A Summary and the complete prayer

A Summary and the complete prayer.

I am not talking about remission here, which is what doctors talk about. Remission is the wanning or disappearance of the signs and symptoms of a disease. This is NOT good enough. It only means that they have removed some of the result of the body’s reactivity. It does not guarantee that the disease is cured. What a person needs is a cancer cure. That means getting rid of what causes the signs and symptoms and hence the disease. Ideas, emotional reactivity and toxic people are at the heart of the problem.

Prayer / mental prescription

-a request of Goda directive to the Universe ( Mind of God ).

Formulating the prayer.

Write down the entire prayer in detail and then using what you have written make yourself a recording and listen to it at least a few times a day.

The first part of the prayer is to:

1. recognize the negative suggestions.

2. Recognize that ideas are not in business for themselves. There has to be people behind the scenes that are presenting them for them to continually come to mind and trouble you.

3. Recognize that the ideas are only suggestions and that the associated fear is not related to the ideas but only coincidental.

4. Discard the negative ideas by recognizing that they are null and void and that by doing so you are rejecting the ideas.

Don’t use negatives for example “I’m not being gutted”. The problem here is that there is still the image of the person’s gut. Furthermore the toxic people you’re up against may try to use hash as for instance “I’m not being. Gutted!” Find the idea that the suggestion rests on and use it to negate the suggestion. So for instance if some worn floor boards had been removed and replaced then the reality was “the floor in the veranda got gutted”. This reflects the reality and it is not associated with your body. Discharging the negative ideas is easy once you realize that the ideas that were troubling you are mere suggestion AND you discover what event had been used to anchor the suggestion. There is NO foundation for their hateful desires and intentions of evil people. The Universe does not support suggestion and it does not support hate. For manifestation the suggestion has to be accepted.

5. And with this part of the prayer you need to address the issues that give rise to the emotional reactivity.

With number 5 it is extremely important to address the issues because the aim of the aggressors is to create issues to cause you emotional reactivity in your body or to point to activities that will also point to activity in the body or create such activity in the body. So your aim is to dismantle the issues and recognize the activity so they can’t be used to target a particular organ or tissue in the body. This is important to destroy the effects of nasty images that are presented, which are only partly conscious. Without the emotional reactivity the mirror neuron activity in your brain, which affects relevant areas in the body, won’t appear to be magnified. When you make your discoveries and change your attitude changes begin to take place in your body.


FEAR. You don’t need to try and get rid of the fear because it is only the body’s mobilization. However you need to instruct your body that the danger is a threat that is not aimed to be carried out but to be used to try and manufacture belief and in some cases to cause fear reactivity to cause reactivity in certain organs. It is important to do this because firstly, it will lessen the fear, but secondly and very importantly it will instruct your immune system to go ahead and behave as normal. The immune system may be declined if there is a perceived outer threat and may over-react if there is a perceived inner (in the body) threat.

ANGER. Anger is aimed to either make you aggressively fight in the body, which will cause you to generate more cancer cells (which are extraordinary immune system cells) or activate certain organs that may be targeted by the hateful ideas. To get rid of anger it is important to address any issues that you have regarding injustice and/or violations that you feel. However the best way is to see that you are in a war, that as a warrior there is no position to be angry with injustice because aggression is the nature of war. Be resolved to fight in the real theatre of war.. in the mind.

SADNESS. Sadness is associated with issues of loss so resolve the issues. Find some way of overcoming the sadness. Don’t try to suppress it because that can make it worse. Loss of Joy is also along the same lines but affects different organs to sadness. You need to recover a feeling of joy somehow.

GRIEF. This is usually associated with intense sadness and more so despair. Again you need to somehow come to terms with whatever issues you have and find a place of resolution. If you have lost a loved one and you are a theist you can find solace in the union in the spiritual realm. If you are an atheist then you will need to find somehow to resolve the problem.

WORRY. This is usually associated with some issue that has no solutions and if that is the case then you can be sure it is associated with another cheat. Find a solution.

