contents page

This blog is really a book so to help you read it in the order in which it is written or to jump to posts of interest I have added this contents page.


The God Hypothesis

The Prayer Experiment part1

how science has tested prayer

The Prayer Experiment Part 2

{Note: I have started a video series on cancer here:

In this video I will be discussing prayer but that discuss will be near the end of the series so it will be a long way off yet.. maybe by the end of 2016 as there will be at least 8 videos in the series. }

What causes Cancer -a brief account

Some allied matters first

The big C cancer explained!

Ideas are at the centre of what causes cancer!

Reaction to Ideas

Problems and dangers of prayer formulation.

Distortions of Meaning

Part 2 of a prayer or mental prescription: needs explaining

Why the person develops cancer.

Metastasis and discussion of changes to cells

Prayer’s Counterattack.
Part 3 of the Prayer, the Counterattack.

A Summary and the complete prayer.

Problems in drug testing.

Prayer testing not done honestly.

Science and Ethics.

I will post more soon but first I am trying to make some videos to help people understand how to effect spontaneous remission deliberately.



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