Prayer’s Counterattack.

Part 3 of the Prayer, the Counterattack.

A person who has cancer is a person under mental attack, using ideas to try and cause the person to react somatically as to develop cancer, i.e., ideas are used as the weapons of attack. And those ideas are mentally presented under danger conditions (to generate fear). It is important to see the theatre of war and to realize that your life depends on how you fight. Fighting against a nebulous force in the body will kill the person because they will grow more and more masses of cells. It is important to counterattack the attackers in the mind and ward them off.

Appreciate that the cancer patients who survive have only survived because they are no longer being attacked. Either the attackers have backed off because they only wanted to scare the person into submission or the victim has moved away. After a time though, and depending on the motive of the attackers, the person may again be mentally attacked. Those that die, either with or without a remission, have been killed.. murdered. Notice the wording used to describe someone that has died of cancer. The person, it is said, “loses the battle with cancer”. It sounds like there is a battle “with the cancer” but that is not what is said. The person “loses the battle” and they lose it “with cancer”. The battle is an invisible battle because the medical profession cover the abusers’ actions. ESP is denied and the experiments with a few exceptions do not involve next of kin, not even loosely related people. In most cases they bend over backwards to make sure the subjects of all these experiments have no relationship with each other. Even in the twin studies that have been done, researchers have used the most difficult conditions; not stringent conditions but difficult conditions. In fact most of ESP experiments are done using a person and a non-living other, such as a computer or random number generator etc. The means by which the damage is done is covered and the truth denied. And more than that people are completely misled as to the cause of the cancer. I see this as deliberate because for 13 years now I have been repeatedly attacked and I know full well that doctors are involved. When the perpetrators include doctors, there is no case to be made to say that they don’t know what cancer is about.

A cancer death is a murder, which is not only first degree with consent, but brutality that has gone on for months or years. Even a person who is beaten to death with a club could have been clubbed in hate but they could have also been clubbed by someone angered enough to have lost control. In the case of cancer there is no such case to be made.


There is deliberate repeated attacks, which go on relentlessly in the face of the observed damage and the patient’s suffering. And every means possible is used to try and make the mental attacks as elusive and deceptive as possible. Given the medical misinformation that is being fed to the public about ESP, that ideas are all created by the brain, that the effects of relationship are all physical and the mental entanglement denied, the person targeted hasn’t got a chance. If they speak up they are called delusional by a doctor, “the authority”. The cancer patient is a person who is attacked unto death. It is sheer black hate on the part of the toxic mob and greed in its worst form in the case of the medical industry.

The chief offenders are often next of kin or people very closely related to the cancer patient. And such next of kin or friends or work associates will present themselves as loving and concerned. These people are two-faced. However where there are political or economic reasons a very trivially related person (as for example a person who has been seen by the person targeted from a short distance) can become the chief offender by using a toxic next of kin. And here again the medical industry and indeed many others in society stand against the cancer patient and in a manner that is subtle. For example psychiatrists have for some years now use treatments that involve forgiveness. There are millions of cases in which forgiveness is appropriate but there are millions more where forgiveness is the worst thing that a person can do. There are plenty of ways to deal with the anger. In the case of cancer, forgiving the perpetrators is as good as signing your own death warrant. All it does is to absolve the debt or condition set in the universe, which needs to be used by the victim to ward off the attackers. You cannot fight in a war and win the battles if you let your enemy off with whatever attacks are launched against you. You have to fight to win.


In the third part of the prayer or mental prescription you counter attack your enemies using creative imagery but whatever you come up with has to be horrible images of your enemies. It is best to use a physical picture or drawing of the image. If you have a picture of the person or persons involved then make a copy on a computer if possible and use a paint program to modify it to suit the image in mind. Even without a picture you can still draw the figure or figures and you do not need to worry about having any artistic talent at all. What you want to do is to reinforce the image in mind by seeing it with your eyes. Once seen the image can automatically be held in mind. One woman told me she drew a picture of her attacker beheaded, with blood running down from his neck and put his head in a bucket she had drawn on the ground next to his image. She was able to overcome the anxiety she felt almost immediately and was finally cured.

I should add here that you must counterattack all of the offenders. Toxic children are commonly used. Toxic people hide behind toxic children. Also children are attacked through the use of toxic children. There is a perception that children cannot or should not be counterattacked because they are children. This is a counterattack that takes place in the mind, which wards off the offenders. It is of no use to say “they will be punished someday” or that “God will punish them”. You need to protect yourself or your child in the present. What is the use of allowing yourself or your child to be harmed on the knowledge that the offenders will suffer harm at some future date? Furthermore this is a problem most often that involves families. A toxic spouse may want to train their children in the ways of evil and doesn’t want a non-toxic spouse around questioning what’s going on. If any of the children are toxic then a toxic spouse will use them in the foul game play. They may also use other toxic children of other toxic people. In a child’s situation the toxic children may be siblings but they may also be the children of toxic friends of the family that the child associates with or sees at school. It is a really tragic situation. However if you do nothing they will harm you.

You may ask how do I know who to counterattack? Often you don’t know and you may only have your gut feelings to go on. Within the family you will have some idea as to who might be your enemy. A tell tale sign is that you feel irritated, annoyed, frustrated or angry but you cannot justified how you feel because you will not be able to see what’s wrong. That is because the foul play is “behind the scenes” and in the mind. You may feel that you are angry with someone, especially a spouse and that they are undeserving of your anger. Outside of the family I would say “for good measure” you can use this method against everyone around you. The people  outside of the family that are involved are better able to hide because you don’t interact with them as much as you do with family members. A counterattack will have no effect on those that are innocent parties because you cannot set directives against any uninvolved person. If you counter all of them then you can be sure to counterattack all those that are involved.

Another way to go is to attack them one by one. Often you will feel their anger at being stopped and/or opposed as soon as you create your counter. Sometimes this is subtle. Then you can see how you feel. If you feel you are still being attacked then you haven’t dealt with all of them yet. The ones that you need to concentrate on counterattacking are those in relationship with you because those who are not in relationship with you or the relationship is trivial will not be able to use ideas to attack you.



You can also do one of two other things in your counterattacks. One is to draw a figure that covers all the attackers and make a conditional directive. Draw a general figure that will cover all or make three general figures, one of a man, one of a woman and one of a child. If we use the same drawing as above it could have three figures on top of the other all with their heads broken. And your directive then makes the general specific. So a directive says something like “all people moving to make hateful suggestion, with the intent to adversely influence me, fall down, their heads are broken and they die. It is important to write as accurately as possible to make the meaning exact because they may try to hash a verbal counterattack directive. If it is written and with accompanying pictures then the meaning is what you have in mind.



You can also use remote viewing. Remote viewing becomes extremely easy when you are dealing with other people who are interacting with you on the mental realm. And that is true whether they are directly or indirectly involved. The easiest to “view” are those directly presenting ideas or posing danger but with a bit of practice you can also remote view those that are more removed. The key here is NOT to use your imagination. You do NOT try to form mental images AND if there are mental images ignore them. If you have a higher development then the practice is easier because you act from the level of being and not personal self. Take a pen and paper or use a paint program like MS paint on a computer (which is a little harder if you have to draw with a mouse and not a pen). Allow your hand and pen to draw without interference or desire to aid the process in any way. In a sense it comes out of darkness or void of a blank mind. And again you do not need to be an artist. Just allow yourself to draw and wait until you’re finished to take a good look at what you have drawn. Once you have drawn it you can again enter it on a computer and make the changes you want to counterattack the person behind the image.

In the next post I will summarise the three sections so that the prayer can be seen as a whole.


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