Part 2 of a prayer or mental prescription: needs explaining

The Directive to the Universe to change cancer cells back to normal.
To fully appreciate this section of the prayer it is very important to have an idea in mind about what this section means otherwise the words to instruct the body to revert the cancer cells back to normal cells might seem hard or impossible to believe. So it is important to understand that there is a “medical story” being sold to the public. The story is aimed at making people feel out of control of the situation and afraid enough to seek medical help from doctors and at any cost; thus the ideas of damaged genes, genetic copying errors and viruses etc. These ideas make people feel helpless where their body and health are concerned. Added to this are the suggestions made by doctors that it’s so easy, just eat right, exercise every day and sleep well and you are healthy! I have known a number of healthy people who got cancer and died in a few months to a year.

The cancer story.
The story sold to the public is that cancer is about “out of control cells” which naturally appear in the body, which “grow uncontrollably” to form masses, if they are not killed by the immune system. These out-of-control “rogue cells” may migrate through the blood stream to “colonize” other parts of the body.. what is called then metastatic cancer.

My findings.
I have found that cancer is about modified cells made deliberately from stem cells by the body where there is a (manufactured) belief of danger to some part of the body. The body’s response is to form a barrier for defense. And if this defense is believed to be needed elsewhere in the body, then some of the modified cells, which are nothing more than extraordinary immune products, go to those new areas and form barriers there too. Cancer is not just a mass of “out of control cells” and one phenomenon shows this well, -spontaneous remission. People in their thousands have become well without taking any particular course of action. The argument is that suddenly their immune system has kicked in and killed all those cell masses. This too is a false argument, not to call it a downright outright lie. Doctors see that the cancer mass is made up of only 40% of cancer cells and the rest are regular immune system cells that act to assist the cancer cells. In reality the whole mass is made of immune system cells, only some are the regular sort and some are created for the purpose.

When I tried to tell one doctor about ideas being behind cancer he reacted with “we’re talking about a physical mass!” And his voice was a screeching pitch. His reaction is the norm because that is all that they are taught in medical school. Of course we are talking about a physical mass but the body made that mass for some reason. If you do not consider the ideas and treat only the physical aspects then you have to account for the changes in genetic expression. Thus doctors make assumptions about miscopied genes and damage because they are locked into the “linked causes” view AND evolutionary biology.

On one of my blogs I discussed an analogous situation, one that many people may relate to. If there is an infection on the skin or damage to the skin we see an inflammatory response. The inflammatory response is something different. It is not normal, when we use the word “normal” to mean “usual”. Doctors use the word normal to mean healthy. Is an inflammatory response normal, i.e., healthy? The answer is “it depends”! If they find some microbes such as bacteria or if they find the skin is damaged then they say the inflammatory response is healthy. If however they do not find microbes or damaged skin they turn to talking about “an immune system malfunction” and hence they would say either “an allergy” or “an autoimmune disease”. This is the outcome of evolutionary biology. All life on Earth evolved from dead matter. Thus all life is robotic.. life is nothing other than a huge variety of different machines. Even the mind and consciousness is being described as machine programming, software and brain circuitry etc. If something is wrong and cannot be explained using “linked causes” then it is explained as a machine malfunction. The truth however is very different. Ideas are at the heart of the issues of disease and also biology. Human beings are not machines and are affected by the underlying reality, which is the mind. Ideas play a crucial role in how a person will respond somatically.

Ideas can trigger an inflammatory response.
On my main blog at
I give two examples the first one is “a fall in love at first sight cheat” and the second one -look half way down the page under the heading of allergic reactions- has to do with the “inflammatory responses cheat”. It is about how a person can be affected by the idea of a ring being toxic and thus harmful to their skin. Ideas are mentally presented to deceive another person. It is done either to gain power over the other person or to get pleasure from their suffering or both. And don’t expect that they are going to look like villains. On the contrary they are going to appear as your allies, falling over themselves to try and help you. Toxic others are used to pose danger so that the person targeted reacts with fear. The person detects the danger, if they have been relationally entangled with those posing danger. A person’s body normally reacts with fear if they detect danger. However with a weak or trivial relationship to the criminals they do not have enough information about the danger. They don’t know if the danger is external or internal. If at the same time there is an idea that depicts the ring as the source of danger, then the person wrongly assumes that the fear they feel is associated with the idea. In this case the idea is that the ring on the woman’s finger is toxic to her skin. The fear is seen as the evidence that the idea must be real. Thus the idea is upheld with confidence, which makes it a belief. The body will launch an inflammatory response in the area under the ring. I have seen cases where such an inflammatory response arises very rapidly and become so bad that the person can’t wear the ring anymore. It is a way of toxic people depriving the woman of some enjoyment. However with the realization that the idea is only suggestion and the danger is external and not related to the suggestion about the ring, then the inflammatory response subsides because a new belief take the place of the old one. The new idea is that the ring is safe to wear. If the person is fast enough in that realization then no inflammatory response is ignited. One belief ignites and another belief stops the body’s inflammatory response! And where there was damage to the skin owing to an inflammatory response then an anti-inflammatory response is ignited to clean up the damage to the skin under the ring. If we can detect brain activity associated with the belief, then maybe we can talk about linked causes to some extent but the true cause is not the brain activity. A belief is an idea strongly held in mind and the mind is not the brain and/or the brain’s activity, it is non-physical. If it was all only physical then such foul games could not be played.. not only there would be no inflammatory response, without foul play there would be no cancer in the world. The medical bonanza gone.

What are we to call the inflammatory response in this cases? It is not normal in sense of it not being a usual event. It is not normal in the sense of it being unhealthy because there was no real need for it. It was initiated because there was a belief that it was needed and that belief depended on ideas presented with coincident but unrelated danger.. a cheat! I don’t think the words “immune system malfunction” are appropriate or even correct because the immune system did not malfunction. It functioned normally but the person erroneously set it forth. Cancer is exactly the same thing and just as an inflammatory response can be arrested so can cancer. Indeed when you are alert to the cheat from the start you do not develop cancer in the body because there are no beliefs that would set the body in that direction.

Certainly genetics is involved and we have been told for decades now that the genes are passed down to us from our parents and that they dictate what happens to our bodies and even how we behave. It was the “central dogma” but in more recent times the central dogma has been replaced by a whole new area called epigenetics. Epigenetics points to the reason for the appearance of cancer cells. It is hard to appreciate how body chemistry and cellular activity can influence our genetic code and more particularly as a result of beliefs. So I will point first to evidence that shows that the accepted theory has problems and give an alternative view.

Mutations are caused by?
The mediators that doctors claim cause a mutation or change to a gene are either from outside the body, i.e., come from the environment and are:
1. UV light, from the sun
2. Carcinogens – high on the list are substances found in tobacco smoke.
3. Radioactivity
4. Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.
or from inside the body and they are:
1. Some immune system cells such as macrophages and neutrophils
2. Bile acids that they find in the colon

Let’s examine these.
External factors supposedly causing cancer.
UV radiation.
UV light is blamed for some skin cancers and there is plenty of talk about holes in the ozone layer in the Earth’s atmosphere and more UV light getting in. And there is a tendency to see this as reasonable evidence BUT we can see a dramatic increase in just 15 years since the mid 1990’s. UV light from the sun has not increased so dramatically in this time as to justify these increases in cancer, if the UV light is to blame. What about people spending more time in the sun and particularly with light colored skins? We find dark skinned people, who for thousands of years practically lived under the sun all day long, now getting skin cancer! I’m not convinced that the sun has anything to do with it at all.

Carcinogens are substances that supposedly cause cancer by damage to genes. The carcinogens highest on the list are found in cigarette smoke and said to be the cause of lung cancer, which has sky-rocketed in recent years. It is by no means limited to people who smoke. Why are more non-smokers getting lung cancer than ever before? Smoking has been bans in public places in the last ten to fifteen years so most people who don’t smoke do not encounter smoke in the air very often. Then there are cultures where there has been heavy smoking for many centuries and they only have developed lung cancer in the last fifty year!

To prove the “link” between smoking and lung cancer some researchers took a bunch of monkeys and subjected them to a brutal regime of smoking. They found the monkey got lung cancer and claimed they had proved a link between smoking and lung cancer but I smell a rat! I suspect that there was more to the story than was published.


I had thought originally that maybe the ideas were inadvertent and problematic but I now doubt this. I now strongly believe that there are medical experiments done, particularly in the field of cancer research, to look for more efficient ways of causing cancer and passing that information on through the toxic /evil subculture, which would explain the explosion of cancer incidence in the last thirty-five years. In reporting their experiments and findings in medical journals however they don’t mention anything about ideas and ill intent.

 Cultures of living tissues have also been used to supposedly “test” substances for being carcinogens. And they found everything but the kitchen sink could “potentially” cause cancer. And note the word “potentially” because it is very relevant. It is really a way of doctors covering themselves. Back in the 1990’s there were experiments done with common substances that had been handled and eaten by humans for thousands of years, such as tomatoes and broccoli. And they found these to be carcinogens! How?


These results of course are published without mention of the associated thoughts. They just record the physical details of the experiments. And this is of course “good science” and “supported by scientific community”. If the ideas are reported then it becomes “woo woo science”! I have been targeted many, many times and I had, on a dozen or more occasions, developed cancer. I have been able to treat every single case without medical help. The first time I followed my instinct but I began to realize that when I resolved issues and dismissed the suggestions made, recognizing they were false ideas, I recovered from the cancer; In some latter cases even in a matter of a day! I resolved a bone cancer the size of a large grain of rice in 24 hours! And the proof is there alright because I would have the “immune products” or what doctors call cancer cells in the lymphatic system in my body. I am now able to prevent the cancer from forming in the first place. So I find the monkey story sus, the cell cultures getting cancer by carcinogens sus and I have seen other experiments as well that are equally sus.

Even radioactivity can be challenged since after Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed in the Second World War, it was found that the number of people who got cancer was not significantly different from the average of the population! And knowing that why scare people that the very treatments they administer to supposedly cure the cancer will give them more cancer?


The next category, and one that is very fashionable these days, is microorganisms and particularly viruses cause cancer. Millions of young women as they enter adolescence are vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV) because doctors claim it will prevent them from getting cervical cancer! There is no real evidence that this is so. If you look into scientific reports you will find that most doctors are cautious about what they say. Many only say that viruses etc., are “linked with”, “associated with”, “implicated in” or “somehow involved with” the appearance of cancer. The truth is that they know that viruses do not cause cancer. As some suggest, “cancer is a multi-step thing”.

It is true that probably about 80% or more of people with a variety of cancers blamed on the human papillomavirus will be found to have the virus but so what? The HPV and the many strands of the virus, at one stage or another of a person’s life, infect almost the entire global population. And the virus has left copies of itself in people’s genomes. It is part of the viral replication process. To account for this they say that in the vast majority of cases people’s immune system clears away the infection without the need of medical help. So they go on to say that in a small number of cases (about 5-10%) this doesn’t happen and the person has the virus over many years. How do they know this? They don’t know! Indeed they go so far as to suggest that the process takes 10–15 years and that they see pre-cancerous lesion during that time. On what evidence? They would need to screen the vast majority of the population over many years and to allow lesions they might see to develop and see if in how many years the lesion might become cancer, to be able to say such a thing. It is mere suggestion.

Next they look at how viruses behave and try to connect the activities of the virus with the properties of cancer cells. HPV is a DNA virus, which means it has to enter into the cell nucleus and use the protein machines that are there for its own purposes, i.e., to replicate itself. The protein machines only exist in the nucleus when a cell is dividing because they are produced when a cell is preparing for cell division. So the virus has to enter a cell that is dividing. Otherwise the virus has to stimulate the cell into dividing in order for cell make the necessary machinery. However even with such stimulus from the virus, cells do not start to divide endlessly and the virus cannot continue to make copies of itself inside the cell endlessly. It has to leave the cell to mature in order to be ready to reproduce again by entering into another cell. There are changes to the cell because the viral DNA is inserted into the DNA of the cell but that still does not mean the cell will start dividing endlessly. The viral stimulus to cause the cell to divide is a single incident. HPV is present in cancer patients but it is also present in people who have no cancer! And in the end one has to ask for how many millions of years has the virus existed? I would say it has existed at least for centuries, so how come it’s only supposedly affecting people now and not for all of that time? One “out” here for the doctors is to say “new stands of the virus”. To say that they have to have known that those strands were not there before and they only have “data” for a few decades and limited as well because they can’t test every corner of the world to be certain those strands don’t already exist somewhere. They have only their suggestions and no evidence and their suggestions serve to sell vaccines on mass to governments. The virus story is just a money making machine.  

Another argument that is used is that HPV is implicated in many other cancers which are considered “associated cancers” because of human sexual activities. So for instance they cite that HPV is responsible for

  • 90% of anal cancers
  • 65% of vaginal cancers
  • 50% of vulva cancers
  • 35% of penile cancers
  • 60% of oropharyngeal (throat, tongue and tonsils) cancers.

These figures give credibility where there is no real evidence. The assumption made is that people engage in oral sex so it is reasonable that there is a viral infection in the mouth. So there is, but that does not translate to “the cause of cancer”. Another statistic is that anal cancer is 17 to 31 times higher among gay and bisexual men than among heterosexual men. But according to some homosexual men, a majority of homosexual men do not engage in anal sex. Furthermore there are possibly more heterosexual men that engage in anal sex than there are homosexuals. A person engaging in anal sex, who gets anal cancer, is not evidence that the cancer is caused by a viral infection. There are plenty of people who have never had anal sex and who have no HPV infection in their anus who get anal cancer.

Some doctors claim that some cancers such as cervical cancer is a “silent killer” because there are no symptoms. One only needs to look at the symptoms that they recognize to appreciate that they do not regard the person stress as a factor, nor do they consider any unusual emotional reactivity as a symptom. And the symptoms they do recognize are “late symptoms”, which means the cancer has developed!