ANXIETY. This is usually either a mix of fear and worry or anger and worry. Issues in the first case have to do with some threat and in the second with some injustice or violation of some sort. Both are aimed to cause you to worry. Realize it is only a cheat and let go of the problem and/or resolve the issues that pose danger or create some injustice.

ACTIVITIES. Look for ideas that indicate activities such as “going” or “thinking” etc. You will find the ideas are general. Make them specific pointing at only one thing, which will remove the general case. Note too that general cases are meaningless because they do not point to anything.

Addressing issues and recognizing ideas about activities and putting them in the correct context you essentially stop the growth of the cancer.

The second part is to recognize that your body created the cancer as part of an unnecessary immune response that your body can clean it away again. And it will clear it away when you instruct your body to do so. You can now instruct your body to dismantle the extraordinary immune response that had been set into motion and which has now ceased as you have dealt with the issues. So you can tackle the cell mass directly. The instruction to the body is to revert all barrier /resistance cells (what doctors call cancer cells) back to fully specialized, fully functional cells of whatever tissues or organs they belong to. You might as well take advantage of the fact that healthy new cells will be created so why not rejuvenate your organs and tissues with healthy new cells while you’re in the process. If you’re over 50 years old then it’s a bonus. So when it comes to clearing away the excess cells, which is out by the immune system by apoptosis, the normal process of cell destruction, death and removal, instruct your body to remove old cells in preference to newer healthy cells.

The third part of the prayer is to use a counterattack to ward off your attackers. The theatre of war is in the mind so your counterattack has to be in the mind and NOT in your body. It is a good idea to look at the picture now and then. If you put it up on a wall it is best in your closet behind the clothes on your coat hangers or somewhere private. You must be sure though that it is private, for your eyes only.

Example of mental prescription (prayer) to treat lung cancer.

I hereby recognize that there are negative ideas about the smoke going into

my lungs and ideas about breathing toxic fumes and

I appreciate that those ideas are not in business for themselves.

There are toxic people, who are presenting these ideas,

Since those ideas cannot of themselves be continually coming to mind.

I recognize that the ideas about toxic fumes are only suggestions

and that the associated fear I feel is not related to the ideas

The fear is only coincidental.

I reject the ideas recognizing that they are null and void.

I hereby advise my body that the threats are artificial

So my immune system can behave normally again.

I recognize the hot feeling in my body is really anger

and this has to do with injustices and violations.

I see that I am in a war and I am a worthy warrior,

                                                    standing against the injustice.

I remain calm knowing that aggression is the nature of war

and I fight in the real theatre of war, which is in the mind.

I have been sad that I lost a job opportunity recently

but I put that behind me and I move on knowing

that when one door closes another opens.

I will find a new job within the next few months

and it will be even better than the opportunity that has gone by.

I recognize that my body created the barrier / resistance cells (cancer)

as part of an unnecessary immune response.

I also recognize that my body can now clear it away as it is unnecessary.

The problem I had perceived was only a fantasy.

I now instruct my body to dismantle that extraordinary immune

response, which has now ceased as I understand how it came about

and I have resolved all the issues. I am calm now.

I instruct my body to revert all barrier and resistance cells

(which doctors call cancer) back to fully specialized,

fully functional cells of whatever lung tissues they belong to.

In this process I know that healthy new cells will be created

I desire to rejuvenate my lung tissues with these healthy new cells.

I instruct therefore my immune system, through apoptosis,

to remove the older cells in preference to the new healthy lung tissue cells.

Then go and have a look at the pictures you’ve made.

I see the heads of my enemies cut off at the neck, floating in a pool of blood.

I have won against my enemies, my body is restored to health. So it is.

Kyrani Eade

8/February, 2014


About kyrani99

I am a human rights activist and I live each day with the warrior spirit. I enjoy painting and writing and exercising together with my two wonderful dogs. I am a theist but of no particular religion.You are welcomed to my blog at http://kyrani99.wordpress.com/
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