Metastasis and discussion of changes to cells


How a person copes determines what happens in the body. If they react with new emotion, eg anger or sadness, can create a bigger or lesser problem. Their anger is justified because they are being violated but their anger can also be used against them. Same goes for other emotions. Sadness for instance is also justified because the person has lost their health and hence the life that they had. So if they had breast cancer to begin with then anger will mean that the liver might be attacked and sadness the lungs might be attacked. All of this is part of metastatic cancer because the body will use the immune products already made for the purpose. Cell in the primary tumour will be further modified to give them the ability to travel through the circulatory system and into new tissues, eg the liver or the lungs etc.

Often the toxic chief offender, with the help of the toxic mob, tries to create new issues and hence new emotions. So for instance a woman who has had her breasts removed will feel the loss and hence might not only feel sad but grieve. And her emotions are justified but the emotion that she naturally feels can be used to attack other organs. If she feels sad then the lungs could be attacked or if she feel grief then the bowel could be attacked. If she can be angered then the liver is commonly attacked. Liver activity is greatly accelerated with anger. Anger is about a person expressing themselves more emphatically in order to deal with some injustice. They may even need to become aggressive in order to deal with some violation committed against them. Anger is reactivity in the body that produces more energy so cells need to have more sugars available to make that energy. Sugar is stored in a readily convertible form in the liver. This can quickly supply the body with the fuel it needs to generate more energy and in the first instance because afterwards the sugar is moved out of storages sites in the body. Thus if a person can be episodically angered then the liver will episodically be activated. This is the basic problem in diabetes. High levels of sugar accumulate in the bloodstream since the body has not had enough time to clear the first load of sugar before the liver becomes highly active again and delivers more sugar into the bloodstream. In cancer of the liver, the sugar problem is secondary because the foul aim is to attack the liver and cause it to develop cell masses. However it explains why, in some instances diabetes is seen with cancer. A person with diabetes may develop cancer and a person with cancer may develop diabetes, depending on what sort of foul games are played.

If the person started out with colon cancer then metastatic cancer cells will be created in the primary tumour, i.e., the colon and moved to the liver. The body does not create new immune products to do a particular job if products that can be used to do the job already exist. All that needs to happen is for the immune products to be modified further in order to move them to new sites. So changes are made in some of the cancer cells that already exist to enable them to migrate. It is not just a chance event that some cells in the tumour develop “by chance” the right combination of miscopied genes to enable them to migrate. So it is not some change event that the “loosely held” cells just break off and enter the bloodstream and go off to “colonize” some other organ or tissue in the body. There are no chance miscopied genes and there are no viruses or other micro organisms that use the cells to reproduce themselves that cause changes as to cause cells to migrate to other areas of the body and to specific other areas as well because that is what we see.

You will find that certain cancers are seen to mostly metastasize in certain other areas. Metastasis is not random. For example, prostate cancer usually metastasizes to the bones, colon cancer to the liver, stomach cancer to the ovary in women, pancreatic cancer to the liver and lungs and so on. This was first recognized around 100 years ago. A “seed and soil” theory was put forward to explain it. It was thought that the cells needed to find similar conditions as for instance breast cells gather calcium irons from breast milk and go to the bone because there they would be able to gather calcium ions from bone. But breast cancer can also metastasize to the lung and there are no calcium ions there! This theory was challenged with another theory that metastasis occurs purely by anatomic and mechanical routes but neither of these theories provides real answers. And of course they don’t take the person’s emotions into account, that would no sit well with evolutionary biology! It smacks of teleology, the explanation of bodily events in term of purpose (indicated by ideas), a concept which is abhorred by biomedical scientists. Dawkins claims that even in the way the immune system works, which appears intelligent and purposeful, it is still only natural selection at work.. chance events and random variations! But even if they did take emotions into account they would get psychiatrists involved. This only makes things worse because their theories and methods are dreamt up in conferences. They do no science and have no bearing on reality.

New evidence.
Metastatic cancers are sometimes found at the same time as the primary tumor, but they can also be found months or even years later, which mean long after the primary tumor was removed. So the doctors say “it’s come back” because they find that most secondary or tertiary tumors are “metastatic” rather than a primary tumors. What this means is that the cells that form the secondary tumor are characteristically the same as those of the first tumor that the patient had. It was thought that metastatic cancers were only possible after a primary cancer had metastasized. But research later found that this was not the case. They found that some cells in the primary tumor had an expression of genes that gave these cells the potential to metastasize. And all of the cells created are stored in the body for future use.