  1. Vaginal bleeding after having had sex
  2. Pain during sex
  3. Pain in the pelvic area
  4. Unusual discharge from the vagina
  5. bleeding between menstrual periods which is abnormal
  6. unusually heavy bleeding during the menstrual period
  7. urinating more often than normal.

By the time these symptoms arise the doctor is guaranteed work! But if the early symptoms are notice and addressed by the patient themselves, they need never pay the doctor a visit.

 Internal factors supposedly causing cancer.

The immune system.

The immune system is designed to defend the body. The defense is against foreign and dangerous substances that might find their way into the body. These foreign substances include living matter such as microorganisms, parasites and transplanted organs or tissues and inanimate matter including such things as asbestos. The foreign substances that are living invaders are attacked and killed and the debris cleared away. The non-living matter, which cannot be removed, is in a sense quarantined because the body may build a cell case to surround and contain it.

Doctors claim that cancer cells normally appear in the body and are normally killed by the immune system. There is no evidence for such a claim! Cancer cells, as all other cells, may undergo apoptosis, called programmed death but that happens for the same reason as for any other cell, which is if the cell is damaged. In opposition to the doctor’s claim there is plenty of evidence that the immune system helps the cancer. Typical immune system cells are sometimes found with and around precancerous and cancer cell masses. Indeed cancer masses are largely made up of normal immune system cells. In fact the cancer cells are also immune system products, only that they are not the usual types.

Two types of immune system cells that are found are macrophages and neutrophils, which are white blood cells that ingest and kill microorganisms and other foreign cells. With the presence of these cells there are sometime ulcerations of healthy tissue associated with cancer. Healthy tissue is being attacked by immune cells while the cancer is not attacked. To explain this doctors say that these white blood cells have malfunctioned. These immune cells are also involved in apoptosis, so it explains their presence if healthy tissue is being attack. There will be damaged cells in the area that need to be cleared away. When they see these immune system cells present and they don’t kill the cancer cells. The unharmed cancer cells are engaged in rapid cell growth. So doctors say that the immune cells have become dormant. And where they see ulceration of the tissues they start to talk about autoimmune malfunctions /disorder as being coincident with cancer; they say that the immune cells have lost their ability to tell the difference between the “self cells” and the “non-self cells” so the body attacks itself. And even more dramatically they are claiming that radiation and chemotherapy treatments may damage normal cells and immune system cells but the cancer cells are able to prevent themselves from being damaged and killed or that more cells become cancers so the treatment makes things worse.

Look at the way genes and mediators of apoptosis (cell death) are named. The very naming suggests a medical story is being pushed. One of the major mediators of apoptosis is a protein which carries signals locally between cells. It is produced by active macrophages, which ingest and kill cells. This protein has been named tumor necrosis factor or TNF. There are two receptors on the cell to which this protein can bind. Depending on where it binds the cell can be signaled to begin cell death processes, inflammatory response or cell survival. Why call it a tumor necrosis factor? It has nothing to do with tumors? They claim that there is an abnormal production of this mediator. And having made that assumption they go on to talk about a “link” to cancer and autoimmune malfunctions or diseases. Calling the mediator TNF only helps them describe biology in a way that justifies their theories of physical causes for cancer and other diseases. If the mediators that they claim should kill cancer cells are dormant then what else? Why they are malfunctioning! The ideas and beliefs that may cause a person’s body to react in a particular way is not considered and even treated as abhorrence and why not, it threatens their jobs. A cancer patient feeds many health professionals and it is not over when the cancer is gone. They are “monitored” over years and years with tests of every variety. Heaven forbid that the patient can heal themselves or not get sick in the first place!

 Bile acids that they find in the colon

Doctors assume that if they find high levels of bile in the colon then it must be due to a high fat diet. Presumably they expect that there would be a whole lot of bile left over from digestion processes if you eat a lot of fat. It is only suggestion. Eskimos, for centuries, have eaten extremely high fat diets, but only in recent years have they manifest cancer. If it was left over bile from digestion then it would have been there all along, for thousands of years and never cause those people to get colon cancer.

You will find that colon cancer is associated with grief or despair. Both of these are states in which skeletal muscle metabolism is significantly lowered and the digestive system activated. This happens by a high PNS tone. A high PNS tone is also associated with many processes in the body, including the release of bile for digestion of fats. So you will find bile acids in the colon of a person who has had no fat to eat, if they are grieving and that grief is being exploited by toxic people related to the person grieving. In a cheat it is accompanied by fear as well, so the body is in conflict to some extent. Grief, owing to a high PNS tone, stimulates the digestive system and the bowel in particular. It is used in a cheat to fool the person that the vague images that are mentally presented, often of “being gutted” or “having a gutful” etc., will be convincing. The images cause mirror neurons in the brain to become activated but not enough to cause significant activity in the bowel. However if the person is grieving or feels despair then there will already by activity in the bowel. The activity due to the mirror neuron will be wrongly attributed to all the activity in the bowel. So the personal self, which includes the body, reacts as if the imagery is causing all the high activity in the bowel. An idea in mind is upheld with confidence so the idea becomes a belief. Unwittingly their body may build a cell barrier for protection from a seeming aggression or aggressor, which of course is unnecessary because it is all only a cheat and the imagery rubbish.

The medical explanations take what is seen in the body, at the organ, tissue and cellular level but without taking the person and their beliefs into account; So all of the above supposed “causes of cancer” cannot account for the reality. Cancer is a huge “growth industry”. Cancer has existed since ancient times. The Egyptian record incidence of breast cancer as far back as 1600 BC and the Greeks recorded several types of cancer from around 400 BC. However the incidence of cancer was tiny until the industrial revolution. Since about 1900, when the industrial revolution was well underway and people lived in cities in close proximity to one another, this incidence began to rise. In the last 20 years it has absolutely exploded and rapidly increasing. There are no physical factors to account for these statistics. Everything that is being blamed for causing cancer has been around for thousands of years.


Doctors and medical researchers misrepresent the true nature of disease. In reality there is no disease. It is damage taken owing to the way a person reacts somatically to ideas that are presented mentally and which are nothing more than suggestion! You are NOT a machine and you do have the power to make changes in your body, even at the cellular level, affecting genes and all you need do is recognize that some of the belief you hold are bogus. Once you discard the old beliefs and replace them with directives to the Universe, you can get your body to heal itself.. easy!

Epigenetics changes the picture.

You can consider the new science of epigenetics as a guiding light but treat it too with caution. The old science said that genes controlled life. It was considered that the human being was a product of their genes. Genes were thought of as dictating everything about a person, what they say and how they act because it was argued genes determine a person’s traits, which meant everything about the person physically and emotionally was determined by their genes. Your are your DNA.

Then it was discovered that the environment in which identical cells are placed causes them to change into different sorts of cells. So it turns out that “the contractor” or “the one who reads” the DNA controls what happens and not the DNA itself. This came at the time of the new physics, which says that everything might appears solid but in reality it is made of energy. So the argument is made that if thoughts are energy vibrations (they gotta be ahh?? If the brain is all energy and thoughts are in the brain then they got to be energy too!) then thoughts will influence atoms, which are the building blocks of the body and also made of energy. Under this schema the mind and the beliefs are considered to create a ripple effect in the energy that “turns on” cancer cells. I reject these conclusion not only because they are ridiculous but because they try to marry up the old concepts of cancer and disease with the new discoveries in a way that suits doctors. If it was true then all thoughts would cause ripples on the body, even so it could still be suggested that different thoughts cause different ripples and some ripples switch on cancer cells. And of course the thoughts are energy / cause ripple effects means the person is responsible for the ripple wrecking thoughts, while the toxic people get a New Age medical cover! It’s bullshit in my opinion.

You will find that thoughts are the perceptions of other people’s hateful suggestions. This needs to be clearly realized because a person cannot be held responsible for the content of thoughts that are being thought by and mentally addressed to the person they target. You need to appreciate that toxic people are criminals and as such are rubbish.

 It might sound harsh to call criminals rubbish but consider, the criminal is either put in jail and “throw away the key”, i.e., for life, or they are executed. Either way the society treats them as rubbish. In particular toxic people who gang up and prey on other people and thus on society have NO worth. Innocent people are victimized both by the toxic subculture while the medical industry cover the criminals and profit from the damage. The medical propaganda is that all thoughts are created in the brain and hence the person thinking/ perceiving those thoughts is responsible for creating them. In understanding that this is false you are halfway to arresting the disease!

It is vitally important to realize how thoughts are presented and what effects can be created, especially in making thoughts seemingly subliminal for the person targeted.

 A bit about thoughts and ESP.

Thoughts are not energy. And while there may be electrochemical activity in the brain in the process of thinking or making thoughts conscious, the real place of thoughts is at the level of the mind. And here too language, whether intended that way or not, is deceptive. The perception of ideas, particularly between people who are relationally entangled, is called telepathy or extrasensory perception ESP. The first term in particular gives the idea that a thought is transmitted from one brain to another over distance. It is easy enough to do an experiment that disproves this concept. Thoughts are not physical. Energy is still a phenomenon of the physical reality. I prefer to call the phenomenon “direct mental perception” because it does not pertain to the physical reality. There is a collective mind and a personal mind. Each person’s personal mind is private but all people also interact on a common platform, the collective mind.


It is easy enough to prove direct mental perception for yourself. Just look calmly at the person in front of you so that you don’t give any hint away as to what you are thinking. Then mentally address them, speak to them in your mind and mentally say something offensive such as “you’re a stupid rotten idiot”. You will see their reaction as they perceive the offensive thoughts. You can then tell them it was an experiment and ask them to write down what they perceived in mind and you write down what you had mentally said and then compare notes. You will find that they perceived your mental address accurately.

Medical scientists discredit ESP either by:

  1. The way they do experiments. All experiments on ESP are double blinded and thereby they never examine ESP within relationship. And with the ridiculous claim the researcher scientists make is that they need to keep themselves honest! If physicists had the same attitude then the phenomena that led to the development of quantum mechanics would not have been observed.
  2. The way they interpret experiments. Medical researchers believe in “independent observers”. They believe that it is possible to put a conscious living being under the microscope and not affect them in conducting an experiment. I guess they think that double blinding takes care of this too. Physicists know there is no such thing as an independent observer. They need to tie the results back to the observer to make them meaningful!
  3. The way that others aim to repeat the experiments. Even in the few occasions where ESP experiments and their results are published they can still be discredited. All they need is some willing researchers to claim they can’t repeat the experiments. That in other words they do the experiments and can’t get the same results. And how easy to do.. using ESP and giving the subjects “a bum steer”.

ESP is hated by doctors because it destroys Evolutionary Biology and at the same time exposes the real causes of disease. I do not believe the misinformation to the public is some accident. I have seen plenty of occasions where toxic doctors privately use ESP in foul play. So they are well aware of its reality. Denying ESP covers the criminal activity of the toxic chief offender, who is extremely likely to be a next of kin and the toxic mobs, who together play foul games that leads to disease. ESP is of critical importance because without it there is no foul game play and without foul play and people’s ignorance, there is no disease. I discuss ESP or direct mental perception on my Google blog at if you are interested to read more about it.

There is no “mental software” being “downloaded into your brain”, whether in early life or at any time. It is toxic rubbish in a person’s life that is current and problematic but only while the person is ignorant of the cheats. By knowing about the cheats so as to remain unmoved by the ideas knowing the ideas are only perceptions, disease can be avoided. I have begun to document the cheats that I have seen on this blog at:

Maybe we could call thoughts information but even the word “information” is still problematic. Information means facts and knowledge and thoughts are not necessarily facts or knowledge. What to call thoughts? Thoughts can be perceptions or they can be selections or knowledge, reasoning or opinion or suggestions. Maybe we could call thoughts probable selections made from the universal pool of possibilities. And probable because they are likely to manifest some reality but only if they are accepted.  

How the medical scientists involve epigenetics.

It is now accepted by some scientists that a person’s thinking can cause disease and it can cause healing, but how they believe these come about can vary enormously AND none of what they have to say is feasible. Some scientists believe that while you have control over your body.. potentially, BUT… you are not really in control!


They claim that 95% of the mind’s “programming” or software was “downloaded” in the first 5 or 6 years of life. And worse still it was given to you by others! What a bummer! To me it smacks of doctors wanting to keep themselves in the driver’s seat where a person’s health is concerned. I don’t subscribe to this way of thinking at all and indeed I have found something very different.

How epigenetic effects can be explained.

People don’t “live in the past” and they don’t “live in the future”. The reality is that everyone lives in the present. Even if a person upholds ideas about the past or future, they uphold those ideas in the present. There is however another problem and that does affect the level of consciousness and that is that most people use some sort of coping habit to try and avoid ideas that are troubling. I have written about coping habits on my main blog at:

Basically the changes in consciousness involve physical changes in the body, either to raise or lower metabolism. So really it is the personal self that is diminished. I suspect this has something to do with heightened or lowered activity in the brain respectively, which changes the environment of neurons and there would be epigenetic effects that may affect brain chemistry. But those effects are not lasting because if you get rid of the coping habit you recover full consciousness.

The important thing to say here is that there is no “software” running in your brain at any level let alone at a low level. You are always in control. There is no evidence “low level software running in the subconscious”! You can see, by the way the different cheats work that personal self has to be moved to react otherwise there’s no dice! Toxic people cannot act directly on your body. An idea that is not conscious, even momentarily, cannot be used in a cheat because the personal self has to be moved to react to the idea. The personal self is the conscious part. There is no unconscious or subconscious part of a personal self. There is the level of spiritual being but that is a whole different state of affairs and not what we need to discuss here. There is an issue though that needs discussion and that is an illusion of diminished consciousness.

The illusion of diminished consciousness.

Our insight is part of consciousness. We are conscious of information gained through the senses but we are also conscious of ideas gained through direct mental perception, i.e., insightfully. There are methods used to change the intensity of perception. The victim is still insightful but too little and too fleeting for the victim to be sufficiently aware of the images presented in mind or the suggestions made. There are things you can do to improve your perception and learning to meditate is very useful because a key factor is to become more aware of what you’re doing as your doing it. The more aware you remain during everyday life the better you become at spotting problematic perceptions.

