Why the person develops cancer.

Why the person develops cancer.

Note: this continues on from the last post.
For cancer to develop the targeted organ or tissue needs to be activated and this is done by two main methods.

One is to create issues so that other emotions become involved. These emotions may also be unclear in some cases and may become obvious after a diagnosis. And if they do they may appear to be as a result of a diagnosis. Certainly for most people a diagnosis of cancer is frightening so there is added fear and understandably. You only need to look at how many survive beyond ten years to appreciate their fear is justified. However that fear can become a part of the foul play as well and compounds the health problems the person faces already. This can also be true of anxiety (mix of fear and worry, or anger and worry are the main forms of anxiety), sadness, despair, anger, loss of joy and worry.

The emotions are associated with particular organs of the body because some of the processes and events that take place in the body are part and parcel of emotional reactivity. So the relevant organs will have some extra activity. So for instance crying is a characteristic of sadness and even if the person does not actually shed tears water metabolism is still affected. For example extra activity in the lungs associated with the short sharp breathing of crying can still occur, though far less than in actual crying. However this can still cause congestion in the lungs. The main organs which involve the movements of water are the skin, the bowel, the lungs and the kidney but they are not all associated with crying and the upheaval felt in the body is caused by the ideas of loss. If the sadness goes to grief then the bowel is affected as I explained above in the section on bile acids being present in the colon. Sometimes this activity is obvious, sometimes it is obscure. If the person feels sadness then the lungs are the main area with activity so ideas of harm in the lung are used in a cheat. Ideas about toxic smoke or tar getting into the lungs and “smoking causes lung cancer” found on cigarette packets (as an ever present affirmation to a smoker) are easily used. Sadness and the very act of breathing in, if the person is a smoker, will cause activity in the lungs. Ideas can activate mirror neurons in the brain, which in turn can cause activity to be felt in some part of the body. If these ideas and the activity felt coincide with the activity due to sadness and actions, such as smoking, then the activity felt due to mirror neurons may appear to account for the activity in the lungs. A smoker is conscious of the lungs inflating and the action of smoke filling the alveoli etc., but it seems they are not aware of it. In fact they are aware only the focus of interest is not associated with smoking, as also it may not be associated with the activity caused by sadness. The ideas capture attention and the focus of interest so all of the activity can be wrongly attributed to the ideas. This is the aim of the cheaters because that is what will make the person move their body to action.

There are different emotions associated with different cancers.
For example:
Lung cancer – sadness
Ovarian (and probably also testicular) cancer – sadness involved
Bowel cancer – despair or grief
Liver cancer – anger
Oesophageal cancer the anger & worry form of anxiety
Bone cancer – fear
Kidney cancer – fear
Stomach cancer –worry

The other main method of activation of an organ or tissue is the use ideas of actions taking place, which are anchored in some activity of a person’s life. These ideas are based on real events but made general and used with other ideas to give rise to reactivity in an organ or tissue.
Two examples:
1. The pancreas can be activated to higher than normal levels of activity by ideas of “it’s going” or “it’s got the go” etc., BUT there needs to be a real event to anchor this idea. So if there is a real case of a person doing something or waiting to do something, as for instance go on a holiday, then the expectation of action can be used in foul game play. The idea of activity causes the body to move sugar into the blood stream and for the pancreas to make and release insulin to enable cells to use the sugar that has been made available. Insulin acts as a key to get the sugar past the cell wall. The activity of the pancreas is then married together with hateful images of attacking the area of the organ; as for instance barely conscious ideas of a knife put into the person’s midriff. Such ideas may give an unusual feeling in the area.

One of the early signs of pancreatic cancer is of having lots of energy but not being able to think as clearly as normal, together with a dull pain or unusual nauseas-like feeling in the midriff area. Thinking is affected because the brain is affected. With a more than normal insulin in the blood stream the cells in the body get a higher proportion of sugar so the brain is partly starved. This means that unnecessary activity in the brain such as thinking is affected, as the brain uses the sugar for vital activities. To overcome the problem, given that you recognize the cheat, all you need to do is recognize that “going” is general. So make an affirmation that links the “going” with the holiday or whatever it is. The “going” becomes specific and cannot be associated with other ideas. The ideas of “going” can only be used if they are general. All of us tend to think, using what we mean to be specific, in general terms. If you suspect foul play then you need to be specific in your thinking to overcome the problem.