Genetic expressions characteristic of metastatic tumor cells are called a “metastatic signature”. Signature genes might be “up-regulated” –i.e., more active, as for example genes involved in cell division or they may be “down-regulated” – i.e., less active or inactive so as to enable the cell to behave as an immune cell that moves to the part of the body where it is deemed to be needed. And we are told that all of this is the result of chance.. miscopying or damage and/or viral manipulation! We are talking about very specific and very relevant genes have their expression modified as to change the way a cell behaves. Not only do the definite and intentional changes create cancer cells but within their midst also metastatic cancer cells! Such develops constitute new information and that can only take place as a result of intelligence, the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. Intelligence gives rise to purpose driven changes in the body and at the cellular level. Teleology aye!

All of this is known! Everything of what I have described can be found in the medical /scientific literature! There is research that shows all of the following:

Types of cell that can change into any type of cell.
Unspecialized cells can differentiate, i.e., become specialize.
Cells differentiate to specialize for different functions.
Specialization changes the cell’s:
1. appearance (shape and size),
2. its membrane potential,
3. its metabolic activity and
4. its responsiveness to signals.
Stem cells both in the adult and embryo display such abilities.

There is in the literature an understanding about how these changes.
Changes are brought about by modifications in gene expression.

Some genes are in a sense turned on while others are turned off.
The specialized cells contain all of the genes in the genome
but expresses only genes needed for it to do only one job,.

A stem cell can select a set of genes to express
and thus transform itself into a specialized cell.
If it becomes a muscle cell
then it will express only those genes
that make it a muscle cell.

The cell switches from one type to another
by switching from one pattern of gene expression to another.

Is this a one way street? NO!

Cells can dedifferentiate, i.e., they can become unspecialized.
In nature we see cells revert back to being less specialized.
This is seen with regenerative processes.

It is seen in tissue cultures where cells can lose properties,
eg., their shape or protein expression may change.

Is this seen in humans?
Medical scientists say “not normally”. BUT their literature says yes!
They claim that this natural part of the immune response has been lost in humans.
Some scientists say that this “abnormality” in human is the reason for cancer.

BUT another way of explaining the appearance of dedifferentiation in humans
as using the power of dedifferentiation but using it wrongly.
They unwittingly create unnecessary cell masses in their bodies.

When we accept that intelligence is at work
then we may learn to use it properly
and be able to regenerate our bodies indefinitely…
and regenerate them at will!

YEAH there is an upside to cancer!

What about “mutations”?
To understand this you need to understand a little about genetics. I will try to keep it simple because I know that most people who read this are not scientists. The DNA molecule is a double helix containing the four nucleotide molecules, which are also called bases. You can think of the double helix like a spiral staircase.


The bases, which form the steps, are either A (adenine) paired with T (thymine) or G (guanine) paired with C (cytosine). The code is written in triplets, so each set of 3 bases is the code to make one amino acid of the 20 possible amino acids that can be made. So for example GCT is the code that is used to make the amino acid alanine.
Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.

A gene is a length of code that will make one protein molecule.

Most DNA damage affects the primary structure of the double helix; that is, the bases.image053
Bases may be chemically changed so their regular structure is disrupted,
as for example made more bulky or contain different types of chemical bonds.

There are incredible capabilities within the cell. There are DNA sequences that can change their position within the genome. These “jumping genes” can create or reverse changes and even alter the size of the genome.

If a virus infects the cell and inserts its DNA into the genome then the cell knows to mark off all of the viral sequence so that in replication it is not copied. So the virus does not do damage that cannot be repaired. Nature is intelligent. But, the scientists claim “in susceptible individuals this might not happen”. Bull! They are the same species, their cells work in the same way as other people’s. The reason is not in their biology but in how they unwittingly react to foul play, which they are unaware of and which they are deceived by medical misinformation, especially about their ESP capabilities.

Mutations in genes can either have:
• no effect,
• alter the product of a gene, or
• prevent the gene from functioning properly or completely.

Added to this is the fact that not only a huge number of changes are made but those changes are NOT random. Those changes give specific properties to the cells that are created. AND those new properties can be seen to have a high degree of similarity from one person to the next with the same type of cancer. And at the same time a biopsy of different areas of a cancer shows different gene signatures. The cells are diverse in character.