The two basic methods involve:

  1. attenuating ESP or
  2. amplifying otherwise low level ESP.  

A strongly related person, such as a next of kin, may seek to “attenuate” the level of ESP in order to be able to present ideas more subtly. This is done with the help of another toxic person who is only trivially related to the victim. The effect has to do with mental addressing. So for instance the toxic next of kin can engage in a conversation with another person, who is trivially related to the victim or targeted person, so as to indirectly talk to the victim. In fact they are talking about the victim. In that way the targeted person will be less perceptive of what is being said. For most people this is not enough to know what is being said. However it may be enough for the person to react (somatically) but the effect is weak. I found that “the management of the body”, is far easier and changes in the body far less than if the ideas were normally perceived. So you can irritate a person but you can’t really make them sick. Thus a combination is used. So suggestion about images is made more conscious but the images less conscious. You can however abolish all effects in the body, just by knowing the cheats. You can also uphold ideas to counteract what you only barely perceive by affirming that ideas of low intensity are only suggestions.


So being mentally addressed directly or not gives a different effect. This can be overcome but it requires me to explain other matters first and it is not essential to explain on this blog so I will be doing that elsewhere.   

Alternatively a person trivially related to the victim can use a next of kin, who is strongly related to the targeted person, to “amplify” perception. So that where they could not get the victim to perceive their mental addresses, e.g., thoughts or words, with the use of a toxic next of kin their thoughts can be perceived. The toxic next of kin thinks of the victim while listening to the spoken words, thus in a sense creating a direct line to the victim. Thus the victim will be perceptive of the weakly related person’s mental address via the next of kin’s mental connection. This method allows the trivially related person to gain the amplification they need. This method is commonly used when the chief offender is not a next of kin.


Different cheats are utilized to gain a perception of the victim’s thoughts. Briefly a strongly related person can, under certain conditions, think of the other person and gain a mental connection enough to perceive some of their thinking. And again a weakly related person can use a strongly related person, such as toxic next of kin, to help them gain the same advantage.


Commonly a person is threatened in many different ways to enable the offenders to gain more perception of their thought world. The threats are made indirectly and aim to cause the victim to become agreeable. This is not the place to discuss these methods further either. I will be doing that on other blogs. But it is important to mention them here to appreciate that far from double blinding, which is used in medical experiments to supposedly test ESP, in real life closely related people such as toxic next of kin and threats are used to amplify ESP.

All of the above methods show that the notion of unconscious or subconscious is erroneous in real terms. All of these problems compound the effects of cheats. A person who is ignorant of the cheats is caught in a snare, particularly if they are mislead by medical misinformation as well about ideas created in the brain. So a cunning combination of moderate, weak and briefly presented ideas could cause that person to react somatically as to build a cell mass in their body, i.e., cancer. And when the causes of cancer are being presented as physical, then the patient (victim) is not going to investigate the ideas and find their own solution.

To fully appreciate the epigenetic effects it is also important to see the power politics that take place. So I will describe a worst case scenario where let’s say a toxic cop is involved and the victim is an enemy of the toxic subculture. The victim might be a scientists researching ESP or successfully healing people using ideas or prayer or a politician that’s being too enthusiastic about fighting corruption and can’t be “persuaded” to give up politics. Cancer is among the many means that can be used in anyone of these sorts of case because public ignorance means the public’s suspicions are not aroused.

The first thing the toxic subculture will do is to seek out who among “their people”, i.e., toxic people can help. Some of the toxic players will be among the victim’s next of kin. If they don’t have any toxic next of kin then the toxic mob will “generate some”. For instance if the guy is not married, then the “fall in love at first sight cheat” can be used, so suddenly he’s met the woman of his dreams or so it will appear! A new spouse can very quickly, in the space of a few months, gain a very favourable next of kin position, meaning that a strong and trusted relationship can be quickly built. Other toxic players will be “inside the system”. If the person is a scientists then other scientists or doctors etc., are used. If they are a politician toxic police might be employed in the foul play. If they belong to some commercial organization then key figures, who are toxic inside that organisation or organizations that are key will be used, as for instance suppliers of bulk goods.

Most people are not aware of the toxic sub-culture so they do not guess that several people in several different areas of their life may be part of a plot against them. They may be betrayed by some of these toxic people as to trust them with personal information. Or the victim may be influenced by being directly but cunningly mentally addressed but believe it is just ideas that have suddenly occurred to them. If the victim is not suspicious and believes that all his or her thoughts are created by his or her brain then the cheating’s easy. The reason for the chief offender’s involvement is either to gain power and influence over the victim or to kill them. The rest of the toxic people are involved for the pleasure they get from seeing and /or insightfully feeling the victim’s suffering.  If the targeted person/ victim is guarded then the toxic mob will resort to an attenuation method. Let’s say the victim buys into the medical story about all thoughts created by the brain to make it simple.

The “give ‘em get cancer cheat”.

I will say right off the bat that no one can give another person cancer. This is talk that toxic people engage in but it is not real. I have described the cheat used in an earlier post but I will do this again to add in the medical picture. First the offenders must discretely pose danger so as to cause the targeted person to feel fear. At the same time make mental suggestions are made, so the targeted person is faced with ideas that are coincident with their fear. The ideas presented feel menacing because the fear appears to be associated with the idea. This is the nature of the power politics of the foul games.

If we take away the fear, we can see that a strongly related person can present ideas but that is not enough to cause the personal self to react.


Aside from the fact that the targeted person may become suspicious, an idea on its own doesn’t carry any weight. The person may think about it and come to the conclusion that it might be imaginary or wrong. If however the idea has an added component of fear, then the targeted person may think about it with concern. So fear is a very necessary ingredient and to generate fear real danger is needed. My late toxic husband said, “toxic people use a “gci”, a gun-carrying individual” and he explained “the term was used because it catered for both types”. When I asked him what he meant, he gave a wry smile and then said “crims carry guns but so do cops”. So what he was telling me is that danger image057can be posed either with the use of a criminal carrying a gun or a corrupt cop, who lawfully carries a gun.

The addition of a criminal does two things. Firstly there is real danger posed, which causes the person to feel fear. Secondly it creates a disparity that moves the inequality to oppression. However an individual may still entertain the notion that if the danger they feel can be identified, that the criminal seen and starts to give them trouble then they could still call the police and get some help.

If the criminal used is a corrupt cop then a huge disparity can be created because the individual thinks that they have no recourse for their protection though they won’t know why. The violence they face comes from “inside the system”. And they may have toxic others inside the system standing against them too. But even in the simplest case the chief offender has a toxic mob behind them who include people in the victim’s life that the victim has not guessed are enemies. So a huge disparity is created, whether there is a criminal or a corrupt cop involved.

image049Under conditions of oppression and danger, an idea presented will seem to have enormous force because the fear seems to be greater. Oppression makes a person feel more vulnerable and less able to cope. And if the oppressive force is unseen or unrecognized then it is even worse than visible, known oppression. These are not some “psychological conditions”. There are real bodily conditions involved. In part a coping habit can be more forcefully invoked. So the fear, which is a mobilization of the body, either for external or internal defence will add to the conditions in the body. So if the person’s body is conflicted by a coping habit then the conflict will be greater. If the coping habit overloads the vital organs, especially the heart, then the overload is greater. So the fear will be seen not only evidence for the idea but strong evidence. And there is another consideration. The conflict or overload in the body due to a coping habit is enhanced by fear that is due to external danger. If the danger is deemed to be internal then a lesser problem for the vital organs arises. So while the idea itself will point to internal danger, the person is likely to accept this if it “feels right”. We assume that something feels right or that our reasoning is correct if we move to a more comfortable place in ourselves, which really means in our body. The gut feeling is bodily as well as mental but so too is the “feeling right”. It is bodily as well as thought or reasoning. So if the body is in a better disposition on accepting that the danger is internal then the person is likely to accept that there is truth to their thinking or reasoning. In fact it is only experiencing a lesser problem in the body and not for any real reason. In reality of course the fear and the idea are unrelated.

For a cancer cheat both fear and anger are always present but not always obvious. Sometimes the person does not recognize fear and anger reactivity other than “a hot feeling”. Danger needs to be pinpointed before the body moves to decline or amplify the immune system response. If the danger is perceived to be external, then the immune system will go into decline as the body mobilizes for action. If the danger is believed to be internal then the immune system will increase its activity in the area where the danger is perceived. We need to distinguish here the normal working of the immune system. There are trillions of immune cells and products throughout the body, which work in harmony. So if some foreign microbes or cells are detected in one area of the body, immune cells and products can be brought to the area, as much as needed. However if there is an idea, which depicts danger in a specific area, and that idea is accompanied by fear, which is taken to be evidence for the idea of danger, then the immune system can be put into high alert. Even without the anger the person feels oppressed and struggling against some nebulous force in the “inner realm”. If they are also angered then they become aggressive so a very vigorous effort or struggle is launched. The immune system can be caused to very quickly and aggressively bring immune cells and products into the area. This is an inflammatory response that erroneously targets the area with no regard to the fact that there is nothing foreign. It doesn’t check for “self” and “non-self” cells. It just fires away with cytotoxic attack at what ever is there.. yeah healthy cells! It is clear evidence that the biology is purpose driven and not a machine that has malfunctioned. The attack damages and destroys healthy cells. Inflammatory responses that attack healthy cells are characteristic of some precancerous and cancerous conditions. This is not enough to cause cancer. All that has happened here is that the immune system has been erroneously put into action.

For the next stage to take place, that is changes to stem cells as to create barrier and /or resistance cells, the area in question needs to be also activated and concurrent with the fear and the ideas presented in mind.

To be continued

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Distortions of Meaning

Distortions of Meaning.

If you are a humane person you do have free will and the ability to consciously make selections about their reality, even in the absence of external coercion, because there is no external coercion that has authority. I am not talking here about the usual social structures. For instance a police officer has authority to investigate a crime but if a person has not transgressed then there is no authority to interfere with that person. I am talking here about a person’s rights as an existence in the universe. There are rights that stand absolute and no social structure has authority over them. Such rights do extend to the natural world and the social environment. The selections are the causal processes of thoughts and are directives to the Universe but only if they are consistent with Truth. Evil has no ability to make such selections. Harm is done in one of two ways, either by evil or by good. Evil cannot harm directly. Thus they look to present ideas or distort meanings as to cause another person to uphold ideas that become their selections. These selections then may give rise to harmful bodily reactions. The other way is “lawful harm” and it can only be done by humane (good) people. This applies in cases where there are selections made by evil people with the intent to adversely influence another person and/or their children or property. So a humane person can use the consequences set up in the universe of such selections for the purpose of self-defence or the defence of another. These consequences become selections that override the evil mindset. An evil person can be hunted down and destroyed at the level of Mind. Mind is both Void and Clarity together. And within it selections have a ripple effect. The Universes together (this and other universes) exist in The Mind of God. (Most Christians think in terms of a Holy Spirit but the true translation from the original Greek is Mind and not Spirit or worse still Ghost.). Humane people are essentially free because they are not locked into a mindset and thus have the ability to note the ideas and knowing they are mere suggestion can then discharge them and replace them with beneficial ones. To try and overcome the freedom of humane people, evil people try to distort meaning. To try and distort meaning they commonly use what they call hash or what they try to justify as “nuances of meaning”. So they may try to use a person’s prayer or give their positive ideas a negative meaning.

Hash is words and phrases, sometimes sentences.. “chopped and recooked”

and of course these are nothing more than suggestions and just garbage but you need to be aware of that.

There are many ways in which hash is created. A few common ways that I have seen are:

  1. To chop a word into parts as for instance the word “toxicology” was used at one point against me and I suspect these were toxic doctors. The hash garbage might have be “toxic c/o (care of) logi” which is an attempt to say “toxic care of word” or “the words taken care of by toxics” because they were suggesting “toxicology reports”. Of course they have no authority. It is mere suggestion. The word reports might have been meant as a verb as well as a noun. The last part logi has origin from Greek meaning either “word” or “idea”. So the hash garbage was an attempt to say “it’s the toxic doctor’s say since toxic doctors get to make the report at autopsy. They got to kill me first and it’s now more than 15 years of trying! A word is sometimes hashed in two languages if the person is bilingual. So toxicology hash garbage could have also been attempted as “toxic: co (for company, so children, pets, friends) low gh” (gh means earth, so idea of dead). This is a way of threatening a person’s children, pets or friends etc. BUT “toxic co(mpany)” is the evil subculture! So “toxic: co low gh”  backfires! Note that the words or phrases used are all general and the meaning, which needs to be affected, is mental. So it is generally not a good idea to use hash in any counter attacks, unless you can confidently fix the meaning.
  2. Another way in which they try to use words is by using synonyms. So for example they might suggest the word “pregnant” and that word is commonly used synonymously with “expecting”. The word “expecting” is general and for meaning there needs to be specificity! The words “I’m expecting it to happen” has no meaning. But “I’m expecting the fall of evil people because it is written, i.e., there are directives set in the universe” has meaning! Words with similar sounds are also used, as for example the word “morning” has the similar sound as the word “mourning”. So if a person uses the word morning in their prayer for instance they have to be careful their meaning is consistent with what they want. A good way to overcome some of this is to use pictures, so it is best to create a prayer in writing and illustrated. It’s not necessary to be an artist, stick figures and simple shapes is enough but a more fancy presentation can be made by creating a collage of pictures cut out of a magazine. Basically seeing pictures enables a person to uphold the meaning they intend in mind. I strongly suspect evil people use pictures to try and create the distortions. So pictures are a way of overcoming any such attempted distortions of meaning through mental suggestion.
  3. The distortion of grammar so that a phrase or sentence has a different meaning is a way of trying to create a so-called nuance of meaning. If a person is bi-lingual then the sound of a word in one language is used for a word with the same sound in the other language, which can change the meaning if they are not aware of it. So for instance a person’s counter of something that might have been suggested might be “it has nothing to do with me”. One attempt was to change this to “It has nothing; to do with me” to try and say that I have nothing and that this nothing had to do with me. A good way to overcome this is to change the wording so to say “the evil people’s suggestions have nothing to do with me as they have no relevance to me and my property”. If the person is bi-lingual then the enemy might translate the words and then hash.  The word in Greek for “does not” is “den” which has an almost identical pronunciation with the word “then” and of course this changes the meaning. So the Greek with the English word becomes “then has to do with me”. A way around it is to use positives rather than a negative. “Suggestions are null and void” or “I reject all suggestions”
  4. Another way to attempt to distort meaning is by the use of grammatical stops. So for instance the sentence “I reject the evil suggestions” had been presented back to me as “I reject. The evil suggestions.” At the source, this is most likely spoken by one person and listened to by another person, who is more closely related to the targeted person. If spoken they can more easily leave a barely noticeable pause after the word “reject” to indicate a full stop. So as an idea at the “perceiving end” by the targeted person, it is not immediately recognizable. But once you realize it you perceive the attempted distortion every time. Again reword it and use a picture. I reject the suggestion of the evil people. And put it up on your wall. I further stated that this is “a sentence and they tried to suggest that a sentence was a punishment assigned for being guilty.. of opposing the evil people!  So one needs to go further to say that it is a set of words that is complete in itself”. It is not to convince the other party but to make the meaning clear in your own mind because it is this meaning that they attempt to distort. Another way they use gramma changes is to use signatures. So for example to try and distort the meaning of the phrase “the evil people perish” gramma stops were used. With a colon the phrase becomes “the evil people: perish!”. Thus “perish” becomes a suggestion made by the evil people. And when that didn’t work they turned to “perish the thought”! A picture of evil people in a pool of their blood in a mass grave being ploughed under, brings to mind the meaning. 

