Science and Ethics

Science and Ethics.

Richard Dawkins, on the one hand, claims that science is not entitled to advice about morality and that doing so would be problematic. On the other hand he criticizes religion for wanting to advise on what is good and bad behavior and what is evil. There are plenty of experiments that could be done to show both beneficial and detrimental effects, especially for those in close relationships. The means of foul play can be used in scientific studies to expose the effects of bad behavior on health, as for example, strokes, heart disease, so-called “mental disorders” and cancer, which are the most common. All of these diseases are inherently ethical problem. So science can make extremely beneficial contributions to ethics. Why is it not being researched? The answer is money! When people understand what they are up against and how their unwitting reactions cause their somatic problems they are able to make themselves well. If you’re in the business of medicine this is disastrous. But, you may well protest, are you going to say that all doctors and scientists are greedy and bad? I would say no, but scientists’ and doctors’ behavior is no different from any other group of people in the community. The biomedical scientific propaganda, which claims that “scientists are all in search of the truth”, and that “doctors are the self-sacrificing heroes” is designed to lead people to reason for themselves that “therefore they must be all righteous”. And it is cunning because arriving at a conclusion by one’s self, one is likely to feel it is justified. This together with a big public relations effort made through all media about all the wonderful new medical discoveries and the technologies that make life easier, is aimed to “win the hearts and minds” of lay people. It is aimed at seeing scientists and doctors as uniformly honest and well-meaning. This is wrong. There are good and bad scientists and doctors.

I suspect only a small minority of scientists can be called righteous and their voices are drowned out. Many scientists do see ethical problems but do not speak up. Some speak in a way that won’t hurt them personally, while others concentrate on their work and don’t get involved. I strongly believe that those who claim “I hear no evil, I speak no evil” are at the very least aiding and abetting evil, if not evil themselves. However there are a lot of scientists that speak in accordance to their own interests and not in support of the truth. This is evident in the way the “scientific community” supports some areas of research while denying others and for no good reason. To stand against this is risky and a bad career move! One such subject is ESP. This is not allowed to be researched inside of relationship. The claim that experiments have to be double-blinded as standard procedure is not true. As you can see from previous posts even for drug trials double blinding only adds to the problem of determining the efficacy of a drug! And yet in the face of this they see fit to repeat experiments sometimes dozens of times or more trying to find the two that they can say are “statistically significant and better than placebo” that is required by law! This is morally wrong and yet this is no secret. In fact it is defended by “the science community”. Drugs that doctors prescribe to patients are not tested properly, which can lead to serious problems and deaths and yet scientists are claiming the method used is a “gold standard”. They certainly need to remove personal bias but double blinding presents other problems so the experimental procedure has to be address as to solve the problems. It is not!

There is no one dictating what is acceptable and what is not or what you can and cannot research. There is no funding organization, whether private or government, that says “you have to do this” or “it has to be done this way or else” etc. But there is a system and most “get the message”. I have seen how the system works with regard to those working in universities. They put in a proposal for a research grant, giving account of the work they would like to do, but if it is not of commercial interest or worse still it might threaten commercial interests, they get knocked back. The excuses given to them all sound benign, for instance “there is no more funds this year for this sort of project, try again next year”, or “we have others doing similar work” etc. They look around and see that their fellow colleagues get funded and see a formula. If you do this, you get your funds, but if you do that, you don’t. If you report your findings this way, you get published, but if you report them like that, you don’t. I have sat next to researchers in the tea room at the universities where I worked and many times overheard their conversations. Typically they would say,

“If I word it like that I won’t get the funds” or

“I want to do this work but how am I going to word it so that I get funded” etc.

When funding comes from private enterprise there is a need for their research to be “productive” or at least promising. That means it has got to enable some company to market something or lead to more research that will develop some drug or other profitable item. Science research that was done for the love of science is only 2% “productive”, which means what it produces most often is not profit-making or not profit making in the immediate future. Industry is not interested in funding research at that rate. They are prepared to donate large sums but they want a high return for their money. For instance they may fund to the tune of one billion dollars to develop a drug and that sounds like a lot of money but they look to gain tens if not hundreds of billion in return, ie between 10 to 500% interest on their money. They want drugs developed or disease explained in a way that can lead to drugs that generate huge profits and to do that they have to have scientists working for them that will “make it happen” for the drug industry. This leads to the corruption of science and in the next post I will discuss this with respect to cancer research.