Genetic markers turn genes on and off.
It is accomplished by DNA methylation and histone modification.
These processes either restrict or permit the transcription of target genes.

Cancer cells are extraordinary immune system products. They are moved to lymph glands where they are stored, as lymphocytes (B cells and T cells) are stored. And they are most commonly moved through the lymphatic system, which leads into the bloodstream. The variety of new changes to form cancer cells allow them to be transported and stationed in the new locations in the same way as lymphocytes. Receptor sites on the cell walls of such cells signal to other cells in the body, as for example in the blood vessel walls that these are immune system products.

It is possible that there is damage but is that the cause of cancer? If we look at the changes that have been reported in breast cancer, then it is hard to believe these are mere damage to genes.

The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are human genes and their protein products are called BRCA1 BRCA2 respectively, (without the italics). They have been named “breast cancer 1” and “breast cancer 2” because they are considered to be human “tumor suppressor” genes. In fact it is only a gene associated with many other substances that together are involved in cell repair (cell changes) and cell death.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 help repair damaged DNA or destroy cells if DNA cannot be repaired. They are expressed in the cells of breast but they are also found in other tissues too. They are said to be involved in “error-free repair” of DNA double strand breaks. Are they error-free repair or is this their main observed function in normal (usual) circumstances. When these genes are themselves changed, they are, in turn, involved in changes that doctor want to call errors. However this is only a hypothesis based on limited knowledge, namely that they see them coincident with cancer and cancer is “not normal”. But if we see cancer as a purpose-driven creation of what is really an extraordinary immune organ, albeit erroneously ignited, then the changes to these genes are not damage or errors but deliberate changes.

Modified parts of the DNA, which are also considered to be damaged, they say are “not repaired properly”. In fact these changes may simply be part of the way stem cells can transform themselves to assume a different specific function, seen as cancer. They see the changes to BRAC1 and BRAC2 and talk about “breast cancer susceptibility genes” and “breast cancer susceptibility proteins”. It sure sounds like they are taking about a proto-oncogene (“before tumor producing genes”) turning into an oncogene (“tumor producing genes”) but BRAC1 and BRAC2 are normal genes; it is their mutation that is unusual and thus called abnormal. And they talk about “an increased risk” when the mutations are present BUT even with the mutations the person does not mean you get cancer.

The structures of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are different, but they both combine with other substances that they also call “tumor suppressors”. The naming here of tumor suppressors arises from the assumptions that cancer cells arise normally in the body and they are destroyed and only when there are failures in the system do they multiply and grow into a tumor. The proteins made by both genes are essential for repairing damaged DNA, but we could also say that they are essential for simply making changes to DNA, some of which is damage.

Hundreds of mutations in the BRCA2 gene have been identified by scientists. Many of these changes are said to cause an increased risk for cancer. The mutations to the BRCA2 gene are either the insertion or deletion of a small number of base pairs in length of code that forms the gene, so the protein product of the BRCA2 gene does not function in the usual way. Sometimes a large segment or segments of DNA may be rearranged.

Researchers say that the defective protein made from the gene is unable to help fix the mutations found in other genes. So there is an accumulation of mutations and this they say causes cells to divide in an uncontrolled way. And note that accumulation has to be of relevant genes that bring about special properties in the cancer cell. They are not random accumulations. Thus the word “uncontrolled” only presupposes that the cell is literally a machine that has just malfunctioned. We do see what appear as factories and machines made of protein and other substances in the cell but the cell is a living entity. So what they see as uncontrolled cell division of a machine that is malfunctioning may be deliberate rapid cell division of a living entity seeking to create an extraordinary immune organ. What you believe and hence use to describe the biology makes a big difference.

It is estimated that women with an abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes have
75-80% risk of getting breast cancer, and including all women young and old,
The risk of getting ovarian cancer is:
about 50% if they have the BRCA1 mutation and
about 25% if they have the BRCA2 mutations.

However we can read these statistics the other way. A woman has a
20% chance of having the 2 genes mutated and NOT get breast cancer, and
about 50% chance of having only BRAC1 mutation and/ or
about 75% chance of having the BRAC2 mutation
and NOT get ovarian cancer.