To someone unaware of the hash it can be a serious matter because how you react to ideas depends on meaning. Sometimes not understanding the hash and attributing a different meaning from what was attempted can be a saving grace but at other times not realizing the hash can be hazardous. There is a tendency to think that meaning is just some mental construct that humans have devised but that is not so. It is a fundamental aspect of the Universe because it is tied to truth. I have seen many cases where even animals were affected and affected because they had to have, incredible as it seems, perception and understanding of meaning. Animals don’t understand language. However to be affected by hash distortions of meaning in the mind of someone interacting with them means that meaning can’t be something humans thought up and created. We construct words and we talk about giving those words meaning but in reality this is round the wrong way. We perceive meaning and construct words to depict those meanings. So meaning is something fundamental. For instance there was hash of the Greek word for “egg”. The sound was hashed because it sounded like the English “ ‘ave go ”. The meaning of “have go” was aimed at meaning if you eat it (then) you die. This was enough for the animal, which previously ate the egg with relish, not to want to even be near it, let alone eat it. When I recognized and addressed the hash and took the meaning back to “egg” the animal once again would eat the egg. In another case blue berries was hashed to blue.. buries and it again affected certain animals that previously ate them. And these are just two examples. I could cite many, many more. If meaning was not fundamental and outside of language, and if the mind were not a non-physical reality, then it would be impossible for such things to happen. The above is not an exhaustive list. There are many different ways in which evil people look to deceive humane people in order to cause them to react in a way that would hurt them. The important thing to appreciate is that all hash and indeed all of evil suggestions are general so it is just a matter of recognizing that and making the prayer wording specific and supported with pictures AND keep them private.

Hash shows that toxic people are “the enemy” in every sense of the word. They are hell bent on seeing another person harmed. Think of an two year old with cancer and what shit it takes to repeatedly present ideas to harass that child and drive it to the grave. They must be treated as enemies. This brings me to ideas conveyed in Christianity, in the main but also in other religions that has to do with enemies and which I strongly believe are corruptions of the holy texts. One can well understand people like Dawkins screaming about religion when we see what corruptions there are. However this is politics, the politics of the evil subculture. Evil people have at times gained positions within the church from which to yield power and doing harm by using corruptions as a stick. It is not the religion that is at fault but corrupt people. Religion is only the belief in and worship of God.

Religion never denies you the right to self defence. One key and dangerous idea in the Christian faith is to “love enemies” and to “forgive enemies”. I heard one Greek Orthodox priest claim that “if you don’t forgive the person who transgresses against you then you go to hell while the offenders go to heaven”. What! I later found that he was a paedophile, which explains his self-serving rubbish. I want to make it clear here that I am NOT saying “never forgive”. Forgiving another person, who has wronged you, whether you know them or not, may be appropriate and in many cases forgiveness is a good thing. However one needs to discriminate who they may forgive and who not to forgive. Not all enemies fall into the same category. An enemy is someone who is either actively opposed or hostile towards you but there may be many reasons for their stance. Not all enemies are evil. It may be appropriate in some cases to forgive an enemy. My caution is that the statement in the Bible is general. It does not discriminate. Evil people should never be forgiven.

Most people consider to forgive means to stop being angry or resentful towards an offender. However that definition is far short of what it means. A person who faces an injustice issue needs to find some resolution to stop being angry. The Greek word for forgiveness has the meaning of “accommodating (the offender) on common ground”.. This can only happen when the offender has confessed the offence, admitted guilt and shown genuine remorse and the willingness to make up for the wrong somehow and by their future actions show that they have changed. Far from any of this an evil people looks to use the offence that they have committed to continually harass the person mentally. They may profess that they are sorry but at the same time repeatedly present ideas of the offence so as to trouble the victim. Forgiveness is most certainly NOT “something one does for themselves”. This explains why some people get past the anger they feel and others can’t even though they have made an earnest effort to forgive.

To forgive someone of an offence and accommodate them on a common ground the crime and the consequences of the crime need to be addressed. In the language of the Bible the consequences are called debts, which is not a good way of thinking about them. Evil deeds are in a different class to other crimes because they create three consequences. Evil people’s crimes may appear to be against individuals but when we look at the big picture we find that there are mobs of evil people who stand against freedom, truth and justice. They are certainly about cruelty and destruction but they are also about subjugation of the entire community of the humane and dictatorship by underhanded means. And anyone’s actions that collude with evil people and their actions are themselves equally offending. Evil actions are also against God. The main reason is that evil people blaspheme. Blasphemy is not about being irreverent about God and sacred things, which is the usual definition. It is about misrepresenting Truth. All foul play of evil people is dependent on distorting meanings, using hash and various ways of trying to misrepresent truth. Thus the offence is an offence against the Mind of God or the Universe. Blasphemy is not forgiven. Forgiving an evil offender for their hateful actions only disadvantages the victim because it negates the consequence that applies to them directly and which can be used against the evil people. The consequence can be used to counter attack the offenders. So evil is in a different category to what we normally call sin.

Christians quoting the “Lord’s Prayer” need to be aware that there is a lot of ambiguity when it comes to what is meant. If you read the original Greek then the words are “release from or let go of the debt” but it is not clear as to whether this means a debt of money, the interest on money loaned or something else. If you read the Modern Greek then the words are “forgiveness of sin”. This is interpretive and not mere translation; but even here the words have many meanings. The word “sin” in Greek can mean “missing the mark”, a failure, especially in doing something, or it can mean a bad action but it is unclear as to what constitutes a bad action because there is no word for evil action in Greek. 

It is very dangerous for a person to forgive an evil person of their evil action for two reasons. One is, as I mentioned above, that the debt can be used to ward off or counter attack the enemy. So letting off the offender means that the person has lost their defence. The other however is even more serious. Forgiveness gives the enemy the opportunity they are looking for. Evil people are liars. To give you some idea let me quote one evil person, who say to me “I’m sorry I won’t do that again.” I found that he had almost immediately offended again. When I pointed out what he had said he told me that the “that” in the sentence (I won’t do that again) only referred to the previous type of offence and that this was now a different offence altogether. So he was not saying he wouldn’t offend again but that he would, only with different offences.

To understand the huge disadvantage appreciate that anger is a large part of cancer. It may be obvious but it may also be hidden behind irritability, moodiness or frustration. A lot of people think in terms of “I’m taking it out on him or her (commonly about their spouse) and don’t appreciate that they are angry for a reason but that that reason is not obvious. An evil person will use what ever they can to cause the person to react but the weapon is ideas. Ideas depict issues. So even if they have said they are sorry and are ot genuine then there is an issue of betrayal that can and is used by evil people to cause anger in the victim. If the offender has asked for forgiveness and are not genuine then it makes it very hard for the victim to appreciate the source of their anger and how to overcome it because the offender if they are evil is not the only one involved but a whole mob as well. If you add to that the medical misinformation about ideas created in the brain and ESP as magical thinking then the victim is in a quagmire. Only with the truth can they emerge to understand what they are up against and how to deal with the issues behind the anger.

Some people argue that “forgiveness breaks the bond with the aggressors”. If you think about it you find there is no bond between an aggressor and a cancer victim but there is relationship. This is because the aggressor is either a relative or other associate of the victim. The claim of a bond is commonly made by people who are themselves evil and who often hide behind a fake public face of benevolence. A bond infers agreement and there is no such thing in a crime. Indeed the opposite is true. The victim resents and rejects the offender. If you forgive the aggressor then you have brought them to some extent into an improved relationship that the evil person will seek to use; so forgiveness becomes to some extent a bond. The offender may seem willing to say that they are sorry and if they are next of kin, they are going to quote “family” in a way that tries to make the victim guilty or bad if they won’t accept their fake apology. But whether the victim forgives them or not, the evil people will try to bring the matter to mind repeatedly to trouble the victim. If they forgive then ideas of “fool” and the injustice that had been done might be brought to mind or if they don’t forgive then ideas of “you’re bad” might be presented in mind and the attempt to manufacture guilt. This causes the victim to feel the injustice over and over again. A person can be made even angrier than what they would have been without the added betrayal. Your aim, which is to get rid of the anger, won’t be served by letting the evil person off. You are best to see the theatre of war and as a warrior would, use the situation to your best advantage. All you need to do is realize that ideas are the issue and those ideas are only hateful desires which have no foundation. Evil people’s suggestions are null and void. And the rules of evil people are bullshit. Evil people have no authority, no permission no rights and no power. Make them feel their powerlessness each time and at the same time realize your rights and power.

Evil people use a cheat to try and overcome a person’s rejections of them and their suggestions. In this cheat they make their suggestions and at the same time increase slightly the level of danger. So for instance if they have a line of sight through a window, they may then grab a gun momentarily in their hands and threaten to use it. They don’t need to go out in full view and threaten because relationship is used.


Danger is only the potential for harm. Line of sight, a gun and criminal intent all add up to a potential. This will cause a sudden increase in the targeted person’s metabolism (i.e., fear). This effect is then used. The sudden experience is too rapid to be fully conscious. The person will only be aware of is a sudden increase in their heart rate. This gives a similar effect and thus the illusion of the same reaction in the body as is normally experienced with an acceptance of something. When this illusory effect is made coincident with the ideas /suggestions presented, then it seems as if the person has accepted the ideas in the immediate term, and before they’ve had a chance to think about it. The aim is to deceive the person into believing that they have endorsed the ideas, which means they will treat the ideas as valid and react to the idea. A person who is unaware of this cheat may suffer with increases in cell masses or cancer depending on the suggestions. It is important to read your prayer slowly and consciously to detect such cheats and if it is also illustrated then you can overcome this problem. And again keep the prayer private.

Once you understand this cheat you can use it to detect ideas at an even more subtle mental area. Meditation can be used to watch the ideas arising in mind. If you rest your attention on your breathing you will easily become aware of your heart rate as you notice any ideas that arise in mind. Always remember that the ideas of evil people are baseless, try to remain unmoved by them. Evil people have no rights and no say. Just observe your breathing and heart rate as ideas are presented, and you will see the cheat at a deeper and deeper level. This will help you see that an idea has appeared and there is only a coincident rise in heart rate. The two are separate. It is just ideas and ideas are just like bubbles in soft drink. They pop into existence and rise up to the surface and pop out of existence when you do nothing. If you remain observant then you will detect that the heart rate is fear and not acceptance. It is hard sometimes not to feel angry because the ideas are aimed to be violations but just realize they are null and void and it is an opportunity to treat the evil people as the petty nothings that they are.

The other dangerous idea in the Christian faith as it is proclaimed generally is to “love your enemies”. This is a crippling idea if taken generally. It is vitally important to stand against the enemy if the enemy is evil, even when that enemy is a next of kin! There is no nobility in loving the devil. Indeed with regard to next of kin Jesus had said “I did not come to bring peace but a sword!” A next of kin who is not humane is the enemy of Justice and Truth, the enemy of God. One of the justifications that is used to justify the “love your enemies” saying is that Jesus forgave the Romans, who crucified him. However look more carefully at the text and you will find it was not the Romans that were hell bent on crucifying him, nor the Jewish people but the Jewish High Priests. Pontius Pilate, from what is recorded, couldn’t find any crime and wanted to let him go. I have doubts that the Romans crucified Jesus. We are asked to believe that the Romans crucified Jesus to satisfy the desires of some of their subjects. Romans did not act to please their subjects. They cared nothing about what their subjects wanted. Even if you want to say that Jesus forgave the Romans and the Romans were his enemies, it still does not make the Romans, who crucified him, evil.