The doctors and the biomedical research scientists grossly misrepresent the human condition and the true nature of disease. Certainly that helps keep the commercial wheels greased and running but it also enable a toxic people’s war and a massacre of tens of millions to go on. Evil people haughtily claim, the medical industry attitude, especially that of toxic doctors, as booty! The blame is always put on big pharma, with claims of “they drive policy” and “they bribe doctors” and so on but in reality it is not only big pharma because big pharma cannot do anything without the doctors and the biomedical research scientists. It is the doctors and the biomedical research scientists, who devise and do the research, interpret the data, describe the biological processes, publish their research, teach at universities and sell the medical story to the public. It is doctors that are paid large sums of money to promote a drug to the public. I have seen blogs rooting for pharmaceutical companies that not only do not disclose the relationship of the blogger to the commercial interests they are promoting, but often not even disclosing that they are a doctor. If you look for other work they have done on the web you eventually come to posts where they do declare they are doctors and that they are either employed as lobbyists by pharmaceutical companies, on their R&D staff, have financial interests in pharmaceutical companies or all of the above. As far as big pharma is concerned “business is business” But for the doctors and the biomedical scientists it is the burden of blame for immorality that rivals anything that can be said about religion and religious zealots.

Sure, science commenting on ethic.. is PROBLEMATIC!

Dawkins points to religious persecution and there has been bad religious persecution in human history, from ancient times until today. We in the West are quick to point at suicide bomber etc in the Islamic world but we have and are doing plenty ourselves. We only need to consider the number of people burnt at the stake and the missionaries that tortured and killed native people by the thousands. These people were killed for being practitioners of their own religion. Religious persecution is not the fault of religion, just as scientific corruption is not the fault of science. In both cases it is the fault of corrupt people and power politics. There has been harm done in many medical experiments and medical treatments. Some have been in the past, from the time that modern medicine began, but many are still being done in the present. Richard Dawkins fails to mention those. There were shocking experiments done by the Nazis during the Second World War and they were done by doctors but they are by far not alone. There have been many experiments done even in recent times which are nothing but gross maltreatment of humans and animals. I will discuss one example to make my point. And this example involves “whites” in the First World so you don’t say oh that’s just what happens in India or China or Iran or by the Taliban etc.

The Tuskegee Medical Experiment, which begun in 1932 and continued until 1972, a period of 40 years, took 600 impoverished and illiterate rural African Americans and exploited them horribly.. indeed brutalized them and their families. These people were used as subjects to study syphilis. One third did not have syphilis, while the other two thirds did but were never told that they had syphilis. They were told that they had “bad blood” and were told that they would be given free medical care. In fact they were not treated. The medicine was phoney but hardly a placebo since their doctors aimed to do deliberate harm. The aim was to study the disease through a person’s lifetime and finally n autopsy!

They were not only not treated, they were prevented from getting treatment from anywhere else. In the 1940s penicillin was approved as a drug and became the standard treatment for syphilis. The antibiotic could have been used to treat those people with the disease. After all by that time they had studied these people’s medical condition for 8 years. But these doctors did not treat the subjects and actively prevented them and their family members from seeking another diagnosis and treatment as had become available to them in the area; So the study continued and under various supervisors during its 40 year duration. So it cannot be blamed on one or two research doctors and scientists.

The study was not secret. There were reports openly published and available to the medical community throughout the study years. The medical community knew full well what was going on and no doctor said anything. In 1966 Peter Buxtun, a venereal-disease investigator with the department of Public Health Services wrote to the national director of the Division of Venereal Diseases to point out the lack of ethics and morality of the long term syphilis study. The Center for Disease Control however were the very people, who by then were in control of the study, so their reply was that there was a need to continue the research until it was completed. And completed meant all the syphilis subjects had to have died and their corpses autopsied. They sought and gained support from the local chapters of the National Medical Association and the American Medical Association. In 1968 William Jenkins, an African-American working as a statistician at Public Health Services called for an end to the study, but his call went unheeded. This syphilis study was done with the approval of doctors, and without any objections made by doctors AND from the very top to the wider community of doctors and research scientists, who knew about it because it was published opening in the medical literature. The question is why didn’t any of them speak us? Are they all bad?