2. The brain activity associated with thinking can be used to cause reactivity in the brain that leads to brain cancer. And suggestion can be as simple as “what’s that you’re thinking about”. If it’s a question and if the person is engaged in some project then this will cause more thinking as well as the thinking the person is already engaged in. It could also be hashed to “what’s that, you’re thinking.. a bout”, which of course changes the meaning and adds something sinister. Various images of harm can be associated with “what’s that” and “a bout” etc. Thinking requires activity in the brain and images may also cause mirror neuron activity that targets the thinking area. This means that the specific area for thinking in the front of the brain has more activity than is normal for thinking. There will be an impression that the activity is due to the images when indeed most of the activity is due to thinking. The use of mobile phones which are held close to the head is another way used. This is greatly aided when the media reports medical stories about “mobile phone use linked to cancer”. The person needs to buy into and believe that the radiation associated with a mobile phone will go into their brain and do harm. Here again it is activity in the brain that is used. When a person uses a mobile phone they are normally talking to someone, so their brain will be engaged in a number of different activities, including hearing and short term memory as well as thinking and some excitement or other emotion, all of which involve activity in the brain. If they are simultaneously targeted, which can so easily be done, even by the very person they are talking to, then again images that trigger mirror neurons can be used. These images create activity that comes on top of what is normal and associated with thinking and talking and listening etc. Such activity can be erroneously taken to be due to the imagery of rays going into the brain and doing harm, especially to a lay person, who doesn’t understand the issues.

My insightful observations at the cellular level.
At first and not on every occasion, there may be an inflammatory response as I described above, but it is soon realized that as the ideas persist this response is not useful. So the body, in most cases ceases the inflammatory response and goes on a different course of action. A barrier or resistance front is built to protect or ward off the perceived danger. The only material that the body has, with which to build such a barrier, is cells. The stem cells on the surface of the organ or tissue, which is thought to be under attacked, are used for the purpose. These cells are capable of transformation. I have insightfully observed such transformation taking place. I have been able to insightfully perceive at the cellular level from early childhood. When I had first looked under a microscope at cells I was amazed to see cells with my eyes what I could see mentally. It proved to me that my mental ability was genuine. In the mid 1980’s I had developed this ability further when I learnt Buddhist walking meditation. I can now see at the sub-cellular level at the various organelles and structure found inside a cell, whereas before I could see the cell with a darker patch where the nucleus was found. I am still in the process of developing this ability further. I can see some detail at the sub-organelle level and sufficient to have perceived generally what is going on but not enough to observe genes and the fine working of protein machines. They appear too hazy.

I have seen that in the very first instance, a layer of different looking cells at the very surface of an organ’ inner or outer surface or of a tissue would appear and grow larger. Then I had occasion to look at the very beginning, when the first few cells were transformed. I had been given some mastic sweet together with some groceries I had bought. The shopkeeper told me that it was past it’s due date and she would have thrown it out. She knew I liked mastic so she gave it to me and told me that if I didn’t want it to “just throw it away”. I could see that this was an attempt to try and create oesophageal cancer. It was a golden opportunity for me to observe, from the very beginning, the whole process. But I also knew that as I wasn’t angry I would not see a really dramatic effect.

Sure enough that very night I experience a very hot feeling and ideas of “it’s toxic and doing you harm” and that “it was tree resin and out of date and hence toxic” and so on. I let the ideas stand and I observed a cytotoxic attack in an area further down from my throat. It was being damaged by an inflammatory response. I was able to halt the inflammatory response by upholding ideas that “this response was not going to do any good” but I continued to allow the ideas of “toxic.. tree resin.. out of date.. harmful etc., that were being addressed to me by toxic people trying to harm me. I then focused on the area that had been attacked and had become sore earlier. Now I saw cells being transformed. Before cell division they had a different look to the look they had after they divided. And while the cells that originally divided looked like cells further away, those that were produced looked different. I had also looked at them more closely and noted that there were differences in the early part of the cell’s dividing cycle. It was as if there was some stagnation and nothing seemed to be happening for a while. I suspect this was before the DNA copying began. I suspect also that there was activity that was too subtle for me to observe. I suspect some genes are somehow changed but as my insightful perception is not good enough to perceive these details so I cannot say this with certainty. But it was easy enough to see that the changes made the cell more primitive in their form and function. And the new cells appeared to be more active, especially in dividing and in their movements against one another than the cells further away and outside of the new layer.