I strongly suspect that the statements about loving and forgiving enemies was made general and for political reasons by the Romans themselves to save their Eastern Roman Empire. The “Early Christians”, as church officials insist on calling them, even today, were mainly Greeks with just a sprinkling of Jews among them. And the idea of Jesus being crucified by the Romans was wide spread. The Jewish revolt was crushed but not without the Romans using their elite forces and with a lot of effort. The rest of the Eastern Roman Empire, which was immense, was Greece and predominately what were Greek states that stretched all the way round the Mediterranean to North Africa. If the Greeks revolted then the Romans lose their Eastern Empire. So it is reasonable to consider that Saul, who changed his name to Paul, and who was a Jew born under conditions that gave him Roman citizenship, was selected and used for the job. Saul-Paul was a Roman henchman. It seems reasonable to me that he would be employed by the Roman to convert the Greeks to a tamer form of Christianity.. a corrupted form of Christianity that suited the Romans. The idea that God chose the Roman henchman to convert to a saint to show his power is hypocrisy. God doesn’t need to nor would ever want to “show his power” but the Romans certainly did. The Romans needed to get their man accepted by the Greeks. “Love thy enemies” was none other than “love the Romans” who were tyrannical rulers. By loving the Romans the Greeks were unable to fight them. To love enemies who are toxic and evil is not in the interests of a humane person and Jesus warned people against associating with evil people. Jesus Christ was figuratively described as the “Good Shepard”, not the “Good Husbandry of sheep and wolves”! It is natural and healthy to feel an aversion for toxic/ evil people and wards them off. This is not sin.

“Love your enemies and forgive them” taken generally are corrupt text in the Bible and in any other holy texts as they might appear. You have to weight them against other and more credible verses in the Bible that stands against these ideas. For instance when Jesus went into the temple in Jerusalem and saw the corruption he hardly showed an attitude of “turn the other cheek” or “love your enemies” and “forgive them”. Rather Jesus shouted at them, upturned their tables and whipped some of them as well. If we look at the problem on a large scale we can see the error. Could we have loved the Nazis and forgiven their sins, turned the other cheek and if they were killing Jewish people then handed them over more Jewish people from our own nations and expect to be good doing that? Expect to survived oppression ourselves doing that? Certainly not! The same applies to an individual. A person with cancer is said to have “a battle with cancer”. In fact the battle is with ideas in the mind but their enemies are physical people. The cancer patient is facing enemies who mean to do him or her harm. The cancer “battler” have a right to stand up to his or her enemy and ward them off. Some evil people tried to make a case that if they were counter attacked then the evil people had the right to self defence or that it would make them be able to attack the person even stronger. This is garbage. Evil people are only looking to justify the violence that they want to commit against other people. It needs to be appreciated that evil people are not supported by the Universe and this is where the humane person has the advantage. It is useless to try and find support in social structures because this is ineffective. There are too many toxic people in government departments. Furthermore we have a medical establishment that stand for the aggressors because they see the aggressors as “those people who help create the conditions that bring them lots of profits”. They label the evil people as having a personality disorder and how conveniently they claim there are no treatments for personality disorders. I have heard the aggressors being called “booty” and in some cases from toxic/ evil doctors. Setting up conditions in the Universe, in the Mind (of God) is the powerful means, by which you do win and overcome the problem of cancer, and disease more generally. I can vouch for that. I have reached the stage that even under fierce attack my body continues to be healthy. 

There are similar misleading ideas in Buddhism as well. I have seen plenty of cases where people are encouraged to “sit with the feelings or ideas” or in other words to make the ideas and/or feelings the subject of their meditation. This too is garbage. This is not the same thing as making the mind the object of observation and then watch and noting what ideas arise. And when ideas are noted then dismissed. It is only to recognize what is going on. I’ve known a number of very skilled meditators who have been swiftly and efficiently killed using the method of making the ideas and feeling the subject of meditation. And the offenders are others around them who present themselves as fellow meditators and even seniors and in some cases even teachers.. the “perfected men or women themselves”! I have seen several cases of Buddhist teachers preaching the dharma and professing spiritual enlightenment when from their actions one can see that they have never had an enlightenment experience. Not all the people you meet in religious circles are benevolent. There are many toxic people who join religious communities both in the East and in the West and they parade themselves as good and saintly in order to gain access to easy victims. Your own religious and spiritual experiences, even if very weak, are the best test. Trying to find evidence or considering historical facts can never be the basis of belief. For example you cannot base your faith on whether Noah’s ark existed or not. It should not be a condition of faith if Jesus rose from the dead or not. I do believe resurrection is possible but this is still not enough. It should not matter if Jesus was a historical figure or not. Religious text is often written in parables and historical event are commonly used resourcefully to convey a spiritual message; so religious texts are not reliable historical records. Belief is based on your spiritual experience. The spiritual realm is not dependent on what happens on earth. Rather it is the other way around.

Question everything, every idea, every belief because sometimes even what appears to be reasonable you may later find was not valid. This is critically important because what you uphold to be true is most important as it governs how you act and what happens in your body. Call a spade a spade! There is no other way to think about evil people but as rotting garbage. They are the enemy and they are not sick. They are criminals. They hold evil intent, which is deliberate and deceitful. I will discuss the matter of toxic enemies again because it is critically important for a person to understand what they are up against and how to stand up for themselves and stand against the enemy. The battle is fought and won in the Mind.

In the next post I will discuss the next part of the prayer, which has to do with returning the body to normal function and clearing away the abnormal cell mass.

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Problems and dangers of prayer formulation.

Problems and dangers of prayer formulation.

What a prayer is and is not.


A prayer is NOT a vow, NOT an offering and NOT a blessing. A blessing is defined as “God’s favour and protection” but the word can also be used to mean “a prayer offered for such favour and protection”. This is however a specific type of prayer which is not for regaining health. A problem with using a blessing is that it can also mean other things such as “a person’s sanction or support”. The word sanction has two opposite meanings so toxic people attempt to distort the meaning in a person’s mind. A sanction may be an official approval for an action but it can also mean the imposition of a penalty. I will discuss the issue of meaning further down because it is a critical issue.

Prayer is best described as a request of God or as a directive to the Universe or the Mind of God. A directive is an authoritative instruction and the only person that has that authority is the patient themselves. A prayer cannot be given by another person unless the patient gives that other person permission. It can be done if you are sure the other person is humane and will act in your best interests. However if you need to give such authority to someone else then it should be limited and conditional upon being beneficial and if not then a serious penalty applies. This helps to make it safe. But it is best to act for yourself.

I prefer to use the words “mental prescription” because it is in the mind and it is a prescription. This means that the word “prescription” can only mean one thing. The only meaning of “prescription” that applies when we talk about mental prescriptions is “an authoritative ruling and the only one with authority is the patient themselves. The reason is that all humane people have absolute authority over their own lives and can exercise free will. This does not apply to inhumane people.

Evil / toxic person have no free will and no autonomy, although many evil people fool themselves into believing they are free individuals. The serious limitation to freedom is by virtue of who they are. Essentially evil people are bound in a single mindset, or what has been loosely named the “evil spirit” or the devil. They have no freedom or independence outside of mob rule. They are not free to do as they like as an individual. All of them live in bondage. None have a free, independent voice. Furthermore they are dispensable as far as the mob is concerned.  All of them are essentially powerless pawns when it comes down to the wire. If the mob wants an evil member dead then they are doomed. And they don’t need to have done anything wrong that would “bring down the wrath of the devil” so to speak. If the game being played suits one of the evil people dead then they are eliminated mercilessly by those that were their toxic friends and fellow members.

The next thing to understand is that they are in essence powerless. My husband was evil and he revealed many, many things about the evil subculture to me in the end in exchange for me not leaving him. It might sound strange that I would stay for such an exchange but my work would not have been possible without what I learnt from him about how evil people operate, who they are and how the foul games are played. One of the things he said that he hated about being evil was that, and to quote his words “without the others doing their bit, one has no power”. He so resented this situation that he admitted he set up every evil person who ever helped him and gained an opportunity to hurt them to make up for his resentment of having to use them to have power.

For all the hate and capacity to be cruel, evil people are very vulnerable by virtue of their actions. They transgress the Laws of the Universe and this has serious consequences. Even in desiring to do evil to others, the evil person has made selections that can be used by the person they target to counter attack the evil people involved. So while they think they are smart and take great pride in being able to band together to play dirty games, take great pleasure in seeing others suffering and see their hate as booty, in reality they are pawns on a board, powerless shit and with nothing to look forward to but eternal damnation because by their actions they become spiritually dead. Some deceive themselves that if they take Christ as their saviour in their last breath then they will be saved. This really highlights one of the fallacies of the “apostle” Paul’s teaching because Jesu’s message was completely different. The “apostle” Paul claimed it didn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done and you don’t have to be good. All you got to do is believe Jesus is God and your home free! If it were true then it opens the door to evil to do evil all their lives and go to heaven just the same.

Danger and difficulties to be aware of in formulating a prayer

and how to overcome such difficulties.

A cure is brought about by addressing the source of the problem and returning the body to health. The problem and the solution involve both ideas and emotions. Firstly you need to identify the negative ideas, especially those you uphold with confidence because it is these ideas that move the body to give rise to emotions AND to develop cell masses. Appreciate that the emotions that appear associated are really only coincidental. As I explained earlier it is just a part of the cheat. So for instance a person will perceive the danger posed by a criminal who sits in his car down the street, if they have been relationally entangled with the criminal previously, AND if they have been given a copy of the key to that person’s front door. And perceiving the danger they will feel fear. The idea that “the food they just ate has additives and they are toxins that cause cancer” is only a coincident idea. Not knowing the cheats it appears reasonable to believe the idea because there is what appears to be associated fear!

I have seen some “new age doctors” call the emotional reactivity as “emotional toxicity” but this too is wrong thinking. They know that the patient needs to get rid of the emotions to help clear away the cancer but they don’t want to say just that because it contradicts evolutionary biology and the claim that we are just machines, i.e., robots. If we were not machines we might be able to make ourselves well! “Perish the thought”, they privately say, “it’s bad for business!” The problem with calling the emotions emotional toxicity doesn’t give the emotions legitimacy and without understanding how they justifiably arise you can’t make them go away. You can’t clean away emotions as you might do toxins.image006

What we could call the emotional reactivity is “emotional bleeding”. The victim is essentially emotionally bled because issues are continually presented to the person in mind. Some of those issues may be real, as for example someone may act unjustly towards you to anger you. Other issues may only be threats, as for example a criminal with a key thinking about using it. Issues give rise to a need to do something and that need causes the person to react somatically. The emotion is a somatic reaction. For example fear is the mobilization of the body for possible action. Anger is the energizing of the body for more emphatic expression. And it is no use saying the person’s a fool because the emotions are natural processes in the body. The only way to overcome the problem is to deal with the issues. You may need to confront people who are offending against you to resolve some issues. But in the main it is to realize that most of the issues are threatened. Some of the emotional reactivity is aimed at creating activity in various organs in the body and some to try and sell suggestions as beliefs. The only emotion you can’t easily clear is fear but fear on its own is only a mobilization of the body and nothing more. So your metabolism is running a bit higher than normal, so what! Knowing the fear is caused from a threat that is not aimed to be carried out will lessen the fear considerably and it is possible for you to even eliminate it completely.

The other critical aspect is recognition that the ideas are mere suggestions. This is where medical misinformation plays a big role to disadvantage people. When they are not dreaming up chemical imbalances psychiatrists conjecture problematic ideas are the culprits. Conjecture is about drawing conclusions from incomplete information. Of course it is incomplete when they refuse to consider the big picture.

image004The conjecture is that the problematic ideas arise “out of the depth of your subconscious” as there is some “inner conflict” because “different parts of your personality at war with one another”. And even worse that all this “shit” was “downloaded” before you were five years old! What more disempowering could they say? They look to put themselves in the driver’s seat where your health is concerned. All of this reasoning is baseless garbage. There is NO scientific basis for it. And the science that is done is skewed towards getting the result that suits the sale of drugs and medical procedures.

Psychiatric opinions disempower people and render them vulnerable to attack. If a person believes that the ideas are their own and can’t see how or why they have such ideas or believe the medical opinions, then they are stuck in a maze. If they uphold the ideas with confidence the problem is worse. The way out is to discharge the ideas or at least recognize that while they may repeatedly arise they are rubbish. The evil people’s ideas are nonsense, garbage. Doctors publicly reject the reality that ideas affect the body. Even where the idea of danger is concerned they still looked for linked series of causes that go from the brain to the body; Hence the reason for describing thinking as a part of “brain circuitry”. You need to realize that many ideas are mere perceptions. If you look out of your window and see the road you can’t say that you’re personally responsible for creating the idea of the road in mind. The idea of the road is a perception that arises naturally because your eyes send the information they have received to your brain to help bring that perception into being in the mind. In cancer, as in many other diseases, the ideas are perceptions. The only difference is that while the idea of the road outside the window is perceived in the mind after information is gathered through sensory mean, the ideas that are presented or addressed to a person by closely related people are perceived directly in the mind. We have the capacity of direct mental perception or what science calls extrasensory perception (ESP). BUT all ESP research is done WITHOUT relationship so only the weakest possible amount is seen. ESP is the means by which ideas can be craftily presented and used as weapons but the person targeted must be ignorant of the truth. When a person realizes that the ideas are just a bunch of garbage then they remain unmoved by them, which means their body remains at rest. Just knowing the foul play enables the person to distrust and hence discredit the ideas. They may feel the fear but they know the fear has nothing to do with the ideas, so the ideas lose their power.

image016A cancer patient who rejects the presented ideas, realizing that even thought they are cunningly made and may even appear as the own ideas or reasoning never the less they are rubbish. Such presentations are episodic because evil people gather to use criminals and make the suggestions. And they look to anchor the ideas with real events but of course once again the person only needs to realize that those events are unrelated. Toxic people may create events to suit but mostly they use events that are happening as part of every day life. So for instance if they need to do some building or renovations they may have some worker arrive to do the work in a motor vehicle with a company logo or the words builder or carpenter etc., or with ladders and other obvious equipment on the back of a truck into visibility of the cancer patient. Just recognize that an army of builder or carpenters or whatever they are have absolutely nothing to do with building cell masses! So recognize that the ideas of “it’s getting built” or “it’s getting fixed” etc., are general. Make them specific. Some toxic neighbour’s house or kitchen or their “crap in” hole is getting fixed. So even where the attacks are repeatedly made using nasty ideas as weapons and toxic rubbish parade events as a showcase, there are no “bad days”.

