victim is an enemy of the toxic subculture. The victim might be a scientists researching ESP or successfully healing people using ideas or prayer or a politician that’s being too enthusiastic about fighting corruption and can’t be “persuaded” to give up politics. Cancer is among the many means that can be used in anyone of these sorts of case because public ignorance means the public’s suspicions are not aroused.

The first thing the toxic subculture will do is to seek out who among “their people”, i.e., toxic people can help. Some of the toxic players will be among the victim’s next of kin. If they don’t have any toxic next of kin then the toxic mob will “generate some”. For instance if the guy is not married, then the “fall in love at first sight cheat” can be used, so suddenly he’s met the woman of his dreams or so it will appear! A new spouse can very quickly, in the space of a few months, gain a very favourable next of kin position, meaning that a strong and trusted relationship can be quickly built. Other toxic players will be “inside the system”. If the person is a scientists then other scientists or doctors etc., are used. If they are a politician toxic police might be employed in the foul play. If they belong to some commercial organization then key figures, who are toxic inside that organisation or organizations that are key will be used, as for instance suppliers of bulk goods.

Most people are not aware of the toxic sub-culture so they do not guess that several people in several different areas of their life may be part of a plot against them. They may be betrayed by some of these toxic people as to trust them with personal information. Or the victim may be influenced by being directly but cunningly mentally addressed but believe it is just ideas that have suddenly occurred to them. If the victim is not suspicious and believes that all his or her thoughts are created by his or her brain then the cheating’s easy. The reason for the chief offender’s involvement is either to gain power and influence over the victim or to kill them. The rest of the toxic people are involved for the pleasure they get from seeing and /or insightfully feeling the victim’s suffering.  If the targeted person/ victim is guarded then the toxic mob will resort to an attenuation method. Let’s say the victim buys into the medical story about all thoughts created by the brain to make it simple.

The “give ‘em get cancer cheat”.

I will say right off the bat that no one can give another person cancer. This is talk that toxic people engage in but it is not real. I have described the cheat used in an earlier post but I will do this again to add in the medical picture. First the offenders must discretely pose danger so as to cause the targeted person to feel fear. At the same time make mental suggestions are made, so the targeted person is faced with ideas that are coincident with their fear. The ideas presented feel menacing because the fear appears to be associated with the idea. This is the nature of the power politics of the foul games.

If we take away the fear, we can see that a strongly related person can present ideas but that is not enough to cause the personal self to react.


Aside from the fact that the targeted person may become suspicious, an idea on its own doesn’t carry any weight. The person may think about it and come to the conclusion that it might be imaginary or wrong. If however the idea has an added component of fear, then the targeted person may think about it with concern. So fear is a very necessary ingredient and to generate fear real danger is needed. My late toxic husband said, “toxic people use a “gci”, a gun-carrying individual” and he explained “the term was used because it catered for both types”. When I asked him what he meant, he gave a wry smile and then said “crims carry guns but so do cops”. So what he was telling me is that danger image057can be posed either with the use of a criminal carrying a gun or a corrupt cop, who lawfully carries a gun.

The addition of a criminal does two things. Firstly there is real danger posed, which causes the person to feel fear. Secondly it creates a disparity that moves the inequality to oppression. However an individual may still entertain the notion that if the danger they feel can be identified, that the criminal seen and starts to give them trouble then they could still call the police and get some help.

If the criminal used is a corrupt cop then a huge disparity can be created because the individual thinks that they have no recourse for their protection though they won’t know why. The violence they face comes from “inside the system”. And they may have toxic others inside the system standing against them too. But even in the simplest case the chief offender has a toxic mob behind them who include people in the victim’s life that the victim has not guessed are enemies. So a huge disparity is created, whether there is a criminal or a corrupt cop involved.

image049Under conditions of oppression and danger, an idea presented will seem to have enormous force because the fear seems to be greater. Oppression makes a person feel more vulnerable and less able to cope. And if the oppressive force is unseen or unrecognized then it is even worse than visible, known oppression. These are not some “psychological conditions”. There are real bodily conditions involved. In part a coping habit can be more forcefully invoked. So the fear, which is a mobilization of the body, either for external or internal defence will add to the conditions in the body. So if the person’s body is conflicted by a coping habit then the conflict will be greater. If the coping habit overloads the vital organs, especially the heart, then the overload is greater. So the fear will be seen not only evidence for the idea but strong evidence. And there is another consideration. The conflict or overload in the body due to a coping habit is enhanced by fear that is due to external danger. If the danger is deemed to be internal then a lesser problem for the vital organs arises. So while the idea itself will point to internal danger, the person is likely to accept this if it “feels right”. We assume that something feels right or that our reasoning is correct if we move to a more comfortable place in ourselves, which really means in our body. The gut feeling is bodily as well as mental but so too is the “feeling right”. It is bodily as well as thought or reasoning. So if the body is in a better disposition on accepting that the danger is internal then the person is likely to accept that there is truth to their thinking or reasoning. In fact it is only experiencing a lesser problem in the body and not for any real reason. In reality of course the fear and the idea are unrelated.

For a cancer cheat both fear and anger are always present but not always obvious. Sometimes the person does not recognize fear and anger reactivity other than “a hot feeling”. Danger needs to be pinpointed before the body moves to decline or amplify the immune system response. If the danger is perceived to be external, then the immune system will go into decline as the body mobilizes for action. If the danger is believed to be internal then the immune system will increase its activity in the area where the danger is perceived. We need to distinguish here the normal working of the immune system. There are trillions of immune cells and products throughout the body, which work in harmony. So if some foreign microbes or cells are detected in one area of the body, immune cells and products can be brought to the area, as much as needed. However if there is an idea, which depicts danger in a specific area, and that idea is accompanied by fear, which is taken to be evidence for the idea of danger, then the immune system can be put into high alert. Even without the anger the person feels oppressed and struggling against some nebulous force in the “inner realm”. If they are also angered then they become aggressive so a very vigorous effort or struggle is launched. The immune system can be caused to very quickly and aggressively bring immune cells and products into the area. This is an inflammatory response that erroneously targets the area with no regard to the fact that there is nothing foreign. It doesn’t check for “self” and “non-self” cells. It just fires away with cytotoxic attack at what ever is there.. yeah healthy cells! It is clear evidence that the biology is purpose driven and not a machine that has malfunctioned. The attack damages and destroys healthy cells. Inflammatory responses that attack healthy cells are characteristic of some precancerous and cancerous conditions. This is not enough to cause cancer. All that has happened here is that the immune system has been erroneously put into action.

For the next stage to take place, that is changes to stem cells as to create barrier and /or resistance cells, the area in question needs to be also activated and concurrent with the fear and the ideas presented in mind.

To be continued

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