In 1972 Peter Buxtun became “the whistleblower” when he leaked the study to the press, which led to the study being terminated immediately due to a public outcry. By that time most of the men with syphilis had died. But it was not the dead men alone that suffered. Their wives had contracted the disease and there were babies born with congenital syphilis. Instead of hanging their heads in shame or scrambling to apologize, arguments were made to defend the doctors. The excuses made were that people who got syphilis were to blame; that they had contacted it themselves owing to their sexual activities. So the subjects that took part in the experiment were at fault not the doctors! This reasoning was used to say that it blinded the physicians and thus justified their inaction for not treating their subjects. Who are they kidding? What about the fact that they didn’t treat the wives so infants were born with the disease? The physician’s intention was to study the long term progression of the disease and most probably also its effects on unborn children. I would say any of the wives or infants born that subsequently died would have been autopsied too. Right at the start one researcher was not in agreement with the study going beyond the first year and the patients left untreated. But he was overruled so he retired from the program. The physicians knew their subjects, they knew their subjects were married and they knew that their subjects had wives. They also knew that those wives, at various times, got pregnant and gave birth to diseased newborns. The physicians involved acted deliberately and inhumanely and could hardly be said to be blinded by the way the disease is contacted. By such reasoning doctors should not treat any one with venereal diseases ever!

Yes, this can be described as racist but even there the true motive is hidden. The harm that they did could have equally been done to anyone. Evil people, to justify themselves, commonly hide under a racist cover. You have to ask yourself, is this an experiment or a hate crime? By the end of the study only 74 of the original 399 syphilitic subjects were still alive. 28 had died of syphilis, 100 had died of related complications, 40 of their wives had been infected and 19 of their children were born with congenital syphilis. They had seen one after another die or become infected or be born infected over a 40 year period and they continued on. They continued unaffected by the suffering of innocent victims. They even unashamedly publish their results openly to the wider community of doctors. The catch cry: “Oh well they need to be professional and not get caught up in feeling sorry and human emotions!” Think about it. Do you expect that the surgeon that might operate on you should treat you like a piece of meat in order to be professional? They were only stopped when a whistleblower leaked the study to the press. Who can do such a thing? These are what their psychiatric colleagues label as “successful psychopaths” and they are doctors and medical researchers. And with their own colleagues looking on or having knowledge after the fact because the findings, at every stage, were published in scientific journals. For 40 years the scientific community was silent!

It is also not valid to blame the American people and say that they are racists. When the news was leaked to the press there was a public outcry, so great, it ended the study in a day. This shows that the racist card could not have been played. Furthermore Congress passed laws and set up a commission to regulate studies involving human participants. Medical ethics is really about laws having to be set up by governments in order to protect the public from the doctors. And laws that were well justified because in Guatemala the U.S. Public Health Service doctors did even worse things. From 1946 to 1948 American doctors infected soldiers, and patients in a mental hospital as well as prisoners with syphilis, with the cooperation of some Guatemalan health ministries and officials. A total of 696 men and women were made sick with syphilis in experiments without their informed consent. After the subjects were confirmed to have become infected with the disease they were treated with antibiotics but they may not have all been cured. And such things happen in other first world countries too and involved all people. I am old enough to recall that in Australia in the 1960s and early 1970s there was a lot of effort made by the public to gain the right to have a say in their own medical treatment over and above what the doctors wanted. In the 1950s and 1960s if you had cancer for instance, you had to undergo surgery or whatever other treatments the doctors wanted to give you. If you objected you were treated as a mentally ill patient as well. This was not about health but money.

With all the legislation that has been put into place in most countries around the world things should have gotten better but they are worse today than ever before. Health has become a very big issue. Part is seen in the government involvement in health care and corruption. There are conflicts of interests with respect to treatments and drugs they will approve or will not approve. Part of the problem is seen in the commercial interests selling and governing treatments.