It is most important to appreciate that the enemy has attempted to set up a theatre of war in the mind. But once you appreciate that the waring parties are toxic people related to you and that their just rubbish suggestions you can laugh in their faces. Just realize that ideas are not in business for themselves. They cannot repeatedly come to mind of their own accord. No ideas arise spontaneously and persistently out of the person’s subconscious or unconscious, much less from the past. Issues form the past can only trouble a person in the present if the toxic people who created those issues or other toxic people who have gained knowledge of the issues, are presenting ideas in mind in the present. This is the only way that issues of the past can trouble a person in the present. There has to be toxic people and foul game play involved but the whole thing can be wiped away as easily as a spider’s web can be wiped away with a stick.  

Address the ideas that are used, which are drawn out of the media. There is also a worldwide medical and media campaign that I believe is maliciously aimed to deceive people and help evil people use negative ideas. There is a lot of talk about toxins in the environment and toxins in our food and toxins in the products we use etc., and that these toxins cause cancer. All of it is false but such ideas help evil people present negative ideas that seem reasonable if the person has heard them on the news or seen some article in a magazine or on the internet. We see lawsuits where parties fight it out in court but are they real or is it just theatre? Well you might say a few million dollars in damages sometimes change hands. Yes but a few million dollars are as a drop in the Pacific Ocean when there are trillions of dollars made from disease. Toxins, if they are ingested may cause damage but they cannot modify the genetic expression of a cell as to give them new properties. Only your body’s defence system can do that but it can only be done when you perceive a particular type of threat. The damage that toxins create is cleaned up by the body. But if a person can be led to believe that there are toxins in their food or in the things they handle or in their environment and that they cause cancer, then it is an easy next step for the toxic rubbish to lead that person to believe that some part of their body might be under threat, by adding fear.


A simple affirmation that the ideas are garbage and of zero significance and that the emotions that seem to be associated with them are unrelated and only coincidental is the first part of prayer. Evil people will fight to try and push the ideas in more devious ways so you need to be aware of the menacing ways in which ideas may be presented as to distort meaning. So in the next post I will briefly discuss the ways, by which meaning can be affected but again you only need to be aware in order to overcome the problem and formulate a prayer for healing.

 January, 15th 2014.

Kyrani Eade BSc.


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Reaction to Ideas

The unsuspecting person’s reaction to Ideas and suggestions

These ideas, which were associated with fear in the first place, are suggested again when the person is again threatened with danger and danger that is obscure. In many cases the bodily reactivity is not recognized as fear as they see no external danger. In some cases the person only knows that they feel hot. The ideas cause the person to believe that fear is due to some internal danger. The perceiver of the thoughts and the experiencer of the bodily reactivity is personal self. The person thinks and talks about the ideas perceived in the mind as “their perceptions” and “their experience” and not as “ideas in the mind” and “reactivity in the body”. Thus ideas in mind are coloured by bodily reactivity. Their fear or “feeling hot” experience appears to be evidence for the ideas. The ideas are mere suggestions. If we take the examples above we have the following.


The woman in the example believes the ideas/ suggestions of “ramming it down her throat” and can’t swallow what’s being dished up” because of her experience in the workplace. She has taken the suggestions as being meaningful and significant. And she has considered her bodily reactivity is the evidence for her belief. It is important to note that the idea of “ramming it down her throat” would be accompanied by an image also presented to her mentally, which depicted some crime or surgery that affects the oesophagus, and which for most people is subliminal. So there is reactivity in the body and specifically in her oesophagus due to action of mirror neurons. If the imagery is perceived it can cause the person to experience some mild spatial disorientation.


This also contributes to her bodily experience and seems to be also evidence for the ideas. The person only needs to appreciate that all of the ideas are general suggestions. If the woman was to dismiss the ideas she would find the bodily reactivity doesn’t go away so it has to be due to something else. It is due to something else and that is the “shit in the background”.


These people are human or at least in human form but they are garbage. They get their kicks from harassing and troubling other people as lifestyle. And this is not about a one or two occasions. This is ongoing harassment, so it can extend over months and even years and they utilize many different deceptive means to cheat and disadvantage the person victimized.

They also use an unassociated event or events, which take place at the times they assemble to view hate video and say hateful things about the person target /victim. The reason for the unassociated events is to lend reality to their hate video and hate talk. However this can only be done when the victim is relationally entangled to at least one person in the event that is taking place. So they make a suggestion of a link by way of the entanglement. They will mention that person to make mental reference to the victim about them. The person needs to become aware of what is going on and realize it is really all suggestion and is of no significance and no relevance to them. I have seen foul play with toxic vets and toxic doctors involved. Given the technology of today with the internet, smart phones and iPads etc, it is very easy to display images in real time to many other parties. In this case toxic doctors may take part during surgery. They make available to other toxic members of the mob the surgical procedure. It can then be edited, again in real time, with images of the person targeted. This and other subsequent surgery can then be used in the episodic harassment of the targeted person. So “cutting across the front of it” might not be a recorded hate crime but hateful , toxic doctor conducting a surgical procedures in the particular area that is being suggested by the hate talk and the ideas about the person’s bad experience.


All cancer patients talk about “bad days”. These are the times that they are being troubled by the thoughts and seemingly associated bodily reactivity. It is not simple thoughts and bodily reactivity. It is presented ideas/ suggestions and issues that cause fear and anger etc. And it always relates to events in the person’s life because the toxic people that are in the person’s life. So in the example here the woman seems to be “troubled by the memory of what happened in the office”. If she complains, this would be the medical opinion. But the woman is really troubled by real people who pose danger because they have access such as a key to her house. Often they live in her house. The toxic chief offender may be a spouse or sibling, even a parent. And there will be others involved. These are people who are closely related to her, such as other relatives, people at her workplace, trusted friends, girlfriend or boyfriend and so on. The type of people who attack others around them are always evil people, But they are also people the victim trusts and believes are friends and loved ones. All toxic people are two faced deceivers and deceive people as part of their lifestyle. To trouble the person targeted these people continually present the ideas /suggestions so that they are brought into mind over and over again. No bad memory has a power of its own. Ideas are not in business for themselves. They are powerless. It is how they are used that makes them tools to do good or to indicate bad. It is important to realize that the evil people have no power over the victim. It is through the cunning use of ideas that they cause the victim to react. The reactivity in the body is brought about by the person targeted or being victimized and not the evil people. This is most important to understand because it plays the critical role both in the targeted person themselves and in the way they might adversely affect their children or others in their care. Knowledge is the difference between disease and health.

When an unsuspecting person reacts to the troubling ideas and mistakes reactivity in the body believing them to be real and significant, it causes them to take action; Most commonly an immediate inflammatory response. An inflammatory response can be extremely rapid, even within a minute or so. This adds to the unsuspecting person’s confusion. The woman in the example may feel a burning in their throat or further down the oesophagus. This is her immediate response. However as the mental attacks are episodic there will also be days when there are no mental attacks. During this time the body there is no inflammatory response and no sensations in the areas as the body will have undergone an anti-inflammatory response and cleared away any dead or damaged cells due to the erroneous inflammatory response. The area is restored to health.

Now because the person is targeted and troubled episodically, their perception leads them to realize that an inflammatory response is inappropriate. There is nothing in the body damaged and needing to be cleaned away and there is no satisfactory handling of the problem using this method. Furthermore the person will feel and believe that they are struggling against something nebulous. This of course is false. It is a continual presentation of ideas in mind and often with issues of injustice that cause anger. Anger is also high metabolic activity in the body. It is different from fear but both are high energy states.  Even the mental attack themselves, to an unsuspecting person are violations because they are ongoing and cause the person to become aggravated. image046The ideas and bodily reactivity makes them feel that they are struggling against something that is hard to perceive. Only when they see that those ideas are general and are suggestions do they realize that they are null and void, just a load of garbage that exists only in the evil people’s brains. There is no real struggle. There is no real theatre of war. It is all just suggestion and unrelated danger posed, fear and anger, worry and often coping habit activity (see

When this truth is not realized the ideas and bodily reactivity become a part of a modified personal self. This leads the person to take further defensive action in the body. The person seeks to set up a barrier or shield to try and protect the area. This comes about again by an immune response but this time it involves stem cells.


Some stem cells in the area are modified. The expression of particular genes is changed to give the cells new characteristics so that they would become a protective barrier. Thus the harder they struggle and fight the worse the situation in the body because the more and more barrier cells and cell masses are created. If the episodes are close enough then the old cell masses have not yet been removed so new cells are added to the mass. As more and more attacks are made so the cell mass grows. If new issues can be created then other areas of the body may be targeted. This causes the person to try to cover those areas as well. This is all that metastasis is about. There are no new cells created in the area but some cells that have already been modified are used. They are carried through the lymph system to the new area and used as a shield, which means they create a new mass.

image024The unsuspecting person is also medically misinformed. There are many ideas about “environmental factors” causing cancer conveyed in the media. The idea of toxins in food and in the environment supposedly causes cancer is false and I strongly suspect the medical establishment know that toxins do not cause cancer. But a great deal of publicity is created, some of it in a roundabout way. I’ve looked into cases where legal battles have been fought between food companies or other chemical companies by “concerned people” some of them in the media. I have found that both parties, who appear in public to be bitterly opposed, are actually on the same side. It is all theatre. It drives a public perception that cancer could be caused by toxins. This feeds the medical story of genetic miscopying and rogue cells. There is not a shred of evidence to support the medical story. It is the medical industry that benefits by the medical misinformation. Toxins can cause damage but cancer is NOT about damage. The body will remove damage. That is done by an inflammatory response. And the damaged area is repaired by an anti-inflammatory response. Furthermore no genetic hiccup can cause a sophisticated new immune organ system to form, because that is precisely what is found and is well documented in the medical literature. The immune organ that is formed is made up of about forty to fifty percent modified cells or what they call cancer cells and fifty to sixty percent normal immune cells. And far from being attacked by the immune system, the modified cells are aided by the other immune cells. This immune organ generates its own blood supply and modified cells are archived in the lymph nodes to be used elsewhere should the same problem arise again. And there’s more. A part of the cancer is the formation of highly efficient and deadly combat cells that may target some nearby part of the body with a cytotoxic attack. All of this is a tall order for some genetic miscopying and the appearance of a “rogue cell”!

Next I will discuss how to formulate a prayer for a cancer cure.


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Ideas are at the centre of what causes cancer!

Ideas occur to us very often and they seem harmless enough. How can they help cause cancer? When do ideas becomes a problem? The answer is when ideas erroneously become beliefs. Ideas that have meaning become beliefs when they are attributed with significance and upheld with a great deal of confidence. We tend to think of and define meaning, firstly as what is meant by a word, text or concept and secondly as what is significant. The first definition is not true. We construct words to assign to meanings. We don’t generate meaning. Meaning requires specificity, but we can under some conditions mistakenly attribute or select meaning. We can draw a meaning out of the universal set of meanings that exist in The Mind of the Universal Observer or God. The second definition is highly relevant. Significance is the value given to a meaning. The selection brings that meaning out of obscurity but it takes significance to merit attention. With significance a belief can affect the body. You can observe that easily. If you imagine you are sitting near a fire, you are selecting a meaning of warmth. If you then place a great deal of significance on the idea of a fire warming you, you can become warm even though you might be in a cold place. If you imagine you are sitting in a slope of ice and snow then you have selected a meaning of coldness and by giving it significance you can affect your body enough to cool down even in a hot climate. In both cases it is respiration and the body’s metabolic processes that are affected. So the body can be affected by and responds to an imagined idea that is selected and given significance.

Beliefs are critical as to how a person thinks and reacts or responds to life. So where an idea might cause a transient reaction, a belief affects how the body functions over the long term. A selected meaning wrongly attributed to a general suggestion, which is then given significance and upheld with confidence can have a very detrimental effect in the body. This is exactly the case in the foul game play affecting an unsuspecting person as I described in the case I mentioned in an earlier post of unnecessary immune system response causing inflammation of the skin under a ring. It is important to recognize that the person’s own will and power is used in such a situation.

If we take the example of hypnosis, where another person is suggesting the idea, we find that it is still the individual that makes the select ideas have significance. This is evident in that some people cannot be hypnotized. They have not attributed significance to the suggestions made. The person who can be hypnotized has attributed significance to the ideas suggested by the hypnotist. It is not the hypnotist who upholds significance because if it was, then all people would or would not be hypnotized. If some can and some can’t then the choice of upholding an idea as significant is the individual’s and no one else’s. One person cannot normally exercise their will over another but there is an exception and the exception is seen in the difference between a mental attack and counter attack.

In a mental attack the attacker does not have power. He or she will look to deceive the party they want to attack, to cause them to mistakenly attribute significance and thereby use the power of the person targeted to essentially harm him or herself. The person targeted or under attack however does hold power over the attacker and this is a key part that needs to be included in the mental prescription / prayer. The person targeted has a right to defend themselves and their loved ones and property. And furthermore there is a debt created. A debt is created even in the intent to attack another person. The counter attack is done by using either a new selection or the suggestion that the attacker had made in reverse. The suggestion of the attacker or would be attacker is attributed with meaning that is levelled against the attacker or would be attacker. And I should say here that the idea of “forgiving the attacker or would be attacker breaks the contact” instead of using the debt to defend oneself is rubbish. As I will discuss later forgiveness in this case is extremely dangerous because it may wipe away the debt, which means it leaves the victim defenceless. I have found that those who advocate forgiveness in such cases are themselves wolves in sheep’s clothing and some of them are even horned demons preaching from the pulpits or evangelizing on television. Their aim is to disable the victims while giving an advantage to the toxic offenders and look good in the process.

So how does this apply in the case of cancer?