I suggest that a truer way of assessing the risk and explaining the incidence is to say a woman has a 75-80% risk of getting breast cancer and/or a 25- 50% risk of getting ovarian cancer if they have toxic garbage in their family, especially toxic next of kin or closely associated toxic people, especially toxic best friends, toxic confidants and toxic work associates etc.

Thus if they are the target of foul play, they may unwittingly react as to bring about changes in their genetic code so as to develop cancer cells. And such toxic garbage is not obvious; most of them act out a “lovey-dovey” persona when in fact they are fire-breathing hate-snakes. So the woman may believe her husband is a wonderful man, when in fact his is her abuser. And similarly the man who believes his is married to the woman of his dreams, when in reality she is his abuser. Sometimes there are tell tale signs, for example a feeling of annoyance and irritation with the other party and without apparent cause. Of course it is put down to the nature of the disease. It is really anger that is not apparent and for good reason because the foul play is subtle and there are other people involved.

All of this damage and errors in copying and replicating business is based on modern biology and modern biology considers that we are machines. All life on earth are material machines. If we are mere robots then there are no purpose-driven events taking place in the body. Biomedical scientists explain everything they see in terms of the machine just malfunctioned or got damaged. It justifies modern Western medicine proclaiming profitable physical means to cure disease. Money is the reason for the drive behind “the war on free will” and “the war on God and hence religion” because by destroying these then the robot story is set in concrete.

We are not machines and as we are not machines events in the body of living beings, from animals and humans (and I would also include plants), there are purpose driven events. So the good news is that you can change your beliefs and make selections to drive the biology in a different way, for a different purpose.

Scientists have seen the reversal of cancer in thousands of recorded cases. A database exists of thousands of recorded spontaneous remissions. These are by no means all of the cases but only the recorded ones, a small minority. And these remissions occurred for no apparent reason. There was nothing physical done by the patient or to the patient that lead to the remission. So how do they explain these? What, the machine suddenly worked properly again AND fixed the damage? Really! If that was the case then wouldn’t you think that they would study these cases too? Of course not, there’s no money in that. They simply suggest that the immune system started working again and killed the tumour, despite the fact that they see that the cancer cells sit side by side with immune cells that assist the cancer cells in the first place. It assists them because cancer cells are immune products. And just as an inflammatory response can flare up with no “biologically obvious reason” so too the building of what I call barrier and resistance cells also develop and grow for no “biologically obvious reason”. However there is reason but that reason is denied to protect financial interests. Cancer is BIG business. Damage and errors in genes and machines malfunctioning take control away from the patient and puts the doctor in the driver’s seat.

Cells can and do repair DNA damage and errors. Spontaneous remission happens because the person has had a change of ideas and beliefs. Thus the cancer cells revert their mutated base sequences back to their original state. I have done just that and not once or twice but at least half a dozen times.

You might say it seems knowledge of how the foul play works is needed. So how come there was cancer in ancient times before any of the biology was understood by anyone. The answer to that is that evil people don’t know what goes on in the body, except of course those in modern times who are doctors or medical scientists or who have studied the biology. I had once explained how a panic attack comes about by explaining the biology to an evil person. He shrugged his shoulders and said “gee I never thought about it like that”. All he knew was that if you do “x” then “y” appears to happen. The foul games have been developed over the years but much more so in recent times. I strongly suspect with the help of medical experiments. I suspect that experiments are being done to see how cancer can be created more easily and more quickly and that information made available through the toxic networks. Knowledge of what happens in the body is not needed by the foul game players. Evil people have learnt over the years that certain ideas and activities that are covert can cause a related person to react. That knowledge alone is what most evil people are taught by their evil elders, most often evil parent or parents. And it is that knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation.

The second formulation of the prayer, once you realize that you created the cancer, so too you can clean it away again, is as follows.
I instruct my body to revert the cancer cells back to fully functional cells of whatever tissues and organs they belong to. So for instance if they are lung cancer cells then you instruct that they revert back to fully functional, fully specialized cells of what ever lung tissues they belong to.
AND that all excesses be rapidly removed by apoptosis.
I also add one extra thing. Since the cells created will be newer cells and rejuvenated cells then I also instruct that in the apoptosis process that older cells be removed in preference to the younger, newer cells. You might as well rejuvenate your organs given the opportunity.

In the next post I will discuss the counter attack to ward off the enemy.


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