I then discharged the thoughts of harm and ate the mastic with confidence that it was harmless. I again continued my insightful observations. I could see that the cells again underwent changes. This time the cells reverted back to their previous look but not during cell division. In fact it was hard to find any dividing. There was greater activity inside the cell for a time and then the cells began to look more and more like the normal cells around them. I wanted to apply my prayer formula but by the time I had got that far most were already back to normal. However I did expect that the cells would revert back because I have affirmed that in prayer in a dozen times on other occasions. So it is possible that the cells changed more quickly than they would have without this affirmation. I rang the lady and asked her if she had any more mastic and it didn’t matter if it was out of date, I’d still buy it but she said she hadn’t, so I was unable to repeat that experiment.

I have seen on other previous occasions that if the ideas persist and especially if the ideas seem overwhelming then these more primitive cells begin to divide much faster. The layer becomes thicker and small capillary blood vessels grow towards and into this new cell mass. It is not unlike seeing tissue healing after a cut or some damage. I had had an accident and ran into a large bolt that was sticking out of a door. It went into my upper arm on the inside just above the joint and stuck there. I had to pull it out and there was blood squirting out. I had used this occasion as a meditative observation in order to see if I could get ordinary cells to grow faster. It was possible but they reflected a mental blueprint and in some sense seemed to grow to a preordained pattern and no further. They didn’t just grow and grow. And of course there was no fear and anger that could have contributed to extraordinary cells and growth. On that occasion I had also seen how as the new tissue grew so too the blood supply was extended and capillaries grew into the new tissue.

Anger is essential.
Anger, as I mentioned above is a very necessary ingredient in cancer because the person must be made aggressive. But the aggression has to be honed so that the person struggles against what they see as some “nebulous inner force”. This struggle is critical to causing cancer. I have seen that no amount of anger is capable of igniting cancer if the person recognizes the cheat. One does not engage in an inner struggle by recognizing that the villains are far from nebulous. The villains are real people, with names and addresses and phone numbers, flesh and blood and bones! When you know that you know that a struggle in the body is fiction.. not real. It is also worth saying that suggestions that are all fleeting and barely conscious are useless in causing cancer. The personal self needs to be moved and moved significantly and that cannot be done by ideas that are barely conscious. The personal self needs to be set into a struggle and driven to struggle. I have found that since my enemies have tried to be elusive and present ideas that are barely conscious most of the time, I have found it extremely easy to avoid disease, even when I am angered.

An evil person on the other hand is at a greater disadvantage because rage is an inner quality of evil people. Rage is what they take pride in, see it as booty and use it as a weapon against others. However in the case where they themselves are under attack by “their own people”, i.e., other evil people, then that rage means the cancer will grow at an enormous speed. An evil person has no chance of winning against cancer, especially if the aim of the toxic mob is to kill them. Evil people become enraged if they are opposed. I’ve known evil people that became angry even if you disagreed with them about the weather. The rage of being opposed causes them to set forth a huge struggle that becomes aggressive cancer.

I should also say that while anger provides extra fuel materials in the bloodstream that can allow cells, which start to divide, to do so more rapidly, the fuel availability is not enough to cause cancer. I have been angered repeatedly in recent years and I have easily avoided cancer and diabetes, both of which are based around anger. So I can safely say that the availability of fuels and nutrients in the bloodstream do not make changes at the cellular level that translate to abnormality.

Bad days.
The changes that take place in the cells and the growth of the cell mass occur at certain times and on certain days and not on continuously. The struggle took place at times when I had felt a lot of fear and/or anger or was aware of a lot of heat in my body. At such times I was making a lot of effort to fight the seeming internal aggressors. I had felt a struggle going on. And on those days I also noticed extremely aggressive growth of the cells in a mass that had formed. Then I realized that toxic people gather and at such times criminals are employed and given the means to pose danger. Thus there are days when this happens and days when this does not happen. And sometimes such gatherings may go on for several hours and other times for a day or two at a time. These are what cancer patients refer to as “bad days”. It is possible using simple mental techniques to observe the source of the fear and anger and to recognize the angry aggressors that stand behind the issues in mind. Indeed it is possible to use this method to draw their faces because an aggressor that is attacking cannot hide their face within the mental realm. Physical means cannot protect or hide them. Even when they use other people to hide behind, they can still be seen. Both the strongly related and the trivially related people can be “remote viewed” out of the mental darkness. You can draw them and see who you are up against. And such drawings can be used in a counter attack as I will describe in the next section.


to be continued


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