Evil people use mental attacks to do “evil work” and cancer is one of the many types of evil work. Evil is not supported by the universe as it runs contra to free will, so evil people present the person targeted with a general suggestion or idea and then try to manipulate meaning. To do this evil people need to use deception or intimidation or both and work in mobs. So for instance a person may see a scene going on outside their house where a neighbour’s workers are bulldozing on part of their property. They may perceive an idea as they see the scene. The idea seems to be describing what they are seeing but it is really mentally presented to them by someone that is trivially related to them and on the scene though appearing to be uninvolved or someone unseen who is strongly related to them. AND it is always presented under some concealed threat or danger so that the person perceiving the scene is emotionally charged and in a state of fear.


In the illustration above the idea “cutting across the front of it” is general. It describes the action seen but the words used are not specific. People don’t think and talk in specifics generally. As I mentioned above people commonly use general suggestions or descriptions in everyday conversation, writing and thinking. General suggestions are truly meaningless and of no significance. And people need to be mindful that they are meaningless because they can be used in foul play against an unsuspecting person. Meaning requires specificity but an unsuspecting person will treat the idea as having meaning if they have seen something that the words describe. This is dangerous because they may be persuaded to also attribute significance to the words. The person escapes the trap when they appreciate that the words only have significance with respect to the action of the bulldozer and nothing else. Giving general suggestion significance can be dangerous, although this is still not enough to push a person to uphold beliefs that do harm to their body.

Another example is the quizzical look or a worried look and the idea of “what’s that about?” or “what’s he worried about?”


The idea was not something she thought, even thought she may have ordinarily thought something like this. In foul play evil people leave no room for chance in this way. They present the idea so that the person thinks it’s their own thinking when it is really only a perception. And to present such an idea, usually someone related to the victim has to be involved in the background somehow. They don’t even need to be in the same location but they do need to be passed information as to what exactly the targeted person is doing. It is useless to make a suggestion addressing them at random. And again the idea is accompanied by danger so that they are emotionally charged with fear. If the danger is very obscure then they will not recognize their bodily reactivity is fear. The idea will be remembered if it is perceived under fear conditions.
I will give a third example here too. An interaction with others, especially on that is distasteful may also be used as a general suggestion and sold as belief. The suggestion that can be made here is “ramming it down her throat” and she will give it significance.


However the phrase is general. The words “ramming it down my throat” will appear as her own thinking that describes an interaction with customers at her place of work, who are demanding and intimidating. However the words themselves are a general suggestion. If she has a very bad experience then the words have significance but if she perceives them later and does not realize how they are used then she may continue to treat them as significant and therein lays the problem. Knowing how the foul play is done helps the person escape harm.

In the next post I will describe how general suggestions are used to cause an unsuspecting person to react as to bring about adverse conditions in the body. This involves the personal self and is contra to evolutionary biology, which considers the human to be a machine, a robot.

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The big C cancer explained!

In the next few posts I will show you how cancer develops and following that I will explain how prayer can be used to facilitate a cure even from stage 4 cancer and with certain and spectacular results.

Cancer arises or develops when an unsuspecting person reacts to beliefs, which they don’t realize are just the perceptions of hateful suggestions. These suggestions are made through a toxic relationship by a person or persons that are well known to the person targeted. They are mental attacks because an unsuspecting person will react somatically and in cancer there are serious physical consequences. This is not just my say so, this is something that every humane person can investigate and discover for themselves. The medical industry through their mouthpiece of psychiatry denies the reality of mental attacks. Darwinian Evolutionary Theory effectively states that animals and plants evolved over millions of years in such a way as to give the appearance of being alive. Evolutionary biology only allows for all life to be mechanistic, i.e., humans are robots and nothing more. BUT they have a serious problem. There is a gap that is unbridgeable in their argument. That gap is consciousness. A machine is not conscious. And there is more, which if considered, does provide a drug-free, surgery-free path to recovery.

The phenomena, i.e., the bodily reactivity can be explained if we consider that it is purposefully brought into being. For biologists and biomedical scientists purpose never explains bodily reactivity; “teleology” is a dirty word. Evolutionary biology does not allow for purpose being at the heart of animal and human bodily reactivity. So the accepted medical view looks to explain everything by linked causes. For this reason there is a lot of work being done to try and explain away the gap. They need the robot to be complete but none of the research work done has any value. Consciousness cannot be defined, classified, measured, nor explained in scientific terms. Science is incapable of explaining consciousness because mental experiences are the experiences of non-material spiritual being or souls. This means that the mechanisms that scientists use in physics, chemistry, and biology are useless to explain what happens.

Neuroscientists and those in the psychological field claim that there is too little evidence that the mind is anything apart from the brain but this “too little evidence” claim comes in denying the evidence that there is. This evidence is found in ESP (extrasensory perception) something that is researched on the one hand but badly and claimed as a symptom of mental illness on the other. More evidence is found in NDEs (near death experiences) and in the reports that patients give having regaining consciousness after anaesthesia. There have been a reasonably large number of people who have been able to tell the surgeons exactly what was said and done while they were under an anaesthetic. This last piece of evidence is striking because though doctors talk about “putting the patient to sleep” in order to undergo surgery. It is nothing of the kind! Anaesthesia is not even remotely like sleep. In anaesthesia the brain is shut down. Anaesthetists talk about “degrees of unconsciousness” but here too it’s not the truth. The number system they use does not measure unconsciousness at all but the degree of brain shut down. There are many people, who having regaining consciousness after deep anaesthesia, are able to describe in great detail the procedure of their surgery and what was being said by the medical staff. It means that they had a high level of awareness when most of their brain function was shut down. How come if the brain produces consciousness?

Medical researchers do admit that stress can cause disease but the way they are going about researching the matter means they will never find a connection. And I doubt that it is accidental because the truth offers no financial rewards for the medical industry. Biomedical scientists are looking for a linked causes biochemical pathway leading from brain to other parts of the body. All the research is done with this aim in mind because they do not want to use purpose to explain the phenomena. Stress however is not some malfunction or overload of the system. Stress is due to issues and issues mean two things. Firstly, in most cases other people are involved. Secondly the person is moved to do something either in the body or by the body. If we accept this then it is not only reasonable to explain the bodily reactivity but also finds a drug-free path back to health. In cancer I have also seen evidence that gene expression is deliberately and significantly changed so that a new type of cell emerges in the body, these are the cells that doctors call cancer cells. This is significant because while the normal workings of the body can appear to be mechanistic and “on automatic”, it is a whole different matter where disease is concerned.

Why do cancer cells form? To answer this question we need to understanding the role played by purpose. And to answer the question adequately we need to understand the hows and whys of mental attacks and their somatic consequences. In a mental attack an unsuspecting person is betrayed to accept suggestions as beliefs. So we need to answer another question first and one that is at the heart of the matter of “purpose explains the phenomena”. That question is what is “the person” or personal self?

Psychology and psychiatry trivially theorize about the personal self and without having done experimental work. Psychiatry is NOT “evidence based”. Indeed if you look at their explanations of what they call mental disorders, you will find that they treat beliefs and the somatic reactivity as two coincidental, unrelated matters. The robot has a software bug in the brain and a hardware malfunction in the body! They avoid the connection between beliefs and somatic reactivity, even though they cannot help the patient find some comfort without addressing both the mental and the physical aspects. It is a unashamed denial of the evidence. And this is driven home most profoundly when you consider that instead of research they hold conferences and create labels to apply to various lists of mental symptom, while treating the physical symptoms as a “by the way the patient also has…” some physical symptoms, if they happen to mention them, which mostly they don’t. Then they go on to take votes on what they reckon is the causes of the mental illnesses they invented with their lists and labels. Thus in the terminal stages of cancer, where the dying person voices their concerns about the mental attacks and those they had trusted, they are called delusional and silenced with the use of strong psychiatric sledgehammer drugs.

What is the personal self and how can it explain the development of cancer? The answer is that the personal self is a body-mind phenomenon. It involves both belief and corresponding bodily reactivity. And by “bodily” I mean all of the body, which includes the brain. The two are linked because issues need to be addressed and that requires some action to be taken in or by the body. In the development of the cell mass called cancer the aim in many cases is to shield or provide a barrier to protect some area of the body from a perceived attack or danger. For example the mental attacks maybe beliefs that some part of the lining of the oesophagus is in danger due to some toxic substance in the food that was eaten. This issue creates a need for an internal defence strategy to protect the tissues involved. This can be done in the body by an extraordinary immune response. Stem cells are transform into cells with the necessary properties to become a protective cell barrier or cell mass.. cancer. For this to happen the personal self must be involved at all levels. And indeed it is.

manufacturing belief in cancer

The personal self is perceiver of the thoughts and the mistaken believer of those thoughts. The personal self is the experiencer of sensations in the area perceived to be under attack. The sensations are due to action of mirror neurons that had been activated due to the mistaken perception. And the personal self is the doer of the reactivity in the body and specifically of the immune response involving the stem cells. It is important to appreciate that mental attacks are not about attacking the mind. The mind is non-material and not subject to corruption, damage and decay like the body. Mind cannot be attacked. In all instances, both of physical diseases and hypothetical mental illnesses, it is the personal self that is under attack. The toxic mob targets the personal self by creating issues.

When the personal self stops reacting, either by stopping the mental attacks or seeing that the issues are fiction or both, all of which are a necessary part of the healing strategy, then the body returns to rest. The problem in the body of the cell mass or masses is resolved. This does not require medicines or medical procedures. It only requires addressing the problem at the source, which means discharging the false beliefs. The body returns to health because the cell mass are no longer needed. They are disassembled and removed by doer in the body, mostly through the immune system that created them. This is what doctors call spontaneous remission. So to best understand how the cancer forms and how it can be cleared away naturally and effortlessly, it is most important to really understand personal self or ego self.

To understand the problem more thoroughly we need to understand how the personal self comes into being and how consciousness is involved. The personal self or ego self does not just arise and develop as some sort of natural part of life as psychologists and psychiatrists surmise. The medical supposition only suits evolutionary biology. The psychological story is that by the time we are born we got the hardware and then in the first five years of life we get most of the software uploaded from other people. And what is worse they claim it is all subconscious and that is why we have no access to it. How conveniently it puts the doctors in the driver’s seat where our health is concerned! Happily this is not the truth.

There is a spiritual being, call it true self or a soul. The true self is more evident at birth and in very early childhood but over time as the personal self develops this true self becomes hidden. As we interact with our environment we begin to mistakenly identify more and more with the activities of the mind, which is the thoughts that arise. If the thoughts and ideas are convincing or point to pressing issues, then there appears a need to respond or react in some way. Our reactions are none other than bodily reactivity, especially emotional reactivity. The phenomenon of ideas giving rise to a bodily response generates a seeming someone existing in the body-mind; a person who thinks the thoughts, moves the body and experiences the experiences. This effect is stronger where there is inequality of relationship. This does not necessarily mean childhood abuse. An over zealous parent or a parent that has issues of their own will unwittingly and even owing to their efforts to be a good parent, may create issues for the child. However if there is abuse then very distressing issues arise and the child feels they must struggle for survival. I will discuss all this in greater depth in another section.

There is another reason too that creates a mistaken identity in the body. The mental experience feels as if it is inner and that means inside the body. Here again there is a feeling that there is some doer in the body, a person or personal self. To explain all of these effects I want to give a simple analogy. This analogy may also help people understand the mental attacks or attacks on the personal self and hence how to overcome them.

The analogy I will use is that of the player in a virtual reality game. The player is a human being. He or she chooses a character or avatar that will be their agent in the game. That character becomes the player so already there is some identification between the human being and the avatar. The human being enters the virtual world by using visual and audio sensory means such as a computer screen or virtual reality glasses and a speaker or ear phones. The player also uses some means to generate movement so they can get around in the virtual world and to do things in the game. For this purpose a mouse or a glove that translates movements are used. The sensory means and the means by which movements are made are analogous to the brain and the musculature. Through these means the avatar /player experiences the virtual world.

The avatar can be moved about and played as a puppet but if the human being becomes engrossed with the game he or she may identify so strongly with their avatar that they react spontaneously as they sit in their chair in the real world. For instance if the avatar is threatened the human becomes afraid and may move to focus more on the screen. If the avatar is confronted by enemies the human may say something loudly and angrily as they move their avatar in a hostile way and attacks other enemy characters or monsters in the game. If the avatar arrives at some place that could have served as a more easy escape the human may be humoured and laugh and so on. The human player forgets they are a human being and behave as if they are their avatar in the virtual world. They may forget themselves for hours playing the game and they may play the game as if their life depended on it.

Avatar and human

In a similar way the physical environment is experienced by the true self. The true self has unbroken awareness but it becomes identified with the activity of mind (i.e., thoughts and beliefs) and the corresponding bodily reactivity, mainly emotional reactivity through having taken up human form. So seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and touching become mistakenly attributed to a seer, hearer, feeler, taster and toucher. In other words an agent or someone who is experiencing seems to exist. This is more pronounced in unbalanced, especially toxic relationships because issues are created that affect the life of the mortal body and those issues become a matter of concern. There is a large investment of awareness in focusing the attention on the issues. Paying a lot of attention to one area means paying less attention to other areas, so the awareness is broken.

the fallen from Grace state

The personal self appears to acquire awareness or what we call consciousness and the part that is not personal self and not a part of the personal self experience becomes the unconscious or subconscious because it is outside the spotlight of attention. From the true self or soul level there is still awareness of everything, including the personal self. So while the true self is focused on and identifies with a seeming doer or personal self, it still has full awareness. So the effect on the one hand is that the person or personal self is seemingly aware and knowledgeable of subconscious conditions but in reality it is the true self, which has assumed the identity of a personal self that knows and is aware. On the other hand it appears that the unbroken state of awareness is in some sense lost when in fact it is the attention that is captured. We talk about subconsciousness and even unconsciousness as being somewhere below consciousness but really it is a matter of changes in attention. There is no real existence of an unconscious or subconscious except with respect to personal self. Hence in a near death experience rather than loss of consciousness leading to a kind of “lights out” and total darkness, the opposite happens.