The pharmaceutical companies have gained tentacles in all areas and play one against the other. For example if a pharmaceutical company doesn’t get their merchandise approved by a government body then they use their influence with patient groups and have the patients apply the pressure on governments for them. People are complaining about individual doctors and bad treatments, misdiagnoses and wrong diagnoses. They are complaining about the ill effects of some drugs. However all of this, even though it appears huge, is only the visible top of the iceberg. The big problem is the nature of disease itself and how it is being portrayed by the biomedical scientists.

We hear about how patients need drugs and doctors but we done hear too much about the fact that for doctors and drugs to exist there needs to be patients.

The doctors and the pharmaceutical companies need people to get sick and to have a need to buy treatments. Without patients the whole medical industry implodes into dust. Disease is a necessary part of the picture and yes, it has existed from ancient times. However in the last half century its incidence has sky-rocketed. We think that as there are more people on the Earth there will be more people who will, at some time in their lives, become sick. No! It is the percentage of people who get sick that is sharply increased.

How has this happened? Incredible as it might sound to you this is also about corruption. Disease, and even infectious disease, is all about how people are being underhandedly cheated and maltreated and for a variety of reason. Most commonly the offenders are those close to the victim/patient, typically next-of-kin. Their aim is to manage their lives by manipulating and controlling the other party or by punishing them “for disobedience”!

In the case of infectious disease the means is simple. It has to do with posing danger covertly and thus causing the person targeted to react with fear, which is a person’s normal reaction under conditions of danger. When a person experiences fear due to an external danger, their immune system is temporarily declined; which is a normal reaction. However when the danger is unseen and not understood by the person targeted and when the offenders continue to pose danger over a prolonged period of time, then the person’s fear reaction continues over time. This means their immune system is declined over that amount of time. A declined immune system makes the person vulnerable to infection because the means by which they have and normally use to fight infection are not in use in their body. This is particularly evident in what happened in the Congo. The white colonialist-exploiters had exercised a harsh system of punishments, such as publicly chopping off one hand in those who refused to work, to force the natives to work on their plantations. However the harsh treatment meant the natives lived in constant fear. As a result a large percentage of the population died of infectious diseases. The plantation owners then moderated their treatment of the natives, not because of any moral reason, but because they were rapidly losing their workforce. With less danger of being brutalized by the whites, the natives survived and were productive. This is one clear example that flies in the face of the medical germ theory. It is not the germs that are a problem but the wellbeing of the organism. Our bodies are designed to be able to fight pathogens that are new and that they have never encountered before and to build up immunity against those pathogen as well.

As you saw in the posts on how cancer develops, foul games are played in a way that causes the person targeted to react in a particular way so that their body develops cancer. To get the effects that an evil offender is looking for, he or she needs to be able to employ other evil people over a long period of time. So how do these toxic people find one another? The answer is that evil people are networked with like-minded others thus they can find the people they want to use easily and quickly. Being networked they can also impose a code of behavior on the evil collective. Like ordinary underworld gangs they maintain secrecy under pain of death. And the type of death that they commonly employ is white washed by a medical examiner at autopsy, i.e., heart attacks, stokes and other fatal medical conditions.

Since the industrial revolution a lot of people have moved to the cities so that in today’s world the greater number of the population live in close proximity to one another. Modern technologies, such as the internet and mobile phones etc., have given people more immediate access to one another. Both close proximity and technology has also enabled toxic people to build bigger networks and exchange a lot of information about various cheats or what they call “procedures”. Evil people have became more sophisticated in the foul games that they play. Most evil people don’t know anything about biology and they don’t have to. They only know that “if you do this, you get that reaction and that leads to this sort of medical condition or death”. As one evil man once said to me after I explained how the biology behind anxiety, “I never thought about it so deeply”.

In the last hundred years there have been many movements, such as gay rights and women’s liberation etc., that empowered people. Empowered and liberated people are a problem for toxic people. Toxic people want to enslave those with whom they form long term relationships, especially in marriage, socially and in the workplace, in order to manipulate and control them. Toxic people become more aggressive when opposed. They see a “them and us” world and they want to dominate and rule the world. To do this they have built elaborate recruitment programs to target children, both their own and those of others, in situations where they are able to gain influence or where they can create situation to gain influence. And these situation are not simply physical. Ignorance of the ways in which they operate is the biggest problem for humane people. Understanding that the battle is fought in the mental realm is what is needed to destroy evil people and their networks.