Lastly there is the problem of the continuous knowingness of self that is essentially the same throughout life. There is nothing in the brain nor in the rest of the body, which can be pointed to, that can provide an answer. Brain function changes with each and every experience. And the body too, while it does maintain an equilibrium of its internal milieu with respect to the external physical environment, it is still in constant state of change. Every experience gives rise to some emotional reactivity. Emotions significantly change body function and chemistry. No controller can be found in the body-mind because they are in a constant state of flux! There is no centre in the brain, no controller or controlling unit to be found. Some scientists consider that the link of memories throughout life creates this self experience but memories never stay the same. Even in remembering we alter the content of memory each time we recall something. For instance some event in childhood, which we later recall as an adolescent and then as an adult is not the same memory. Each time we recollect it, we change it. So memories cannot provide the link that gives a sense of me that is constant and always recognizable.

What about dementia? Brain function deteriorates. The demented person is no longer able to communicate or respond but is the sense of self still there? I suspect it is because it does not arise from the personal self but rather from the true self. Only the true self is a constant and the source of consciousness. This knowing self is beyond the physical and will forever remain outside of the realm of science and reason. We can see that a computer game can be designed to enable the avatar to investigate the virtual world but they can never know the player, not even a hint of who they are. So too in real life, the personal self can never know the true self or Self. If we look back at the computer game again and consider that suddenly the phone rings and the player loses interest in the game and the virtual world and the avatar. They know again that they are a human who was engrossed in a game and not the avatar on the screen. In the same way only the Self knows Itself. This is the mystical experience.. forever outside the realm of science because it is outside of the physical and non-physical (mental) realities.

In the next post I will explain how knowing the role that the personal self plays and thus the events in the body-mind helps us understand cancer. And this knowledge then is crucial in formulating a prayer that is precise and targets all the areas that lead to healing and health.

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Some allied matters first

Before I begin the discussion on how a person reacts to form cancer in their body, it is very important to address some allied matters. The first is the idea of vitalism. From the earliest times people have believed that there is some extra-physical vital force or life force in the body. And they further believe that diseases arise from imbalances in this extra-physical force or energy, which if corrected heals the body from the disease. I disagree with this generally. I have seen some evidence for a vital energy, as for example in the use of acupuncture, which involves a vital energy or Qi as the Chinese call it. However the matter is not simple. From what I have observed through the use of acupuncture on myself, the adjustments one makes, using acupuncture needles, certainly affects the flow of Qi along the meridians correcting irregularities in the flow. However these changes in the flow of Qi in turn affect the function of an organ system inside the body and that in turn can affect other organs systems. All of this can be insightfully observed and I can testify to that. So it is not a simple matter of adjusting the vital energy in various points in the musculature here and there and you get healing. The adjustments made, which affect the organ systems of the body ultimately affect consciousness and the awareness of problematic ideas. The method is subtle but it helps the person let go of problematic ideas. I have gained good results from acupuncture but my discoveries have led me to far better results with a far simple method… that of prayer or what I call mental prescriptions. I found that I can have a more potent effect at the very source of the problem, by addressing the ideas. It is ideas that lead a person to make changes in body function, which involves both the function of organ systems and the allied physiochemical processes in the body. I want to stress that this has nothing to do with psychology and psychiatry. Both psychology and psychiatry try to evade the fact that ideas point to needs and that owing to those needs a whole cascade of changes takes place in the body. They treat what happens in the body as a side issue at best. Psychology and psychiatry are nothing more than an attempt to safeguard evolutionary biology and medical profits, by drawing rabbits out of the medical hat and mumbo jumbo. The truth is that ideas and the reasoning one engages, and which may not always be conscious, point to purpose and it is this that affects how the body reacts and explains the phenomena where disease is concerned. Ideas, thoughts and consciousness, which may well be the vital force or energy, are critically important to understanding the biological phenomena and hence how prayer can be more effective than drugs and/or surgery and specifically in the case of cancer.

The observations that I have made about ideas at the root cause of disease has two important implications, one of which of course has to do with the nature of disease but the other is essentially about healing and specifically healing by means of prayer. Both of these aspects are an anathema, both to the medical profession and the medical industry. Biology today is evolutionary biology, which means that it considers that the body is wholly mechanistic. Biologists are saying that all bodily phenomena, whether they are simple or complex, can be described and explained only in terms of physical and chemical laws. This is not simply about denying a vital force to explain life, but more importantly to deny the mind. The mind is ignored as a non-issue, as if it has nothing to do with the function of the body. Biologists and biomedical scientists believe that we don’t need to consider thought and consciousness in the scheme of things because, they claim, in time thought and consciousness will also be explained by physiochemical analysis. Thus what the biologists are saying is that all life forms are just machines, robots of various kinds and humans specifically are just automatons. Thus they claim there is also no issue of teleology, which means that purpose is never a consideration in explaining the biology. All physiochemical processes are explained as having been favored because they help an organism survive, which is a fundamental premise of Darwinian Evolutionary Theory. They do not explain any body process owing to a need or as coming about for some purpose. So for instance let’s take a runner whose body gets hot after some time running and begins to sweat. Biologists do not see sweating as the body’s need to get rid of the extra heat that is generated because this would be saying that a purpose is responsible for the body sweating. Rather they say the cause of the sweating is a sequence of events that take place automatically. So as the runner’s body heats up there is an increase in his or her blood temperature. This then leads to increases in the activity of specific nerve cells in the brain and they in turn increase the activity of other nerve cells that we can trace through the body ending up at and stimulating the sweat glands in the skin, thus sweat is produced. Yes, I agree that we certainly can trace the physiochemical changes that take place in all of the cells that are involved. But by reducing phenomena to causes that are linked we can explain many of them, but not all of them.

One group of phenomena that we cannot explain is the emotions but it is not immediately obvious. On my main blog at I have discussed the emotions in simple terms for the people I want to address, that is humane lay people. My findings suggest purpose is the reason for emotion, which is reactivity in the body. I have observed that in all cases there is at first an idea, which depicts an issue. This idea may be the result of sensory information or it may be gained through direct mental perception (ESP). We do engage reasoning, but we may not do so each and every time if we have reasoned a particular set of circumstances already in the past, especially in early times in life, in early childhood. We don’t think through each time what we have found to be true, that is that certain actions are needed in the body. Reason led us to set forth the right bodily conditions in order to address the problem. Thus purpose explains the bodily reactivity. So for example the two emotions that are most obvious are fear and anger. If the idea is of danger we had found reason to mobilize the body, that is to ready the body for fight or flight or freeze as is needed for the task at hand. I want to also say here that I saw a television documentary about fear and they tried to put across the idea that some people react as to fight, others to flee and still other to freeze. I see this as a contemptible effort to betray the public. These actions do not define people. What the characterization is trying to do is justify psychopaths but they don’t tell the full story. These people are not acting alone. There are always others in the background as well. And they are not sick but trained to be criminal, just as an Olympic athlete is trained. For all people who are humane, and who are untrained but react normally, we can observe that the same person flees where they can, fights where they can’t do otherwise and freezes if the situation is thus best handled. And I have seen occasion where an animal will do likewise. I was confronted by a meter length, very dark, almost black snake in my en suite, that stood between me and the door to my bedroom and it rose up ready to strike. I had no where to go, I was cornered however the snake changed its mind. Why? Because beside me was one of my cats, who had followed me into the en suite and she did not stand still wondering what to do next like me. She aggressively hissed at the snake. The snake looked at the cat and then at me again and turned round and slithered away and hid itself under the TV stand in my bedroom. We do not consider that animals might reason but this certainly did appear to be the case. The snake originally thought to fight and it seemed an automatic response but then seeing my cat it decided that taking flight was a better course of action for its survival so it left in a hurry with me and my cat looking on. Maybe all of the research on the reptilian brain and the lack of thinking that is seen are only done on human subjects, i.e., psychopaths.

It is a different set of circumstances in the body for anger. If the idea alert us to an injustice or if the idea arises out of a violation that we may be about to suffer or are suffering, then it might appear that the body is animated or in other words we get angry and hostile. However here too we can observe that reason plays the deciding path and again I am not talking about people who look for the slightest opportunity to display hostility in the name of anger. Humane people get angry but it follows reason and the need to take action. The action may be verbal or it may be in the form of aggression if there is a need to overcome physical violence. The type of activity that we engage is not arbitrary but serves a purpose. The emotions are not just a linked succession of physiological reactivity in the body beginning in the brain as the studies of psychoendoneuroimmunology (PENI) are suggesting. When we look more closely it appears that researchers have an agenda. They conduct research and name processes and substances in such a way as to suggest linked causes and thus affirm evolutionary biology but the evidence says something different. If there was not a purpose and it was a linked succession of events or causes, then emotional combinations would not violate the body’s homeostatic balance. This is glaringly evident in anxiety.

If we consider anxiety we find that the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis is adversely affected and even the welfare of vital organs such as the heart is seriously affected. What is anxiety? The medical definition is unclear. They claim “in either presence or absence of ‘psychological stresses’, which they never properly define, anxiety can create feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness, and dread.” This is hardly a definition. They are trying side step the real issues by saying that something nebulous, which they call anxiety, creates feelings of fear, worry etc. It is the usual psychological /psychiatric gibberish about ‘something experienced in the brain’ or ‘all in your head’.. ha, ha, ha! Thus they can conveniently leave the biology of the rest of the body out of the picture. The definition of anxiety is simple. Anxiety is the combination of two or three forms of emotional reactivity in the body that are conflicting and therein lays the problem of stress. Anxiety is one form of stress. You can find a more complete discussion at


The two most common emotions that together form anxiety are fear and worry or anger and worry. Worry is certainly circular thinking and of course this involves the brain. However in order for the brain to do its part it needs an amply supply of fuels and it needs not to have to compete with the musculature for fuel materials. Thus actions of the parasympathetic system attempt to bring the body to rest and maintain it at rest, until such thinking is done. Worry then is the exact opposite to both fear and anger which move the body to high energy production and seek to maintain such conditions. Thus the co-existence of fear and worry or anger and worry put the body into conflict and most specifically the heart because the heart get signals to go fast and slow at the same time. It is also pertinent to mention the difference between anxiety that arises owing to a known problem compared to the anxiety that arises with a problem which is due to or largely due to subliminal ideas and perceptions.

Where the problem is known the person can take measures to alleviate it and that is done by giving up some of the needs. We can modify the need to mobilize the body but not wholly because where there is danger we move to fear (mobilize the body). However the person can accept the danger exists and stop worrying about it. This enables the person to relieve the conflict in the body due to fear and worry by getting rid of the worry. Fear alone does no harm unless it is excessive and prolonged but even that can be managed. However if the problem is the result of a cheat then the matter is not resolvable without knowledge of the cheat. You can read more about the basic cheat used to create anxiety on my first book blog at, if you are interesting in reading more. Basically the person detects a danger issue that feels pressing but does not know the nature of the danger they face. In such a case the person is unable to stop worrying. Danger is not an issue that we can simply not address or leave to think about later. It is always treated as urgent so while the body is moved to high energy production, there are also efforts to move the body to rest as well for thinking and problem resolution. If the danger issue that is detected is largely subconscious then it is not a matter of “just accept the danger” because the nature of the danger is part of the problem. In such a case the person is unable to stop worrying. Hence the purpose of discovering what they are up against as well as the need to find a solution drive the body processes. This can bring about excesses or deficiencies in various body functions that cannot be addressed. This situation violates homeostasis or the body’s ability to retain stable equilibrium through physiological processes and leads to disease. We find anxiety due to a trio, fear, anger and worry, in some cancers and these three emotions create what are described as flu-like symptoms.

Another important group of phenomena, which arise because of a need or purpose, are some immune system responses or what doctors call “over-reactions or deficiencies of the immune system”. The former are seen as the causes of hypersensitivities or allergies and autoimmune diseases, while the latter that of immune deficiency is seen as an insufficient or even total absence of an immune response. The commitment to evolutionary biology and thus the explanation of phenomena along the lines of linked causes moves biologists to treat both allergies and autoimmune diseases as “a malfunction in the machine”. Biomedical researchers explain the phenomena as an immune system malfunction and doctors talk about disorders of the neuro-immune system. The research is conducted along the lines of physical, chemical and physiological characteristics of the components of the neuro-immune system and looking to explain the differences between normality and disease as malfunction. Ideas and a purpose explaining the neuro-immune system’s behaviour is never considered and are considered with contempt.

All of this can be challenged because when we realize that an idea, which we have taken to be real or relevant, leads to purposeful changes in the body then we can remedy the situation without drugs or surgery. I have described an instance of an idea that some item on their body, as for instance a ring, seems to be irritating the skin. Close scrutiny will show that it is an unnecessary immune system response causing inflammation of the skin under the ring and not an “over-reaction” or malfunction. I have discussed this in detail on my main blog at about halfway down the post and the second of two examples. The cheat requires the person to be caused to react with fear to an unclear danger issue. Through the presentation of other ideas by someone who is strongly relationally entangled with the person so as to cause that person to mistakenly consider that their fear is evidence for the nasty but false idea presented about the ring or the spot of skin under the ring. This much can be perceived sufficiently by the individual involved if they know what is going on. However the fact that with the knowledge of the cheat and how it is done, the person targeted in this way can prevent an unnecessary immune reaction and begin a healing process so that the inflammatory response and any damage done to the skin is cleared up or can stop an immune reaction from happening in the first place, is clear evidence of purpose being the explanation of the phenomena. It discredits the biologists’ mechanical model of the human being and disproves the theory that linked physiochemical processes are the causes of all phenomena. Thoughts and consciousness are not only relevant but all important in explaining many such phenomena. We are not robots.

In the next post I will explain cancer through an appreciation of why the body reacts purposefully with deliberate genetic changes as to produce cell masses. The confidence that we “got the right explanation” is found in the fact that we can effect our own healing by the application of ideas in a method called prayer or mental prescription and without the need of doctors and their medicines.

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