The medicos, mostly psychiatrists, talk about 2 or 3% of the population are psychopathic. And they have conveniently made a large number of artificial classifications to hide the bigger number, eg narcissistic, antisocial, etc. It takes about 5 or 6 toxic people (psychopaths = criminals), at the very least, to get one cancer patient. If we look at the disease load on the world, we can see that the figure the doctors are talking about is too low. I would say the figure is closer to 10 or 15% of the population! And if you add to that the number of people who are greedy enough to aid and abet psychopaths, then the number of harmful people in the community can be far greater than 20%. I suspect the power politics and the dirty games that are played is the reason for the many new and mysterious medical conditions and syndromes that are emerging in recent times. Evil people, though their numbers may be high, can be beaten. And really will be beaten. I will be discussing evil people and their networks in more depth in another blog. I have started to document what I know about foul games (cheats / “procedures” ), that are played here: and I will beadding more to this blog in the future.

The foul games that toxic /evil people play, which gain them power and influence over another person, to manipulate and control the other person, is the root cause of all the major diseases ( ) and maybe all disease, even those diseases that are congenital. In the last fifty years or so, especially as more is known and understood about biology, doctors and medical researchers have become aware of the real causes of disease. And of course toxic doctors today know full well why a person becomes sick. They use these methods themselves! It is not some miracle cures but the information about the true nature of disease that the biomedical industry is hiding. The cure to diseases such as cancer is information and how it can be used and not a drug or some medical procedure. When the person experiences an “ah ha” experience, their body begins to remiss the cancer etc. Their body naturally facilitates their journey back to health. This process can be greatly accelerated using mental prescriptions or what we may call well formulated prayers.

The truth about cancer and other diseases is being concealed by many means, such as discrediting of ESP and the use of the psychiatric profession to discredit the link between ideas and the biology. These means help evil people remain hidden and able to continue to play their foul games, giving the biomedical industry, which includes doctors and scientists, the ability to profit from disease. The medical industry is aiding and abetting the worst elements in society to maximize their profits.. indeed to gain profit because without disease they have no work. And diseases are increasingly “maintained”, so patients have to take medication over a long time. People are continually subjected to various tests with the treats of “it could come back” or “let’s see if it’s come back” etc. For diseases to be maintained and hence made even more profitable, the victim/patient has to be abused for many years and in some cases for the rest of their lives while doctors claim no social responsibility.

The foulest means are used to keep the truth about diseases, and specifically as I will discuss, the truth about cancer quiet. It is done by the biomedical scientists themselves and not big pharma.

Science is being corrupted… polluted in the foulest ways for the sake of power politics and profits. So while the doctors in the Tuskegee Experiment openly published their finding and no doctor raised a red flag, here the doctors are opening corrupting science and doing it collectively, with consensus and hard selling it to the public. They have depicted the biological structures and processes in ways that sell the medical stories. They aim to deceive the public. And for their efforts the research scientists and doctors gain huge grants, build large research empires and new biotech companies etc. They become the prima donnas in university departments and of course many are directly employed in R&D by the pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical industry collectively has tens of thousands of scientists and doctors working for them. The commercial agenda becomes evident when we critically examine the way the biology is reported. This corruption, unlike the ESP denials and denigrations, demonstrates not only the false medical story about disease but corruption that goes a long way further. Biomedical scientists and doctors are looking to affects people’s lives and beliefs in many other areas to help their cause. So religion and faith are under attack, free will is under attack and ethics has been reduced to “what suits me so long as I can somehow justify that it doesn’t hurt others”. So it can be said: “what suits me, i.e., what profits I can make, so long as I don’t hurt anyone, but if others do the hurting and that helps me profit, who’s fault is that?” Relative Morality! To make it stick, it is not enough to deny ESP and corrupt the science, they need to take down faith and free will as well and make you a robot, a fool!

Kyrani Eade, March, 2014


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